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50 Digital Wood Joints

50 Digital Wood Joints
Wood Joints are fascinating! They embellish old furniture and wood constructions of ancient Japanese temples alike. Everytime we come across them, we are filled with admiration: Admiration for the skill of the master craftsman, as their creator, but also admiration for the balance between function and beauty, which turns the furniture or temple into a work of art. With the onset of industrialisation, the traditional wood joints have been banned more and more to the background. Manufacturing has to be above all efficient, so there is no more room for traditional wood joints. Or is there? As computer-controlled wood processing machines move into the cabinet-makers' workshops, the way two pieces of wood are joined together in a construction needs to be reconsidered. The result of this research are 50 digital wood joints, divided into frame joints, board joints and carcass joints. We are looking forward for the submission of your modifications and pictures of implementation.

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presents the work of designer Sebastien Wierinck / Sebastien Wierinck WorkShop Info Location Brussels, London, Paris , Milano, New York. BE, FR, IT, UK, US Date 2009 Category indoor Type Panels Customer SWWS - Materials Plywood Measurements Credits Production SWWS Design SW + Romaric Letiec (assistant) Pictures CNC Panel Joinery Notebook I’ve been collecting clever ways of slotting flat stock together since I first read Nomadic Furniture back in 1999, well before the advent of the accessible hobby-class CNC tools that today make manufacturing parts like these pretty easy. Now, the world is full of people designing models, project enclosures, sculpture, furniture, and all kinds of other cool stuff to be assembled from parts made on laser cutters and CNC routers. I keep expecting a definitive book or website to emerge that covers the “bag of tricks” in an organized way, but so far, I haven’t found it. Maybe this article can serve as a jumping-off point. In any case, I think it’s time to share my notebook of CNC panel joinery.

Open-source syringe pump [edit] Source Bas Wijnen, Emily J. Hunt, Gerald C. Anzalone, Joshua M. Pearce, 2014. Open-source Syringe Pump Library, PLoS ONE 9(9): e107216. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0107216 open access The source code for the linear actuator and pump server are housed here:

Parametric Wood 9 to 3 to 1 Greg, Steven, and Valentin used the grasshopper definition to generate three different alternatives each. From the 9 iterations, we narrowed this down to 3 that we are fabricating to place on the simpson strong tie model. From this we will decide which one we will build full scale. Laser cutting - custom laser cutting with Ponoko The Laser Cutter Roundup ? a weekly dose of laser-cut love: #203 Hey, Sam here collecting the post from The Laser Cutter. Above is a laser cut feltcoaster fromThe Little Factory. Finally, Ikea Furniture You Can Build In 5 Minutes Ikea furniture seems like such a good deal, until you get it home and realize that you have to spend half a day or more building it. Ikea’s new Regissör line is an attempt to address this pain point. The company promises that its new bookshelf, cabinets, and coffee table can be constructed in a mere five minutes. How is this possible? To make the builds quicker, Ikea has deviated from the norm in a few ways: Most boards in the Regissör line are now wedge-shaped on their ends, to lean into one another at 45-degree angles, rather than connect at more precarious 90-degree angle.

A Cafe Constructed Entirely Of Plywood Ribs Blobitecture isn’t dead. It’s just crept indoors, transforming rectilinear spaces into rippling, organic forms. Take Zmianatematu, a new café/bar in Łódź, Poland, fitted with ribs of plywood to create a space that resembles a giant wooden dinosaur model. (That’s a good thing.) According to the architects, xm3, the café is a much-needed injection of cutting-edge design into a once prosperous, now blighted neighborhood.

Design by Code: Laser-Cut Lamp Step #1: PrevNext The laser cutter is an amazing tool that anyone can use!