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5 Free Software to Watch TV on Computer Free Here are 5 Free Software to watch TV shows on PC. These free software let you watch TV on PC for free. These free TV PC software offer lot of channels, that makes it easy to watch free TV on PC. 1) Boxee Sponsored Links Boxee is my favorite PC TV software. Apart from watching TV shows on computer, Boxee also lets you stream content from sources like Youtube. Read our detailed review of Boxee, or download Boxee here. 2) Zinc.TV Zinc.TV is another free software to watch TV on PC. Zinc.TV has internet content from other popular channels like National Geographic, Cartoon Network, ABC Family, and Nickelodeon as well. Read our review of Zinc.TV, or download Zinc.TV here. 3) LiveStation LiveStation primarily lets you watch TV online, but it also comes with a free desktop player that you can download to watch tv on pc for free. Here are some of the news channels supported by LiveStation: BBC World, Frontline, NASA TV, UN TV, Samaa TV, Al Jazeera, and more. 4) Solway’s Internet TV and Radio Player

Remove Time Limit From Trial Software With Time Stopper So you downloaded a trial software and loved it, now what? The next step would be to use this software forever, but how would you do so? Time Stopper(Update: New version link added, now it comes without ads) is a free tool for Windows that can stop any trial software’s time for you. For example you downloaded a software that comes with 15-days trial, you used for 3 days which means 12 more days are left before it expires. Just run Time Stopper, choose the program, set the date between the trial limit, and it would handle the rest by stopping the time for you. Below is the complete guide on how to stop a time of a trial software. Note: When this tool will stop the time for a trial software, it will not change or stop your system time. First click Browse and select the executable(.exe) file of the software whose trial limit you want to remove. On the right side of the screen you will be shown a system calendar so that you can know what date is today. Advertisement

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