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Setup Diaspora on Ubuntu | GNU/Linux Diaspora => The privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it-all, open source social network. Was seeing lot of people facing issues to in set up, including me at the beginning, so i thought to make a setup script for ubuntu os,which can be cloned from my repo [[ Mentioned below ]]. I have tested it to the max i could, still it might not be fool proof, do try and let me know if you find any bugs. Me trying Diaspora on my localhost Bit flaky Update : This script got merged with the main branch of Diaspora Can be seen in the main branch of diaspora, ubuntu-setup.bash I thank the diaspora team for accepting my small contribution. The script Update : Notice many facing issue in executing the script, download it and run it as sudo bash ubuntu-setup.bash Update : Thanks again to the diaspora team, for listing me here <div class="disqus-noscript"><a href="

7 open source projects to cut your teeth on (and the ones to avoid) The reasons for contributing to open source projects are as diverse as the projects themselves: To garner new skills, add experience, network with peers, or just for fun. Choosing a project that best suits your needs, and one that is friendly to newcomers, however, can be a daunting task. We polled well-known open source contributors for their recommendations, and the best way to start. These 7 projects welcome, and encourage new contributors: Drupal: The Drupal open source content management platform offers a vast, international community with a reputation for being friendly and inviting to new contributors. [ RELATED: Building your career in open source ] If you haven't tried Drupal, don't let that deter you. Then you can tweak your site settings while you learn how Drupal sites work. Not for newbies: Unless you are a seasoned, well-known open source developer with thick skin, avoid the Linux kernel. Steven Vaughan-Nichols, technology journalist How to pick a project Teaser:

Decentralize the web with Diaspora by Daniel G. Maxwell S. Raphael S. Ilya Z. We're fully funded! Check out some of the other great projects on Kickstarter Diaspora - the privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it-all distributed open source social network We are four talented young programmers from NYU’s Courant Institute trying to raise money so we can spend the summer building Diaspora; an open source personal web server that will put individuals in control of their data. What is it? Enter your Diaspora “seed,” a personal web server that stores all of your information and shares it with your friends. For a little more detailed explanation, checkout this blog post. What is the project about? We believe that privacy and connectedness do not have to be mutually exclusive. Why are we building it? This February, Eben Moglen, Columbia law professor and author of the latest GPL, gave a talk on Internet privacy. But why is centralization so much more convenient, even in an age where relatively powerful computers are ubiquitous? Why do we need money? Our Promise.

Crabgrass phpBB How to install Diaspora on Windows? | Raza Mehdi's Blog So the wait is over. Diaspora is finally here. I have been working on getting it up and running in Windows. Download the Ruby installer from RubyInstaller download page. There it is, a working installation of Diaspora on Windows. This entry was posted on Tuesday, September 21st, 2010 at 11:30 pm and is filed under Uncategorized. Open Source Projects To Contribute To and Learn From Hello, welcome to open source projects series. Thank you for stopping by. Today am going to focus on open source projects to contribute to if you are a beginner. When starting anything, you want to start it on the right footing. The other day I was talking to a recruiter at an event and what she told me sounded very familiar to what you hear everywhere as a programmer – while applying for a job, you need to have some side project to show for your experience. That will improve your chances of getting an offer. So I came back home and decided to do something helpful for all of us: put together a list of good open source projects that could get you started. Top 10 Open Source Projects To Consider - Perhaps this comes as no surprise simply because most projects are hosted on Github. Thanks again for reading this open source projects post and if you have other projects that I should know, do not hesitate to share them with me through the comments section.

Diaspora publie le code source de son Facebook libre Chose promise, chose faite. Né comme une simple idée au mois de mai et rapidement financé par un afflux sans précédent de dons de ses futurs utilisateurs, le projet Diaspora est désormais réalité. Mercredi soir, l'équipe de Diaspora a publié la toute première version publique du code source du réseau social à la Facebook, basé sur des logiciels libres et qui laisse surtout à l'utilisateur le contrôle de ses propres données. "A partir de maintenant, nous allons travailler étroitement avec la communauté pour améliorer et solidifier Diaspora", indiquent les promoteurs. Comme Facebook, Diaspora permet aux utilisateurs de créer un profil, de communiquer par des "murs" de messages, ou de poster des photos et d'en partager entre amis. Mais contrairement au site de Mark Zuckerberg, Diaspora n'est pas un service en ligne centralisé où toutes les données sont hébergées à distance dans des batteries de serveurs. Pour le moment, le graphisme et les fonctionnalités sont bien sûr limités.

GNU social social is FooCorp's new social network, designed for privacy, ease of use and simplicity. When complete, social will: Let you easily share photos and videos with your friends and family.Protect your privacy by strictly controlling who can see you and your information.Give you control over your relationships, by letting you export your friends and messages.Create a decentralized social network that can communicate with other existing social software, such as StatusNet, Appleseed, Diaspora and more.Be a target platform for new kinds of applications, both on the FooPlug, Debian Freedombox project and other kinds of new form factor computers. The second stage of development will involve rebuilding our music sharing site, into a social site of its own, enabling the social sharing of millions of listened songs, and the ability to connect with artists and fans on your own terms. Roadmap social requires git, PHP5, a MySQL database and the PHP5 libraries for curl and gd.

Syncany LibreOffice Easy Hacks Welcome This page is all about our Easy Hacks project. These hacks have been determined to be great starting points for new developers on the project - when you visit the bug on our bug tracker you will find useful code pointers as well as at least one expert who will be available to help you if you have questions. A few random EasyHacks Please feel free to tackle one of these! 5 Open; 0 Resolved; 5 Total (0% complete) don't see something fun ? Getting Started The basic flow is to: Do I have to build LibreOffice? Building from source is necessary for most but not all of the Easy Hacks. Hacking Tips If you create new files, please use our License Header.Please avoid larger reformatting of the code for the time being (except for the tasks listed below) - we're pondering auto/magic ways to do that mid- to long-term.If you need to search constructs in the code, there is a code search engine at Workflow If the Easy Hack is really quick and easy, 'just do it'.

Reddit hits 1 billion page views per month 2 February '11, 09:58pm Follow Reddit has just reported that their site’s analytics have a sweet new punctuation mark next to them, meaning that its site has served one billion users in just one month. In its blog post Mike [raldi] writes that “There are only about 100 sites on the entire Internet that get a billion pageviews in a single month, and now reddit can put on its smoking jacket and join that exclusive club.” Reddit has grown tremendously this year, from 250 million page views in January 2010 to 829 million in December, and more than doubling its number of servers from 50 to 119 in the same timeframe. In September 2010, reddit pageviews surpassed Digg’s, when Digg founder Kevin Rose revealed that his site only garnered 200 million page views in the month of July. Mike [raldi] sends a big thank you to all of the reddit community: