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Rich JavaScript Applications – the Seven Frameworks (Throne of JS, 2012)

Rich JavaScript Applications – the Seven Frameworks (Throne of JS, 2012)
It’s no longer good enough to build web apps around full page loads and then “progressively enhance” them to behave more dynamically. Building apps which are fast, responsive and modern require you to completely rethink your approach. The premise was to take the seven top JavaScript frameworks/libraries for single-page and rich JavaScript applications — AngularJS, Backbone, Batman, CanJS, Ember, Meteor, Knockout, Spine — get the creators of all of them in one location, and compare the technologies head to head.* Disclaimer: I was there to represent Knockout, so obviously I’m not neutral. * Yes, I know that’s eight frameworks, not seven. TL;DR Executive Summary For many web developers, it’s now taken for granted that such client-side frameworks are the way to build rich web apps. Technologies: Agreement and Disagreement As each SPA technology was presented, some fairly clear patterns of similarity and difference emerged. Agreement: Progressive enhancement isn’t for building real apps. Meteor

Accelerated Game Programming with HTML5 and canvas | FelineSoft Blog Welcome to my short tutorial about HTML5 game programming. I’ll try to briefly explain how to create simple games using HTML5, canvas elements and JavaScript. Some code will be omitted during this tutorial but feel free to view my game demo – I have intentionally not minified the source code. Note: This blog post was written in 2010, general idea still works but now browsers support more interesting features that helps with browser based game development.I will try to write updated ‘part 2′ post. HTML5 comes with lots of fantastic features such as : canvas elementvideo and audio supportlocal storageoffline web applicationsgeolocation …and much more. Games were created in HTML before HTML5 so why write this post now, did anything change? Canvas and JavaScript can be used to draw and animate game elements easily. Typical Game class Before we start with our game implementation and canvas elements I would like to quickly show you the structure of a typical Game class: Getting started That’s it!

Website Templates | Free Web Templates | Free Templates provides a great amount of premium quality Free CSS Templates for your personal or commercial websites. Free CSS website templates always look much better than table based layouts. You can easily modify free css website templates to meet the requirements for your website without any restriction. And don't forget about main advantage - all free css website templates templates are 100% free for personal or commercial use! Browse pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 Click for more premium css web templatesClick for more premium css web templates How to make a simple HTML5 Canvas game - Lost Decade Games You want a quick tutorial for making a SIMPLE game in HTML5? Let's walk through a SIMPLE game practically line-by-line! (If you're curious about my credentials, I made half of A Wizard's Lizard.) Let's jump right in by walking through game.js. You can also play the game right here. Screenshot 1. // Create the canvas var canvas = document.createElement("canvas"); var ctx = canvas.getContext("2d"); canvas.width = 512; canvas.height = 480; document.body.appendChild(canvas); The first thing we need to do is create a canvas element. 2. // Background image var bgReady = false; var bgImage = new Image(); bgImage.onload = function () { bgReady = true; }; bgImage.src = "images/background.png"; A game needs graphics, so let's load up some images! We do this for each of the three graphics we need: background, hero, and monster. 3. 4. Now for input handling. To accomplish this we simply have a variable keysDown which stores any event's keyCode. 5. 6. 7. 8. See also the Onslaught! 9. 10. Congraulations!

7 Free Metro UI template Advertisement Here are 7 free metro UI templates for you to use. These templates provide a convenient way for you to modify and create something without starting from scratch. The downside is that there might not be a suitable template that meet your needs. Also, most of the metro UI templates are develop out of goodwill so not all will be as comprehensive as premium or paid metro ui templates. Here we go. #1 – Free Metro Ui Style template by Asif Aleem A nice blue color theme metro UI admin template for you to download. #2: Metro-Bootstrap by TalksLab Metro Bootstrap is a free templated developed on the Twitter Bootstrap. #3: Metro UI template by Thomas This is a easy to use framework for creating metro UI style website. #4: Metro UI Admin Template by George Olaru This is a nice admin UI template that is done in metro style. #5: Free HTML metro UI template #6: Metro Javescript plugin to create templates #7: Metro UI for admin dashboard

javascript games tutorial « hackmyass Introduction This article describes an HTML5 Sudoku solver. The entire program is in one HTML file and it uses Javascript and the new HTML5 Canvas element. This is my third article about HTML5/Javascript each article being more complicated than the previous and really just a series of learning steps for myself. Background I don’t think I really need to say much about Sudoku except that it is a very popular and addictive game and there have been many articles published about Sudoku solvers in various languages. A screen shot of the application below shows the main elements. The current cell has a pink background and it can be changed by using the mouse to click in a cell or using the keyboard arrow keys. Below the board is a text box containing the serial format of the board data. All the buttons are located to the right of the board. Below the buttons are two check boxes, one to enable display of the allowed values and another to enable highlighting singles in red. Using the code History

20 Free Business HTML/CSS Templates Advertisement HTML and CSS are web design and development languages and are used to format the content of the web. Although, thanks to the advancement in web development, working with these languages has become easier, but still designing and development of website from scratch can be quite tough and stressful. This is where ready-made templates come in handy. Many different types of HTML/CSS Templates are present out there in various categories, including portfolio templates, tech related templates and business templates etc. A huge amount of HTML/CSS templates are available on the web, but not all of them are good quality and without glitches. Free Clean Business Template The Art of Your Business Corporattica personal work showcase Euphoria Efficient Start of Your Business IT Technologies Free HTML5 Website Template for Industrial Business Dark Stylish Lawyer And Attorney Mondays Business Templates Free Business Website Template Smart Biz Free Website Template for Security Project

Welcome to starmelt's Crafty tutorials! · starmelt/craftyjstut Wiki OfiXE, The all in one management and activity tracking tool Making Games with JavaScript and Crafty This is a guest post by Louis Stowasser, the creator of Crafty The day has come where JavaScript games are possible and not only possible but simple. This article will show you how easy it is to create games in JavaScript using the canvas tag and even basic divs with the help of a new game engine called Crafty. This tutorial will demonstrate how to build a Pokemon-style RPG with Crafty. You'll be able to add your own features once you learn the basics. If you'd like to see the what we'll be building, view the demo. Before we get started there are some key concepts to learn which may differ to what you are used to. If you are used to Object Oriented programming, this is similar to one level of multiple inheritance. Crafty uses syntax similar to jQuery by having a selector engine to select entities by their components: Crafty("mycomponent")Crafty("hello 2D component")Crafty("hello, 2D, component") The first selector will return all entities that has the component mycomponent. Scenes

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