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Top 10 Educational Videos of 2011 Another year is coming to a close. And with the New Year approaching, it’s a great time to reflect on topics and issues that impacted our learning in 2011. I traveled all over the country again in 2011 speaking to K-12 educators on the power that video can have on student learning. I have personally witnessed the amazing influence video has had on my own students’ learning during my past nine years in education. 2011 was no exception in the diverse and powerful videos that some of our world leaders, or future world leaders, created. Therefore, I have decided to list the top 10 educational videos I watched this past year. Now, I will concede that there may be better videos in our global stratosphere. 10. Grades 1 And 2 At Ancaster Meadow School 9. Sir Ken Robinson on SchoolTube 8. Cultural Anthropologist Mimi Ito on Connected Learning, Children, and Digital Media 7. iPads in the classroom are becoming increasingly more popular. iPad in High School English 6. Meet Videolicious 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.

K12 Blended and Online Learning Open Educational Resource: K12 Blended and Online Learning This is a free teacher professional learning resource developed by Kennesaw State University faculty in the Bagwell College of Education (BCOE). This open educational resource can be used holistically or in parts depending on your organizational/individual learning needs. This Open Educational Resource is designed to meet the following goals and objectives: Through the successful completion of modules 1-4 of this OER, you will gain introductory knowledge of effective K12 blended and online instruction and be able to: Through the successful completion of modules 5-8 of this OER, you will demonstrate introductory skills of designing and developing K12 blended and online learning experiences by being able to:

The 11 Most Popular Open Online Courses This Is How Students Use School Websites 8.45K Views 0 Likes It's important to have a proper appearance online. So why are there so many unhelpful school websites out there? This infographic shares what students want. The 7 Critical Services All Libraries Should Offer 8.78K Views 0 Likes Libraries are changing.

Library Videos Resources for School Librarians - Index Videos About School Libraries School Libraries Matter: The Changing Role of the School Librarian - By Capstone Press. Highly Effective School Librarians Cultivate 21st Century Learners - From the Colorado State Library. The 21st Century School Library Media Program - This excellent video is the result of a collaboration between the Library of Michigan and the Michigan Association for Media in Education. What Do Teacher Librarians Do - A great video by the school librarians of the Los Angeles Unified School District. Other Library and Internet Related Videos Library Rhapsody - by the staff of the Shoalhaven library, Australia. This site is maintained by Linda Bertland, retired school librarian, Philadelphia, PA.

This Year’s 10 Best TED Talks To Share With Students In honor of the recent TED Live announcement , I thought it’d be a good idea to remind you why TED rocks. Below is just a small fraction of the amazing presentations put on by the folks over at TED. Each one of the presentations embedded below is perfect for sharing with students and showing in class*. Do you use TED in the classroom? *There are of course many more presentations but I picked these because I thought they resonated with me and would do the same with students. Philip Zimbardo: The Demise of Guys? Philip Zimbardo was the leader of the notorious 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment — and an expert witness at Abu Ghraib. Pavan Sukhdev: Put A Value On Nature! A banker by training, Pavan Sukhdev runs the numbers on greening up — showing that green economies are an effective engine for creating jobs and creating wealth. Annie Murphy Paul: What We Learn Before We’re Born Pop quiz: When does learning begin? Joe Sabia: The Technology of Storytelling Allan Jones: A Map of the Brain

6 Free Professional Development Web Tools Worth Trying Professional development isn’t as easy as it used to be. Although districts often have days set aside for professional development or school improvement, these are not enough to meet the requirements for certificate renewal, nor are they enough to provide teachers with the opportunities they need to excel. Not to mention that the topics and agendas of these PD days are generally not self-selected, but rather assigned by administrators whose priorities may be very different from those of the teachers attending. It used to be that individual opportunities existed for teachers to engage in PD of their choosing. This decrease in funding and opportunities comes at the worst possible time. We can’t just sit back and wait for our administrators to provide solutions – we may be waiting for a very, very long time. Take your professional development into your own hands. Not sure where to start? Teachers First – completely free online PD on just about any topic you can think of.

Videos Contribute to ReadWriteThink / RSS / FAQs / Site Demonstrations / Contact Us / About Us Home › Videos E-mail / Videos display: page | 1 2 3 4 5 © 2014 IRA/NCTE. A Conversation Starter Hello & welcome! ... Please comment. You can also subscribe via or , and then send a this way too. My goal: Create a three minute video , using other videos. Here is what I came up with: ( Watch on YouTube ) For ease of use here are the links. – Alan November: Myths and Opportunities: Technology in the Classroom – Diana Laufenberg: How to learn? – Adora Svitak: What adults can learn from kids – Chris Lehmann: School 2.0 – Creating the Schools We Need – Chris Kennedy: Students Live! – Tom Grant – (Disclosure: This actually goes to a video created by me for the K12Online Conference, Tom Grant is my Superintendent and this is his interview excerpt from the video): Transforming Education – Stephen Heppell: Learning Conversations – Mitchel Resnick: 2011 Prize Winner

Carnegie Mellon Takes Online Courses to Another Level with Its Open Learning Initiative Open online courses—massive or otherwise—are revolutionizing higher education by making learning more and more accessible. Carnegie Mellon University has taken online courses to another level, offering virtual classroom environments based on deep research into how adults learn. The courses are free. Carnegie Mellon’s Open Learning Initiative currently offers 15 courses through a platform that provides targeted progress feedback to students. The program doesn’t offer course credit or certificates but the courses are sophisticated. More than 10,000 students enrolled in OLI courses last year. The list of currently-available courses appears below. {*style:<i>*}Kate Rix writes about digital media and education.

TED talks concerning Education <div class='alert alert--flash alert--warning'><div class='container'><h2 class='h9'>You have JavaScript disabled</h2> For the best experience, please turn JavaScript on. <a href=' how</a></div></div> education 1 - 12 of 460 results Talks Michelle Obama: A plea for education Speaking at a London girls' school, Michelle Obama makes a passionate, personal case for each student to take education seriously. Bill Gates: Mosquitos, malaria and education Bill Gates hopes to solve some of the world's biggest problems using a new kind of philanthropy. Sugata Mitra: The child-driven education Education scientist Sugata Mitra tackles one of the greatest problems of education -- the best teachers and schools don't exist where they're needed most. Ken Robinson: Changing education paradigms Previous|1|2|3|4|5…39|Next