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100 Plastic Rivers - a global investigation. Public Library of Science. Spurious Correlations. Spurious Correlations. The Best Online Resources For Teaching The Difference Between Correlation & Causation. The difference between correlation and causation is an important concept in IB Theory of Knowledge, and I thought readers might find it useful to see some simple fun ways I use to teach the concept.

The Best Online Resources For Teaching The Difference Between Correlation & Causation

I’ve used the first two, and the last one — a video — is one I just learned about . I haven’t decided if it’s helpful or just weird, though. Let me know what you think… Here’s a great comic from xkcd: via Spurious Correlations The Internet was awash recently in discoveries made by Tyler Vigen, who wrote a computer program that discovers strange correlations and publishes them on his blog. Here’s what the plaque says: Working on the theory that explosives could cause rainfall because many war battles had been followed by rain, the U.S. ONE: accelerating the publication of peer-reviewed science. 2017aprprojects.htm. 2018aprprojects.htm. Journals. Browse journals and books. Alliance. TED's secret to great public speaking. Explorable - Think Outside The Box - Research, Experiments, Psychology, Self-Help.

6. The Methodology. I.

6. The Methodology

Groups of Research Methods There are two main groups of research methods in the social sciences: The empirical-analytical group approaches the study of social sciences in a similar manner that researchers study the natural sciences. This type of research focuses on objective knowledge, research questions that can be answered yes or no, and operational definitions of variables to be measured. The empirical-analytical group employs deductive reasoning that uses existing theory as a foundation for formulating hypotheses that need to be tested. II. The introduction to your methodology section should begin by restating the research problem and underlying assumptions underpinning your study.

The remainder of your methodology section should describe the following: In addition, an effectively written methodology section should: Introduce the overall methodological approach for investigating your research problem. Three Ways To Look At The World As A Village. How to design effective data visualisations – EmpathyBroker. The value of data and data visualisations Whether you’re writing an email, checking your tweets, streaming some music, or Googling life’s most important questions, such as “Can dogs see colours?”

How to design effective data visualisations – EmpathyBroker

, these routine online actions generate large amounts of data. Usually, without us even being aware of it. Not along ago, a business would make money on the internet simply by selling access to their services, programs, or applications. However, as competition has increased and purchasing trends have changed, more and more of these products are now being offered for free. The use of advertising goes some way to enable a business to offer their programs and tools for free, but it’s disruptive and isn’t the most lucrative.

Whether or not you were aware that you leave a digital footprint as we browse the internet, most people would be surprised at how large that footprint is. Domo’s Data Never Sleeps 6.0 gives us an idea of the volume. Large numbers are difficult to get your head around. How to design effective data visualisations. XTF: Search Results. Article and Research Databases. David McCandless: The beauty of data visualization. News & Updates — MIT Media Lab. Data Collection Methods. Data Collection Methods - Statistics How To. Design of Experiments > Data Collection Methods Data Collection Methods: General Categories Data collection methods fall into four general categories: A census is a survey of a whole population.

Data Collection Methods - Statistics How To

Data Collection Techniques. The first date that created a £10m company. Image copyright Simon Dawson The BBC's weekly The Boss series profiles different business leaders from around the world.

The first date that created a £10m company

This week we speak to Radha Vyas and Lee Thompson, founders of travel firm Flash Pack. When Radha Vyas went on a first date with a man she had met online, little did she know that by the end of the night they would be starting to fall in love... and planning to go into business together. Radha was 32 and single back in 2012, when a dating website matched her with a man called Lee Thompson because of their mutual love of travel.

Over drinks in a London bar she told Lee that she had noticed a gap in the market for a firm that offered group adventure holidays for single people in their 30s and 40s. Cobalt mining in Congo: Child labor still rife. TechXtra: Engineering, Mathematics, and Computing. Numerical Data Search. The Word Choices That Explain Why Jane Austen Endures. Words farther to the right connect to the physical world and the senses: blue, close, dark, edge, empty, fingers, grass, head, hot, outside, picked, rolled, round, shoulder, slipped, slowly, stand, top, watch and white.

The Word Choices That Explain Why Jane Austen Endures

Aid Problems Of The Future: Cyberattacks, Economic Collapse And New Epidemics : Goats and Soda. A woman carries bags of food on her back at Dakamur camp, Somalia, in March.

Aid Problems Of The Future: Cyberattacks, Economic Collapse And New Epidemics : Goats and Soda

Anadolu/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images hide caption toggle caption Anadolu/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images A woman carries bags of food on her back at Dakamur camp, Somalia, in March. If a famine occurs, aid groups send food. But what to do in event of a massive cyberattack? A July report has an alarming message for the aid community: adapt or be left in the dust. "The way in which the humanitarian sector has been operating leaves continued need," says Eilidh Kennedy, an author of the report published by Action Against Hunger. That question led Kennedy and her team of researchers to identify 23 areas of concern. While the report doesn't outline concrete solutions, it highlights issues that the aid groups must address if they want to survive, Kennedy says.

Literature by the Numbers. Jessica Gross | Longreads | March 2017 | 12 minutes (2,982 words) If you’ve ever taken a writing class—or enrolled in high school English—you’ve probably been advised to use fewer adverbs.

Literature by the Numbers