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Strategy Consultants

Strategy Consultants
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Direction des études économiques du Crédit Agricole La crise que nous vivons inscrit une rupture mais c'est aussi un formidable accélérateur de changements. Un moment charnière où rien n'est écrit d'avance. Ce monde en mouvement est plus complexe, plus risqué et plus instable. Les équipes d'économistes, d'ingénieurs, d'analystes de Crédit Agricole S.A sont à votre service pour vous aider à mieux saisir le sens et les enjeux de ces bouleversements. Isabelle Job-Bazille, Credit Agricole S.A.

ADP@Work an ADP Blog Home | Zolfo Cooper - Corporate Advisory and Restructuring Arthur D. Little - Publications: Viewpoints “E-lectric” customers Understanding customers’ online engagement with their power and gas utilities: The case of Spain "Utilities, brace for the online impact."The shift to online channels has long since ceased to be a current topic among companies in retail and banking, for example. These companies have redefined the customer relationship model, not only in their industries, but in other sectors as well.

Group | Latest Research Menu Search Results Author(s): Bryan Ball Knowledge Brief | December 2015 Best-in-Class Inventory Modeling for Improved Performance This report takes a close look at Best-in-Class inventory modeling practices, and identifies some of the tactical and strategic benefits, while trying to properly juggle the tradeoffs between inventory and service level. Improving inventory modeling was the... Practice(s): Supply Chain Management Author(s): Bryan Ball Knowledge Brief | December 2015 S&OP Journey: Do you Have the Tools To Move Past the Supply/Demand Match This paper takes a closer look at the technology support that the Best-in-Class have in comparison to the competition when it comes to moving their organization beyond the plateau of the supply/demand matching process in their S&OP journey. Author(s): Zach Lahey Knowledge Brief | December 2015 Re-frame Employees as Humans and Elevate Your Organization, Too Employees drive the success of almost every organization. Displaying 1 to 10 of 500

Espace Institutions Financières - Natixis - Recherche Economique Performance Improvement Play Bain video November 18, 2015 Greg Gerstenhaber: Is your supply chain a true business partner? By Greg Gerstenhaber A look at how a supply chain can become a competitive advantage for a company, and how to evaluate what changes your supply chain needs. Bain Brief October 07, 2015 Beyond lean: Gaining a competitive edge through sustained cost transformation By Peter Guarraia and Véronique Pauwels A strategic approach to cutting costs helps companies beat the industry cost curve, generate higher returns and build core strengths. Play Bain video November 04, 2015 Véronique Pauwels: Sustained cost transformation By Véronique Pauwels How to make strategic and sustainable cuts to costs and overhead.

Ten Trends Every Sales Exec Must Know For 2013 Sales Leadership Council Login Protection of your data is of utmost importance to CEB. Upgrades to our web security periodically require users to confirm their username and password.Your username is your business email address. First Time User? ©2014 The Corporate Executive Board Company. We self-certify compliance with 2013 Human Capital Trends | Seven Crucial Leadership Conversations Critical to Future Business Success Thinking like an economist The open talent economy Innovating the talent brand Creating an elastic workplace Finding the silver lining in the talent gap Debunking the Superman myth The performance management puzzle <p> Please enable JavaScript to get the full experience.</p> Related Videos Putting the 2013 Human Capital Trends to Work Innovating the Talent Brand with Cathy Benko In the news WSJ Article features perspectives from the 2013 Human Capital Trend, Open Talent Economy The Wall Street Journal | May 8, 2013 Studies have found the kind of standard, full-time employment that was once a feature of the labor market is increasingly a thing of the past. Why H.R. managers need to think like economists Forbes | May 5, 2013 The research explains why talent and leadership gaps have become the top business challenge this year.

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