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Agility- The Teaching Toolkit @ASTSupportAAli

Agility- The Teaching Toolkit @ASTSupportAAli

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The PE Geek Apps Video Tagger Tutorial Written by admin in videotaggerJuly 3rd, 2013 Step 1 - Launch the app and familiarise yourself with the 3 buttons on the tagging screen. What Do I Expect from Elementary School? Not this. — The Synapse What Do I Expect from Elementary School? Not this. When I put my children on the bus in the morning, the wish I call out to them after kissing their heads, is, “Have a good day!” Pure and simple. Mr Reddy Maths Blog There seems to be a current surge from Heads of Maths and KS3 Maths Coordinators looking to adopt more of a mastery approach to teaching maths. This post is a quick run through of the journey the curriculum at King Solomon Academy has gone through and concludes with some advice … Read more → 11:33 TES Team: Hello and welcome to TES Maths Week. We’ll be joined from 7pm by DfE minister Liz Truss, who’ll be answering your questions on maths in the new primary and secondary curriculum.

Teacher Well-being Bags After an overwhelming response to the teacher well-being bags created this week on #PedagooFriday, I decided to blog about them here on Pedagoo. Many people have asked me where I got the idea from, so I think that’s a good a place to start as any. The past few weeks have seen teachers blogging about their reflections on 2014 and hopes for 2015 using the #nurture1415 tag created by @ChocoTzar. 10 tips for Tweeting Teachers by After several years of tweeting, it’s about time I published my own Tips for Tweeting Teachers. 10 Tips for Tweeting Teachers This list is designed for teachers new to Twitter, or for those who have started out and need advice. In the blog, I have divided my top-10 suggestions into three levels for beginners, intermediate and advanced users.

Securing that Leadership Position As we approach the traditional recruitment season in education we may find ourselves taking a sneaky look in the TES for more than just its stimulating educational content. Currently there are 4,610 available jobs listed in the UK, but with less than 10% of those (387) listed as leadership positions. The very nature of leadership positions, the skill sets required and the lack of opportunities compared to main scale teaching posts means that the environment is extremely competitive. Schools are on the lookout for the very best candidates – leaders of people, expert practitioners, visionaries, ambassadors etc, etc. You may feel you fit the bill for these roles, but will your ‘performance’ at interview stack up against your credentials that have gone before you?

Reason 4: The Social and Emotional Components of Learning — The Synapse Reason 4: The Social and Emotional Components of Learning When my mother was in college in 1957, the Asian flu was raging through her mid-western campus. Her History professor had been sick and was still weak and shaky when he came to class. He was in the midst of lecturing about Abraham Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation when he began to cry, weakened by the flu but also simply undone by the power of the ideas he was discussing. More than a maths teacher In his book Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable, Seth Godin, a marketing expert, argues that advertising is less effective than it used to be because we are bombarded by adverts – which we tend to ignore. His solution is to have an amazing product – a purple cow in a field of black and white cows, so that it stands out and really captures the imagination. In his presentation at TM Bett 14, Julian Wood suggested that something similar could be done in our classrooms. That got me thinking. Which of my lessons stand out and grab the students attention?

My 5 favourite ice breaker activities When you’re in the classroom, the mood of the lesson will often be set by your choice of icebreaker activity. Icebreakers get learners talking and interacting with one another for a specific reason. Encouraging the development of positive relationships and a positive environment so often depend on a killer ice-breaker activity. Teacher Shake This is the ultimate resource for classroom teachers. Inside the Teacher Shake App you will find over 100 lesson starters, and 35 debrief and reflection activities to conclude your lessons. A majority of the lesson starters will last between five to ten minutes, the perfect amount of time to have students focused after recess or lunch or at the start of a new schooling day. The activities engage and energise students so they are focused and ready to commence learning. Once you have completed the lesson or you have finished the current topic with your class, a debrief or reflection activity is the perfect way to see what learning has taken place. Not only will the debrief activities be an effective way to finish off the class, they are also a vital tool for student revision.

@MRPERROTTON Students come in to the classroom at AS full of confidence, after attaining excellent grades at GCSE level, they enjoyed the course at Key Stage four and many of them acquired strong practical grades. However, there is often panic after their first AS Physiology lesson, students bemused and worried where all the scientific aspects have come from, feeling it was definitely not as difficult at GCSE level. Unfortunately there is very limited physiology studied in the new GCSE course content and therefore this area is very challenging for students when they start the course in the sixth form. Science exams

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