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The PE Geek Apps Video Tagger Tutorial Written by admin in videotaggerJuly 3rd, 2013 Step 1 - Launch the app and familiarise yourself with the 3 buttons on the tagging screen. The Green arrow shown below allows you to switch between the front and back facing cameras. You can access the settings screen with the Orange Arrow and begin recording with the “Rec” button at the bottom of the screen. Step [...] Top 100 Web Resources for Physical Education: Physical Education Degree The obesity epidemics sweeping across developed nations aren’t the only reason that physical education is important. Maintaining a habit of regular exercise and staying physically active has been shown to increase longevity, decrease the loss of brain function in old age, and generally improve quality of life for people of every demographic. While an hour of required P.E. in elementary school is a good way to start improving the health habits of our citizens, it isn’t enough.

Elementary Digital Music For the past few weeks, I have enjoyed looking forward to my 'Music with Computers' after-school class on Wednesdays, for 2nd through 6th grade students. It's a ten week course. During the first five weeks, I introduced various creation tools. The second half is for exploration, experimentation, composition, and creation. The availability of intuitive, expressive, professional, free sound creation tools is exploding. Securing that Leadership Position As we approach the traditional recruitment season in education we may find ourselves taking a sneaky look in the TES for more than just its stimulating educational content. Currently there are 4,610 available jobs listed in the UK, but with less than 10% of those (387) listed as leadership positions. The very nature of leadership positions, the skill sets required and the lack of opportunities compared to main scale teaching posts means that the environment is extremely competitive. Schools are on the lookout for the very best candidates – leaders of people, expert practitioners, visionaries, ambassadors etc, etc.

Resources Physical Educators Physical Education Unit/Lesson Plan ResourcesSport Specific Web SitesResources for Teaching Children with Special NeedsHealth-Related Physical FitnessTechnology Resources for Physical EducatorsFunding ResourcesSocial Media Resources Physical Education Unit/Lesson Plan Resources PE Universe PE video activity ideas and PE discussion groups are rich with useful ideas on this new kind of PE idea-sharing website. It is a social media website exclusively for PE professionals that allows you to learn and share ideas with others who have a strong desire to provide the very best in physical education. Think of it as a YouTube/Facebook site made especially for PE collaboration across the world.

Arts Integration: Resource Roundup Facebook Edutopia on Facebook Twitter Edutopia on Twitter @MRPERROTTON Students come in to the classroom at AS full of confidence, after attaining excellent grades at GCSE level, they enjoyed the course at Key Stage four and many of them acquired strong practical grades. However, there is often panic after their first AS Physiology lesson, students bemused and worried where all the scientific aspects have come from, feeling it was definitely not as difficult at GCSE level. Unfortunately there is very limited physiology studied in the new GCSE course content and therefore this area is very challenging for students when they start the course in the sixth form.

High School Lesson Plans for Physical Education and Health Subjects Top 10 Reasons For Choosing Abstinence Activity I generated this “Top 10” list after teaching Health for 16 years, but there are certainly other reasons than these 10 for abstinence and you may want to change the 10, adding in your own ideas. For this reason, I included this … Putting Art On the Map - A Google Maps and Earth Activity When I conduct workshops on Google Maps and Google Earth I always point out that the uses for those tools extend beyond the realm of geography and history. I was reminded of that point by reading a recent post on Maps Mania. That post featured maps of art galleries around the world. A variation on that theme would have students creating maps of art and artists around the world. Students can map the locations of where a piece of art is housed, where it was created, where the artist lived, and the places that inspired the artist. Each placemark on a student's map could include a picture of the artwork, a picture of the artist, and or a video about the art and artist.