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Etalé sur 4 ans, la rénovation et le réaménagement du Casino de Montréal a été confié aux agences Menkès Shooner Dagenais Letourneux Architctes & Provencher Roy Architectes. Le Casino, installé dans l’emblématique ancien pavillon de la France de l'Exposition universelle de 1967, manquait d’unité thématique et devait réorganiser de façon globale l’ensemble des circulations et de résoudre du même coup certains problèmes fonctionnels.

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Architecture Fieldwork Design & Architecture have collaborated with the Nike Workplace Brand Design group to design some feature walls for the NIKE expansion buildings. The wall is constructed of salvaged maple gym flooring, and creates a branded, meaningful statement of arrival at the office in Beaverton, Oregon. Continue Reading » Happy Things for Kids 10 Things They Don’t Teach You in Architecture School Initially, Architecture School was overwhelming. In my early assignments I struggled to learn the new design ‘language,’ to manage the intense studio hours (goodbye to mum and dad for a while), and deal with the tough criticism – with barely a passing mark, I was lucky to make it through my 1st year! Then there were the ‘super-students,’ those who appeared to achieve the unattainable: draw in plan, section AND perspective, as well as eloquently communicate and sell their ideas. Six years on from this tough beginning I graduated with high distinction, achieving the highest overall aggregated marks of all students in the areas of History, Theory, Construction, Practice and Design. I was the University of Technology (UTS) winner of the most Outstanding Design Student in 2010, awarded a scholarship to study in L.A. and was also nominated by UTS for the NSW Architects Medallion in 2011.

Europaconcorsi Connemara / Peter Legge Associates Architects: Peter Legge Associates Location: Connemara National Park, Ireland Design Team: Peter Legge, Cornelia Legge, Carolina Sardinha, Lisa McSharry Project Year: 2010 Photographs: Sean Breithaupt + Yvette Monohan Project Area: 150.0 sqm Contractor: Mitchell Construction Site Connemara. A typical long narrow seashore to road plot; undulating rock strewn stone walled irregular enclosures, enjoying a Southerly aspect seaward with fine vistas all around; the Twelve Pins mountain range dominating the skyline northward. lullabloo A Weekly Dose of Architecture » Parc de la Villette Parc de la Villette in Paris, France by Bernard Tschumi, 1992. Architecture only survives where it negates the form that society expects of it.Where it negates itself by transgressing the limits that history has set for it. -Bernard Tschumi Bernard Tschumi's theories on architecture, developed in the 1970's through gallery installations, texts and "advertisements" (left) focused on contemporary society's disjunction between use, form and social values, rendering any relationship between the three to be both impossible and obsolete.

Découvrez nos Portes Pliantes Les portes pliantes sont conçues pour laisser un maximum de passage avec un minimum de débattement. C'est un compromis entre une porte coulissante et une porte battante. En effet ces portes nécessitent un rail en partie haute mais leurs panneaux pivotent en « V » par groupe de 2. Comme toutes les autres portes de Passage Portes & poignées, les portes pliantes n'ont jamais de rail au sol. On les retrouve souvent comme façade de placard avec deux groupes de deux panneaux (deux à droite et deux à gauche). Dressing & Porte Placard SOGAL : modèle de Séparations de pièces "Sogalslide® TL" Séparation suspendue en galandage modèle Sogalslide® TL, Verre Clair feuilleté (VC) avec Bandes Horizontales (BH) montants Épure et cadre d'habillage Naturel Satiné (9). Séparation suspendue modèle Sogalslide® TL, Verre Clair Gris Anthracite (VCG), montants Art-Déco® et cadre d'habillage Laqué Noir Mat (5). Séparation suspendue en galandage modèle Sogalslide® TL, Verre Sablé (VLT), montants New-Edge® et cadre d'habillage Noir Mat (5).

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