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Video that will change your life. I have no words left.

Video that will change your life. I have no words left.

Related:  5-10min videos to teach and for funVÍDEOS DE VALORESHealth & PE - Live flight tracker! In order to save data consumption Flightradar24 web page times out after 30 minutes. Please reload the web page to get another 30 minutes. Or get a Flightradar24 Premium subscription and will not time-out again! Developing fundamental movement skills » Managing sport » Sport New Zealand Back Resource using play and simple activities to get kids involved in games. With these concepts young people can move easily into modified sports and adult sports.

Creating a Safe and Respectful Environment in Our Nation's Classrooms Training Toolkit Jump to navigation Search form Creating a Safe and Respectful Environment in Our Nation's Classrooms Training Toolkit This training toolkit is made up of two modules that address bullying in classrooms. Specifically, it is designed for trainers to assist teachers in cultivating meaningful relationships with students while creating a positive climate in the classroom. Facebook Turns Red as SCOTUS Marriage Equality Hearings Begin Marriage equality activists are protesting outside the Supreme Court Tuesday, as the nation's highest court begins two days of hearings about two same-sex marriage laws. As can be expected in this day and age, the demonstrations are not only taking place in Washington. Facebook has become a hotbed for marriage equality supporters, as profile pictures change to a red version of the Human Rights Campaign's logo. The HRC, the largest lobby group for LGBT rights, shared a pink and red version of its navy blue and gold equality symbol logo on Facebook Monday. "Follow @HRC on Twitter and at for live-updates from the first day of at the Supreme Court hearings. Make sure you wear red to show your support for marriage equality.

JAMIE OLIVER NEEDS YOUR HELP FIGHTING FOR FOOD EDUCATION #FoodRevolutionDay Español - Français - Italiano - Deutsch - Português - 日本人 - русский - Türk Hi guys, Jamie here. I urgently need your help to make a real difference. We’re currently facing a global obesity epidemic, with 42 million children under the age of five either overweight or obese across the world. The bottom line is the next generation will live shorter lives than their parents if nothing is done to rectify these alarming stats. So I’m asking that you do two simple things – first, please sign this petition to show your support for compulsory practical food education in schools across the world, then, most importantly, share it via your social networks.

activee "Really awesome start to the year and the programme. In our first few games we found out a great deal about our students. One young lady in particular folded her arms so she couldn't be high-fived, free'd and rejoin the game. She chose instead the stand, arms crossed watching everyone else. We've had a number of really great conversations from this starter and the students are showing far more awareness of the effect of their levels of participation on others fun too." Harrisville Primary School CRIME in Esl/Efl: Crime Scene-Do not enter CLICK TO VIEW MORE -SOURCE: National Crime Prevention Council (Singapore) VIDEO SOURCE: IS IT LOVE? (SOURCE: Mourning victims of domestic violence in Costa Rica (SOURCE: CLICK TO LEARN MORE OCEANKING97 STOPS CYBERBULLIES (SOURCE: CLICK TO READ MORE cyber-bullying (DOWNLOAD)PowerPoint presentation

Short Documentary about Solar Roadways The basic building block of what has been dubbed by its creators, electrical engineer Scott Brusaw and his wife Julie, a solar roadway. It could one day make for a highway built of 0.4 –square-meter hexagonal panels, a hodge podge of green circuit boards surrounding 36-watts worth of blue solar panels, all covered in thick, bumpy glass for safety and traction. The idea is to put unused roadway to good use (generating electricity) while also providing an electronic means for lane shifts, driver messages and other utilities. Bonus: solar roadways obviate the need for an electric grid by including a “Cable Corridor” right in the side of the roadway that eliminates the need for power lines running alongside it. And if outfitted with sensors as well the solar highway could transmit real time traffic data or other information of interest.

Sensory overload – go through the experience. It’s eye opening! AUT_Blog_DTOP_BelowTitle_300x250 posted By A. Boyea Foreign Correspondent Surrogacy is big business in India. It’s now worth hundreds of millions of dollars a year – some estimate more than a billion - fuelled by tax breaks for medical tourism, childless couples around the world trying to start a family and young Indian women desperate for a pay day that could set their families up for life. But are ethics and adequate regulation being dismissed in the rush to supply thousands of foreigners and rich Indians with babies? We follow the paths of two Australian couples navigating India’s booming baby-making industry, paying and doing what it takes to succeed and bring a baby home. As we’ll see, results seldom play according to hopes and dreams. The outrageous glitter and stunning promise of Dubai beckoned so Australian couple Marcus & Julie Lee packed their bags and set off for the booming Middle Eastern city to chase their dreams.