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Muuuz - Webzine Architecture & Design
Etalé sur 4 ans, la rénovation et le réaménagement du Casino de Montréal a été confié aux agences Menkès Shooner Dagenais Letourneux Architctes & Provencher Roy Architectes. Le Casino, installé dans l’emblématique ancien pavillon de la France de l'Exposition universelle de 1967, manquait d’unité thématique et devait réorganiser de façon globale l’ensemble des circulations et de résoudre du même coup certains problèmes fonctionnels.

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Crazy Awesome Paintings by Vladimir Kush Here is a collection of the incredible paintings of Vladimir Kush. Vladimir has been creating these surrealistic paintings since the late 80’s. I’m extremely impressed by his work, and you should be as well! Related Plywood Paintings by Robert Romanowic Architecture Fieldwork Design & Architecture have collaborated with the Nike Workplace Brand Design group to design some feature walls for the NIKE expansion buildings. The wall is constructed of salvaged maple gym flooring, and creates a branded, meaningful statement of arrival at the office in Beaverton, Oregon. Continue Reading »

Star Wars Posted by Ben Huber on Apr 21, 2014 in Star Wars The first clip for Star Wars: Rebels has been released at Wondercon 2014, and it definitely impresses me more than the Clone Wars series. In the clip we see Hera, the pilot of the Ghost, engaged in a space battle with two TIE Fighters, complete with original laser sound effects. They’re really pulling on the ol’ nostalgia strings, aren’t they? I appreciate the attempts to appeal to older fans while still roping in the younger set, so I hope it goes well. Less is the New More: Making the Most of Small Spaces Good Design For Living in Small ApartmentsAs people migrate to smaller spaces, good design helps a lot. This is something they figured out in Europe long ago, that if you don't have a lot of horizontal room you can go vertical. Tumidei in Italy makes some of the nicest stuff, like this unit with lots of storage under the bed. This unit just raises the floor high enough for beds to slide under. This one looks a bit clinical, but has two single beds plus a pull-out double bed in between. When you read in the New York Times that professional couples with children are moving into small one-bedroom apartments in Manhattan and sleeping in closets, perhaps this stuff could be useful.

Ramus M1 Table/Desk by Design Studio Il Hoon Roh Ramus, latin for 'tree branch', combines the strengths of carbon fibre with the structural advantages that can be found in the branch of a tree. (Click the images below for full sized images) The Ramus M1 is a desk with a transparent glass top and a supporting structure underneath with tree-like limbs that support the top. Designer Il Hoon Roh claims the bifurcating structure maximises the table's structural capacity and strength. It's the latest development and creation in the designer's long-term study of efficient forms found in nature, a passion to design works with an architectural concept and "a natural method" that maximises a material's potential. The Ramus M1 is made of carbon fibre, the same material used in fighter jets, F1 cars and space shuttles.

Connemara / Peter Legge Associates Architects: Peter Legge Associates Location: Connemara National Park, Ireland Design Team: Peter Legge, Cornelia Legge, Carolina Sardinha, Lisa McSharry Project Year: 2010 Photographs: Sean Breithaupt + Yvette Monohan Project Area: 150.0 sqm Contractor: Mitchell Construction Site Connemara. A typical long narrow seashore to road plot; undulating rock strewn stone walled irregular enclosures, enjoying a Southerly aspect seaward with fine vistas all around; the Twelve Pins mountain range dominating the skyline northward. Luigi Ghirri Revered for its bright colours and naturally high contrast, Eastman Kodak’s iconic Kodachrome film remained a favourite amongst professional and amateur photographers alike for decades after its introduction in 1935. As Steve McCurry said of the now-discontinued film after shooting the last roll to come of the assembly line a few years ago: “Kodachrome had more poetry in it, a softness, an elegance.” Perhaps it was that soft elegance that inspired the legendary Italian photographer Luigi Ghirri’s unique style when he first began taking pictures of his surroundings in the early 1970s. Born in Scandiano in the northeastern part of Italy in 1942, Ghirri moved to the city of Modena in his twenties, where he put on his first exhibitions and developed a deep passion for the medium.

Blog « Sharona Design I’ve been playing with my camera these days and I’ve found selfportraits work really well as a therapy. You can see more on my flickr account, I’m still trying to “find” my style so you will see different things there :) He estado jugando con mi cámara estos días y he descubierto que es muy terapéutico el autorretrato. Pueden ver más en mi cuenta de flickr, aun estoy “buscando” mi estilo en fotografía así que encontrarán varias cosillas distintas :) Concepto y diseño corporativo por Caroline Grohs / Concept and corporate design by Caroline Grohs.

Loft 24-7 - Sao Paulo, Brazil Ideally, wouldn't we all like to live in a climate where outdoor living is possible year-round? And wouldn't we love to live in a space where the divide between indoors and outdoors is non-existent? São Paulo-based Fernanda Marques achieved this idealistic balance in her Loft 24-7 residence, presented at the CasaCor exhibition in São Paulo, Brazil. In the 250-square-meter (about 2,700 square feet) space, Marques has erased the barriers by using "outdoor" elements inside and "indoor" elements outside and creating easy visual links between the two. Limestone, rough stone, steel, glass, wood paneling and furnishings that speak to the architect's modernist style, all create a harmonious, seamless environment where you are never quite in and never quite out. Fernanda Marques is the chief architect at Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados that is involved in both residential and commercial architecture, interior design, furniture design and real estate. - Tuija Seipell.

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