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I/O Interface

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King's Assembly - A Computer Mouse Full Of Awesome by Solid Art Labs. Do you get frustrated with switching between your mouse and keyboard?

King's Assembly - A Computer Mouse Full Of Awesome by Solid Art Labs

Do you want to use your mouse and keyboard at the same time? Yeah, we do too! We studied how the human hand works. How it moves. Its shape and contours. We challenged ourselves to find a way to move a mouse quickly and accurately without using fingers or thumbs. Dizmo, a new revolutionary user interface by dizmo inc. Dizmo is a new class of ground-breaking user-interface software which lets you interact with digital gizmos in the most natural way, on any advanced smart display and digital surface.

dizmo, a new revolutionary user interface by dizmo inc.

We call it the «dizmo space». Invented to enrich real time collaboration in the classroom, boardroom and office, dizmo can be installed on any standard OS like Windows, Mac OS X or Linux (see below for more details). In the dizmo space, users are able to use dizmos on any smart display, share content in an intuitive and immediate way and also visualize and control wireless devices such as lights, plant sensors, alarms, locks, webcams and dishwashers - interacting with the Internet of Things. dizmo space is the ideal environment for workgroup collaboration, smart home and office environments, entertainment, education and many more. Here is a list of just a few of the potential users and practical use cases we can think of: Creating new dizmos is simple. Dizmo is also fun.

Why back us? The technical bit. Vectr - Open Source 3D Sensing Gesture Controller by Matt Heins. The Hackme Vectr is an entirely new and unique way to interact with hardware.

Vectr - Open Source 3D Sensing Gesture Controller by Matt Heins

Vectr is a three dimensional control interface designed for Eurorack modular system. It senses the location of a hand over its face and outputs a signal proportional to position for each axis: x (left and right), y (up and down), and z (in and out). So, you can control three things at one time, like turning three knobs all at once by moving your hand through the air.

The possibilities are truly infinite. You could control the amplitude of a sound with the x axis, the pitch with the y axis, and the modulation of that sound with the z axis. Vectr can record up to 30 seconds of position and gesture data for playback. To provide feedback, Vectr has LEDs ringing its active sensing area. Vectr can also recognize a number of simple gestures. Not into modular synthesizers? We are all familiar with the vision of the future where we interact with computers by moving naturally in free space. Play Outputs: Inputs: Switch: Wise Button. Universal remote control and tracking device :)) Dear friends!

Wise Button

Due to the fact that the last time we did not get the amount needed, however we received a lot of positive feedback, therefore we decided to extend the campaign to be able to raise funds needed. Please, visit our relaunched project! Therefore, we have to postpone the delivery up to June 2014. Nevertheless, all our supporters will receive their orders retaining offers in which they were purchased. Flowton Technologies: Control your home with gestures+voice by Flowton Technologies.

Do you like what you see here ?

Flowton Technologies: Control your home with gestures+voice by Flowton Technologies

Please share this page with your facebook and twitter friends, and tell the world about the future of User Interfaces! Even if you are unable to back us, you would really be helping out by spreading the word! How many of you have at least one remote at home? We bet most of you have 3 or more. Have you ever lost one of them, buried deep in the recesses of your sofa? What about always having to get up just to turn off a light switch, adjust your thermostat or dim the lamp lights?

Able-HD: Portable HD Monitor for Laptop & Smartphones (DIY) by SFGroup. Ever wish you had a second monitor for your laptop that is lightweight and can easily fit into your bag?

Able-HD: Portable HD Monitor for Laptop & Smartphones (DIY) by SFGroup

This was my thought when inventing Able-HD. I often found that monitors are bulky, no matter how slim they claim to be. Today, most people choose to use a laptop, tablet or other gadgets. I currently use a laptop because it's good with a mobile working environment, it's portable and most importantly it fits in my bag. But how does it help with productivity? In this case, what if there was a monitor that weighed less than an iPad, with a 17" inch screen and comes with HD 1080p resolution? The Able-HD is a monitor that gives you HD 1080p resolution, is 17" inches but weighs less than iPad. The Able-HD is a good companion for your laptop -- it fits in your backpack, can be placed beside your laptop and travels easily. Skymouse by Eliott Ephrati.

After countless hours of debugging, we have successfully taken out the pointers and programmed computer actions through gesture recognition!

Skymouse by Eliott Ephrati

The inspiration for Skymouse lies in my lifelong search for an ever more intuitive and organic way to interact with my digital tools. As an interaction designer and avid gamer, I've always felt that my mouse tethered me to my computer, vastly limiting the digital experience. What if there were some way to cut the cord? Although we've seen massive revolutions in almost every aspect of the digital world, the mouse has remained essentially unchanged.

Considering that we spend an average of five hours every day in front of a computer screen, comfortable interaction has never been more important. Literally cutting the ties that bind users to their screens, SkyMouse frees you to utilize your computer in new, active ways. First Sketches of lens usage to maximize the field view of the IR Camera, algorithmic positional coding, and circuit notes. Thank you. 1. CL // DUO. MYO - The Gesture Control Armband.