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Capture & Administration Matterhorn provides specs for building your own capture agent to automatically record audio, video and VGA signal, and a sophisticated set of administration tools to manage recordings. Media Processing Matterhorn's configurable media processing workflow system provides a scalable set of services for dispatching processing jobs across multiple worker nodes. Distribution Matterhorn can publish recordings for both progressive download and streaming server, including a local search index. Engage The engage player can be used as a standalone application, or embedded inside of other applications such as blogs, wikis or content management systems.

ScreenChomp Learn, teach, and share online video lessons | Windows Movie Maker The sights, sounds and action of a movie are a great way grab your students' attention and bring subjects to life. But who has time to teach and make movie magic? You do - with Windows Movie Maker. In just minutes, you can turn photos and video clips on any subject into interesting movies with special effects, sounds, and captions. Then share them with your class, on the Web, or DVDs so everyone can enjoy. Like57 Kelli Etheredge, educator at St. The simple, easy, fast way to make movie magic in class It takes just a few minutes to import still pictures, video clips, and music from your PC to Windows Movie Maker and create a polished movie. Engage, entertain, and educate by creating movies to teach varied subjects: System requirements: Operating system: 32- or 64-bit version of Windows 7, or 32- or 64-bit version of Windows 8 Release Preview, or Windows Server 2008 R2.

My Flipped Classroom – I Will Never Teach Another Way Again I saw Tom Mennella present on his flipped Genetics course at NERCOMP14 in March and was impressed with the clearly defined structure of his approach. I asked him to consider writing it up for EmergingEdTech, and I’m delighted that he did! Here’s Tom’s thorough overview of how he has successfully flipped BIO210 at Bay Path University. – K. In March of 2014, the Flipped Learning Network ( adopted and released a formal definition for flipped learning: “Flipped Learning is a pedagogical approach in which direct instruction moves from the group learning space to the individual learning space, and the resulting group space is transformed into a dynamic, interactive learning environment where the educator guides students as they apply concepts and engage creatively in the subject matter.” Prior to this, there was no consensus definition for flipped learning, flipped classrooms, flipped anything. My Flipped Course What Students Have to do Outside of the Classroom

index "Use your voice" In 2006 Jott emerged as a leader in mobile voice-to-text applications. The dramatic expansion of Nuance's voice-to-text services is clear evidence that consumers will respond to innovations that carriers offer, and with that in mind, we will focus our voice-to-text service investments on carrier and enterprise distribution, and no longer on Looking for a service like Jott? Dragon Dictation for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch from Nuance lets you to speak text for emails, text messages, status updates and more, and see your text appear instantly. Visit Dragon Mobile Apps to learn more about the apps listed above in addition to other exciting mobile apps. Other partner options include: AT&T's Voicemail to Text is Nuance-powered voicemail direct from your carrier.

Montage vidéo en ligne avec JayCut ! | TuniBOX Je vous ai déjà parlé de plusieurs applications en ligne qui permettent de faire des traitements propres aux « desktop applications ». Dans le même style, JayCut est un site qui propose une application plutôt intéressante; le montage vidéo en ligne. Le but n’est pas tout de même de proposer un autre Windows Movie Maker mais de proposer une approche Web qui ajoute les fonctionnalités de partage, la compatibilité des formats et surtout l’esprit communautaire… Comme tout autre logiciel classique de traitement de vidéo, JayCut permet d’uploader les clips et les images à partir du disque local ou des périphériques d’enregistrement comme les téléphones ou les cameras. Un petit plus, JayCut reconnait presque tous les formats vidéos et permet de les éditer tous en même temps sans aucun plugin additionnel. Une fois, les vidéos téléchargées sur le serveur de l’application, l’utilisateur procède au montage. Votre production prête, JayCut vous assiste pour la publier et la partager.

