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More AngularJS Magic to Supercharge your Webapp

More AngularJS Magic to Supercharge your Webapp
Make way for another amazing article which covers more of AngularJS Due to the popularity of the previous article, Use AngularJS to power your web application, I've decided to cover more of AngularJS to make it fun and easy for all developers to play around with it. AngularJS is an incredible tool, but a lot of the more advanced features are hidden in deep within the documentation and others are too tricky to learn direclty. AngularJS is also a fairly new product and as a result there are many features that are yet to be discovered and blogged about. This article will cover more of the hidden gems of AngularJS and introduce new development tricks and methods to supercharge your AngularJS application. Pleaes read onwards if you wish to become an AngularJS web guru :). This page was first published on October 2nd 2012 and was last updated on January 30th 2013. This article is a sequel to the previous article titled Use AngularJS to Power Your Web Application. OK so onto business. Oh!

AngularUI for AngularJS AngularJs Tips and Tricks [UPDATED] ☢ These tips were developed in AngularJs v0.10.5 v1.0.1. I'll keep updating this post, so check back often! I've compared a LOT of different javascript frameworks for my company's rewrite, and finally settled on AngularJS because of how rapidly I'm able to produce prototypes. In my opinion, although it's very alpha and fairly lacking on the graphical side, it's excellent for CRUD applications (meaning forms, tables and reports). I'm still trying to lean towards emphasizing reusable widgets and directives instead of just custom-coding everything for your own app. Most of these tips have been moved to AngularUI - Go check it out! The companion suite to AngularJS, a collection of work by many AngularJS users with a plethora of useful utilities. Table of Contents Serializing the Form No. If every form control on your page does not have an ng-model then you're doing it wrong. Seriously. Useful $scope Methods Don't Escape HTML One of the first things people get stuck on. ngCloak ngBind Routing Tricks

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