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The Best Online Resources For Teaching The Difference Between Correlation & Causation The difference between correlation and causation is an important concept in IB Theory of Knowledge, and I thought readers might find it useful to see some simple fun ways I use to teach the concept. I’ve used the first two, and the last one — a video — is one I just learned about . I haven’t decided if it’s helpful or just weird, though. Let me know what you think… Here’s a great comic from xkcd: via Spurious Correlations The Internet was awash recently in discoveries made by Tyler Vigen, who wrote a computer program that discovers strange correlations and publishes them on his blog.

The 7 biggest problems facing science, according to 270 scientists Science is in big trouble. Or so we’re told. In the past several years, many scientists have become afflicted with a serious case of doubt — doubt in the very institution of science. As reporters covering medicine, psychology, climate change, and other areas of research, we wanted to understand this epidemic of doubt. Kansas State University Libraries Colby J. Moorberg and David A. Crouse The Soils Laboratory Manual, K-State Edition is designed for students in undergraduate, introductory soil science courses, and highlights the many aspects of soil science, including: soil genesis and classification, soil physical properties, soil-water interaction, soil biology, soil chemistry, and soil fertility. The lab manual includes 15 different laboratories, each one starting with an introduction and pre-lab assignment, followed by in-lab...

6. The Methodology I. Groups of Research Methods There are two main groups of research methods in the social sciences: LibreTexts The Bookshelves area in this LibreTexts Library holds texts that are curated by the LibreTexts Development team and can be used either directly or as content for building customized remixes (i.e., texts that are generated from existing content often with customized editing and/or content interspersed) for use in campus Course Shells. There are two classes of texts found in the Bookshelves: "Textbooks" and "Textmaps". Textbooks are the central spot for integrated content into our library and are identified by "Book:" in their titles. Textmaps are specialized remixes that are constructed to follow the organization of existing commercial textbooks. Textmaps facilitate adoption by faculty that are unable to switch from a commercial textbook to an OER alternative; these texts are identified by "Map:" in their titles. For details on how to have a text added to the bookshelves or how to remix content into your customized remix contact us at

How to design effective data visualisations – EmpathyBroker The value of data and data visualisations Whether you’re writing an email, checking your tweets, streaming some music, or Googling life’s most important questions, such as “Can dogs see colours?”, these routine online actions generate large amounts of data. Usually, without us even being aware of it. Not along ago, a business would make money on the internet simply by selling access to their services, programs, or applications.

American Inst. of Mathematics Math in SocietyDavid Lippman Mathematical DiscoveryAndrew M. Bruckner, Brian S. Data Collection Methods - Statistics How To Design of Experiments > Data Collection Methods Data Collection Methods: General Categories Data collection methods fall into four general categories: A census is a survey of a whole population. For example, the U.S. Census. Common Core Common Core OER Collections — High-quality, Common Core-aligned resources carefully gathered from across the web to freely use, and even to reuse and adapt to the needs of your own classrooms and districts. Common Core-aligned curriculum aims to support and challenge all students to develop critical thinking skills and to become independent learners. Common Core Courses for ELA and Math — Four full-year digital courses, built from the ground up and fully-aligned to the Common Core State Standards, for 6th and 7th grade Mathematics and 11th and 12th grade English Language Arts. Created using research-based approaches to teaching and learning, the Open Access Common Core Course Collection for Mathematics and English Language Arts is designed with student-centered learning in mind, including activities for students to develop valuable 21st century skills and academic mindset.

The first date that created a £10m company Image copyright Simon Dawson The BBC's weekly The Boss series profiles different business leaders from around the world. This week we speak to Radha Vyas and Lee Thompson, founders of travel firm Flash Pack. When Radha Vyas went on a first date with a man she had met online, little did she know that by the end of the night they would be starting to fall in love... and planning to go into business together. Radha was 32 and single back in 2012, when a dating website matched her with a man called Lee Thompson because of their mutual love of travel. Over drinks in a London bar she told Lee that she had noticed a gap in the market for a firm that offered group adventure holidays for single people in their 30s and 40s.

The Word Choices That Explain Why Jane Austen Endures Words farther to the right connect to the physical world and the senses: blue, close, dark, edge, empty, fingers, grass, head, hot, outside, picked, rolled, round, shoulder, slipped, slowly, stand, top, watch and white. The most abstract are the earliest, and Austen’s novels, published from 1811 to 1818, fit right in. The vertical dimension is intriguing, though.

Aid Problems Of The Future: Cyberattacks, Economic Collapse And New Epidemics : Goats and Soda A woman carries bags of food on her back at Dakamur camp, Somalia, in March. Anadolu/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images hide caption toggle caption Anadolu/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images A woman carries bags of food on her back at Dakamur camp, Somalia, in March. Literature by the Numbers Jessica Gross | Longreads | March 2017 | 12 minutes (2,982 words) If you’ve ever taken a writing class—or enrolled in high school English—you’ve probably been advised to use fewer adverbs. But does a glut of adverbs really degrade writing? Moreover, do the writers who’ve given this advice even follow it? This is just the opening gambit of data journalist Ben Blatt’s deep dive into the mathematics of literature. In his new book, Nabokov’s Favorite Word Is Mauve: What the Numbers Reveal About the Classics, Bestsellers, and Our Own Writing, Blatt examines the stylistic fingerprints of writers (which follow them even when they write under pen names in different genres), whether Americans are “louder” than Brits in their writing, the differences between how men and women write, whether books are getting simpler (yup), and many other curiosities.

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