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Fixed Background Scrolling Layout

Fixed Background Scrolling Layout
A fixed background image scrolling layout with 100% height panels and smooth scrolling. View demo Download source A simple scrolling layout with fixed background images using background-attachment: fixed and a navigation. The HTML <div id="cbp-fbscroller" class="cbp-fbscroller"><nav><a href="#fbsection1" class="cbp-fbcurrent">Section 1</a><a href="#fbsection2">Section 2</a><a href="#fbsection3">Section 3</a><a href="#fbsection4">Section 4</a><a href="#fbsection5">Section 5</a></nav><section id="fbsection1"></section><section id="fbsection2"></section><section id="fbsection3"></section><section id="fbsection4"></section><section id="fbsection5"></section></div> The CSS

Vertical Timeline A responsive vertical timeline layout with icons and example media queries. View demo Download source This is a simple responsive timeline with alternating colors for the labels. An icon font is used for the icons in the timeline waypoints and some example media queries show how to adjust the timeline for smaller screens. The main structure of the timeline is an unordered list. The HTML <ul class="cbp_tmtimeline"><li><time class="cbp_tmtime" datetime="2013-04-10 18:30"><span>4/10/13</span><span>18:30</span></time><div class="cbp_tmicon cbp_tmicon-phone"></div><div class="cbp_tmlabel"><h2>Ricebean black-eyed pea</h2><p>Winter purslane... The CSS

The 17th Surgery Seconds later, seemingly out of nowhere, Noah was next to her. He was crying and covered in ash — but he was okay. Pete’s aunt, who’d been standing near them during the explosion, had picked him up and brought him over to Rebekah. “I thought it was a sign,” she says. ”I thought, ‘He’s here, he’s okay. And now I really am going to die.’” His aunt embraced her tightly, repeating, “Stay with me, okay? What happened next was a blur. She and Pete were in and out of surgery for the next few weeks. Pete was released from Massachusetts General Hospital after 17 days. Rebekah remained at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston for 39 days undergoing various reconstructive surgeries, then transferred to Houston Methodist Hospital for three weeks. “It just dragged on and on,” she says.

About Us When brothers Brian Williams and Andy Rankin joined their dad, Wynne “Pop” Williams, to establish Viget Labs in 1999, the Internet was changing everything. They wanted to help lead the charge by creating a new kind of services company where: innovation is the norm; quality is valued over growth; clients are respected (and are expected to reciprocate); integrity and authenticity are required; hard work and commitment are rewarded; measurable results matter most; and staffers feel like family (and they actually love coming to work). So, they did. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished. Hundreds of happy clients, an exceptional team of 65 in 3 great locations, and more than a dozen years of good old fashioned profitability (some years leaner than others). As rewarding as our history has been, it’s the future we’re most excited about.

Free UserPro Custom Badges AddOn Plugin here - UserPro Good news everyone! I spent the day creating my first GitHub Project, fixing Bugs and making it “at least a little bit” awesome. (It now come with AutoUpdate functionality, whaaat?!?) Please download version 1.0 here: (You might have to click on releases, or simply click the download as zip button on the right). v1.0 The plugin should now work fully. @headfunder: I’m planning on including more badges.

Juude for Web Designers Force browser cache to reload CSS: Genesis, WordPress, W3 Total Cache — Black Hills Web Works If you do any reading at all about browser cache settings for the W3 Total Cache plugin for WordPress, or for that matter, HTTP cache header settings for any website, you’ll find that the general consensus is that CSS files don’t change very often, if at all, so go ahead and set the expire or cache control headers for up to one year, or 31536000 seconds. This setting will tell your visitor’s browser to cache the CSS file for up to one year, so that the next time they visit your site, your CSS file will already be cached on their computer, making your website seem that much faster. That’s a good thing for speed, but it’s a bad thing if you make any changes to your CSS file, because your repeat visitors may not see that CSS change, and chances are good that your website is going to look like it’s broken in their browsers, when it looks fine in your own browser. First, plan ahead by adjusting W3 Total Cache Browser Cache settings Learn more about HTTP Cache Headers

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