Social Video Marketing | SceneChat VideoANT A recent request came up for access to the raw text that gets entered into a projects annotations. I have developed a number of primitive tools over the past year that I have been using for internal purposes. In light of this request I am releasing these pages to the public for your own consumption as they cannot be used to edit your content but are simple ways to gain access to the content you develop. Keep in mind they are nothing fancy aesthetically, but are quite functional in nature :) I recommend that faculty utilize this first page to extract the raw data entered into the system as a back-up should it be necessary. It also is a great way to render the annotations so they can be searched using a browsers built-in search functionality. EDIT In VideoANT: Same project extracted: You can also get this same data as an XML feed if you would ever need that for any reason: Free Online Video Editor 5 Ways to Add Interactive Elements to Your Videos Over the last few days I've featured a couple of free tools for adding interactive elements to your videos. In the last year I've reviewed a few other services and methods for doing the same thing. This is a round-up of the ways that you can add interactive elements to your videos. The first four tools could be used by students to create a series of choose your own adventure videos. These tools could be used by teachers to enhance the short videos that they create for flipped lessons. YouTube has annotation tools built right into the editor that you can use when you upload your own content to the site. The Mad Video is a new service for creating interactive videos. Embed Plus is a handy tool for editing and annotating videos that you find on YouTube. wireWax is a new service that takes the concept of YouTube annotations and makes it much better. Blubbr is a neat quiz creation service that you can use to create video-based quizzes.

Media Subtitler Softwareselect language » DivXLand Media Subtitler is the best choice for creating, editing and fixing external subtitle files for all video types fast and easily. Freeware and multilanguage, creating and editing subtitles was never so fun and easy. DivXLand Media Subtitler requires Windows Media Player 9 or later, because it integrates the Windows Media Player component for maximum playback compatibility and performance. Extended Product Description DivXLand Media Subtitler allows you to create and edit external subtitle files for AVI, MPG, WMV and all type of videos fast and easily. Program Screenshots Program Features Subtitle formats currently supported: Download DivXLand Media Subtitler This program is freeware. ©2003-2014 Andrés Zsögön for Using foreign languages in DivXLand Media Subtitler DivXLand Media Subtitler supports any character set to work with subtitles in any language, as long as your language settings are properly configured in Windows. Program Translations

Video Creation Resources This page is designed to introduce and show you how to use various free video creation resources. Click here to learn how to create choose your own adventure videos in YouTube. Making Videos on the Web - A Guide for Teachers How to make an Animoto video. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Here's an example of stop motion video made by students. Press Play: Tips on Making Great Videos with Limited Resources Here at KZO Innovations we want to provide you with even more resources to ensure you’re getting the most out of your enterprise video. We’ve started a new mini-webinar series titled “Press Play” that will be released every Monday. For this week’s Press Play we’ll be looking at making great videos with limited resources. You don’t need professionals or an extensive budget to create a professional looking video. Just press play to find out how… The following is an approximate transcript. Hello everyone, welcome to Press Play. Businesses everywhere are realizing the positive impact great video content can have for their branding and marketing efforts. You may not have production assistants or a Hollywood budget, but you can still make your video look professional. Number one: Pay attention to lighting. There are some more advanced techniques for lighting your subject matter. Our second tip for creating videos on a budget: speak up! Our third tip: choose your background wisely.

Resources | Making Better Video Page CXVI are offering all their music for free You may have noticed that I like the music of Page CXVI. First, it’s cool. So you can understand how I couldn’t help posting about them again when they announced that this month they are offering ALL their music for FREE DOWNLOAD. They’ve also done some nice performance videos for some of their songs. *Edit 2 Aug 2013 – Page CXVI now do most of their music licensing through THE MUSIC BED, which can cost some money. Sites for downloading royalty-free images Like Video and Music, Images come under copyright. – a huge range of exceptional images that usually aren’t too expensive – big range of images for a really affordable price (most about $1) – or ‘Stock Exchange’ – this has been my favourite for a long time. – similar to Stock Exchange, although I’ve generally found the images are not as good. – a search engine for royalty free photos!