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SPHeRICAL WHEeL 50P. Team Drum Roll Project Solutions. CR250 Engine build part 4. This segment will cover the assembly and installation of the kickstarter, idle wheel and gear change mechanism. To assemble the shift pawls and springs, coat the springs, plungers and pawls with transmission oil. Insert the pieces into the shifter and place the completed assembly into the plate guide. Place the assembly aside. Mount the drum stopper and drum stopper spring onto the right case with the pivot bolt and torque to 9 lb.ft. Don't forget the thrust washer between the drum stopper and mounting boss in the case. Use a screwdriver to move the drum stopper and install the shift drum center onto the shift drum making sure it is seated.

Mount the previously completed plate guide into the end of the shift drum center (use a small screwdriver to depress the shift pawls until they seat into the shift drum center). Install the return spring, circlip and thrust washer on the gearshift spindle (first picture) and install the collar on the shifter (line in second picture). Dogger. Omnicaster Castors Omni-directional all ways change, Brake Option. Home - Viiwok Deva. VrAse: The Smartphone Virtual Reality Case by Louise Bankhead. VrAse is the biggest revolution your Smartphone has ever seen; a very special case, which enables you to use it like never imagined before. Today Smartphones have everything we need to enjoy movies and games in a portable way. The BIG issue is they have small screens to do so, and your hands are kept busy holding them. We have created vrAse to solve these two problems. With vrAse you can enjoy movies in a huge 3D-Perfect screen, play totally immersive games and experience the awesome possibilities of Augmented Reality… everything in a super compact, portable, affordable, hands free use and upgradable device.

You have to try vrAse, to see what you have been missing all this time! The screen is so BIG, 3D contents are so perfect and vivid, and everything is done in such a simple and convenient way, that we really believe we have developed something special. Download any content which is “Side by Side” (SBS) ready to your smartphone and you are set. Wait to see a movie on vrAse! Frame. PrioVR : Suit up. Game on. by YEI Technology.

Until now, there hasn’t been a way to truly immerse yourself into virtual worlds in a way that allows natural, full-body interaction. Oculus Rift gave us a window to see them and the Virtuix Omni will let us walk through them, but there’s still one piece missing from the virtual space- You. With the PrioVR, we’re changing the game by bringing you and your movements into virtual environments where you can see your body move as you move, manipulate items as if they were right in front of you, and interact with the virtual world as naturally as you would with the real world. We, at YEI, currently offer next-generation inertial sensor solutions that provide real-time tracking, movement, and orientation data for the medical, entertainment, industrial, and military/aerospace industries.

We have already developed a similar inertial motion capture system based upon our wireless 3-Space Sensors. The technology is here now, and it works. 1. 2. "Yes, it's expensive. Omni: Move Naturally in Your Favorite Game by Virtuix. WizDish omni-directional platform for enhanced virtual reality locomotion. Omni - Move Naturally in Your Favorite Game by Virtuix — Kickstarter. Cyberith. String Walker. 1 Introduction ----- vision and goal It has often been suggested that the best locomotion mechanism for virtual worlds would be walking. It is well known that the sense of distance or orientation while walking is much better than that while riding in a vehicle. However, the proprioceptive feedback of walking is not provided in most applications of virtual environments.

We have been developing various prototypes of interface devices for walking since 1989, including torus-shaped omni-directional treadmill, motion foot pad, and robot tiles. These locomotion interfaces create infinite surface by the use of motion floors. 2 Technical Innovation of the Project 2.1 Basic design The major innovation of this work is a new actuation mechanism that cancels the displacement of the walker. Figure 1. 2.2 Hardware configuration Four strings are connected to each shoe (Figure 3). Figure5. 2.3 Method of walking Figure 8.Cancellation of walking Figure 9. 3 Experience for the SIGGRAPH 2007 attendees. Brevet US7470218 - Walk simulation apparatus for exercise and virtual reality - Google Brevets.

This publication claims the benefit of PPA 17522 USPTO 60/474780 Not applicable This invention relates to an exercise platform. There is a growing demand for exercise machines to become more entertaining and less tedious. Similarly, users of virtual reality computer games wish to enhance their experience through physical stimulation and exertion, thereby increasing their “immersion” in the game. To this end many developments have sought to improve the computer gaming experience, for instance through three-dimensional visual graphics,' surround sound' audio and various devices that provide a physical feedback. As many games require the player to walk or run around a virtual world several inventions have attempted to simulate walking and running. A feature of walking/running exercise devices is that they tend to be computer controlled as opposed to providing an input to a computer. Phillips' U.S.

The objective of the disclosed invention is to provide a locomotion platform. VWN Resource Database: Locomotion. The issue of moving immersively within virtual environments and landscapes, without cracking your head open on a physical wall has always been at the forefront of VR work. Fundamentally, there has to be a way to navigate without walking into walls. Sections Six degrees of freedom represent total movement. X, Y, and Z axis are the normal three.

Game Law: Everybody Conga? The Wii: Truly a Wanda for Everyone? The Nintendo Wii has been out for almost half a year at time of writing. Tongue Drive Technology Tongue drive sounds at first like a strange sexual fetish. Tracking Your Fingers with the Wiimote By using an LED array made out of cheap to buy LEDs placed in a grid with a hole in the middle for the Wii-mote to point through, some software, and some foil stickers on the fingers, a home-use, very basic multi-point interaction system is born. Originally created in 2004, CirculaFloor is a continually improved system of four robotic floor tiles, designed to allow an 'infinite treadmill' in VR. CONVERTIBLE SHOE FOR WALKING AND FOR ROLLER-SKATING, HAVING LATERALLY DEPLOYABLE WHEELS INCORPORATED IN ITS SOLE - diagram, schematic, and image 09. Motorized shoes to improve your mobility : Automotto. Electric motorised shoes a step closer | ETA Trust.

Brevet EP0215689A1 - Patins à roulettes propulseurs - Google Brevets. Rollerballs on Behance. 2M, pas MM - Page 4.

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Analyse biomécanique 3D de la marche humaine : comparaison des modèles mécaniques - 79a24c44-5587-4172-abb4-2eb7651d6ce5. Ailleurs dans le monde - Brevet US8226096 - Mobile platform assembly - Google Brevets. The present application is a continuation-in-part application of previously filed, now pending application having Ser. No. 12/653,843, filed on Dec. 18, 2009 incorporated herein by reference. 1. Field of the Invention This invention is directed to a mobile platform assembly such as, but not limited to, a skateboard, roller skate, etc. and including at least one but more practically a plurality of spherically configured wheels, each movably interconnected to the platform by a bearing assembly and a mounting assembly.

Each bearing assembly is cooperatively disposed and structured with a corresponding mounting assembly to facilitate movement of a corresponding spherical wheel through a substantially universal, rotational range of motion relative to the platform. 2. Numerous types of mobile support platforms have been known and utilized for years. In addition, various types of roller skate designs have been popularized for sporting, recreational and entertainment uses.