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7 open source projects to cut your teeth on (and the ones to avoid) The reasons for contributing to open source projects are as diverse as the projects themselves: To garner new skills, add experience, network with peers, or just for fun. Choosing a project that best suits your needs, and one that is friendly to newcomers, however, can be a daunting task. We polled well-known open source contributors for their recommendations, and the best way to start. They also offer advice on which projects to avoid. These 7 projects welcome, and encourage new contributors: Drupal: The Drupal open source content management platform offers a vast, international community with a reputation for being friendly and inviting to new contributors. [ RELATED: Building your career in open source ] If you haven't tried Drupal, don't let that deter you. Then you can tweak your site settings while you learn how Drupal sites work. Not for newbies: Unless you are a seasoned, well-known open source developer with thick skin, avoid the Linux kernel. How to pick a project Teaser:

phpBB Open Source Projects To Contribute To and Learn From Hello, welcome to open source projects series. Thank you for stopping by. Today am going to focus on open source projects to contribute to if you are a beginner. So I came back home and decided to do something helpful for all of us: put together a list of good open source projects that could get you started. Top 10 Open Source Projects To Consider - Perhaps this comes as no surprise simply because most projects are hosted on Github. Thanks again for reading this open source projects post and if you have other projects that I should know, do not hesitate to share them with me through the comments section. Would you mind sharing this post with others using the buttons below?

Syncany LibreOffice Easy Hacks Welcome This page is all about our Easy Hacks project. These hacks have been determined to be great starting points for new developers on the project - when you visit the bug on our bug tracker you will find useful code pointers as well as at least one expert who will be available to help you if you have questions. A few random EasyHacks Please feel free to tackle one of these! 5 Open; 0 Resolved; 5 Total (0% complete) don't see something fun ? Getting Started The basic flow is to: Do I have to build LibreOffice? Building from source is necessary for most but not all of the Easy Hacks. Hacking Tips If you create new files, please use our License Header.Please avoid larger reformatting of the code for the time being (except for the tasks listed below) - we're pondering auto/magic ways to do that mid- to long-term.If you need to search constructs in the code, there is a code search engine at Workflow If the Easy Hack is really quick and easy, 'just do it'.

Etherpad Hacker Guide VLC media player is a very popular, but quite large and complex piece of software. It uses a large number of 3rd party libraries. VLC development is open source, and then a large community of developers worldwide contribute to it. However, entering a project such as VLC media player can be long and complex for new developers. This guide seeks to help understanding the VLC code base and VLC internals to quickly get up to speed.NB: this guide is not about compiling VLC. A very good introduction to VLC can also be found on enjoythearchitecture. VLC's Core / libVLCcore The most important (and probably most complex) part of VLC is the core, located in src/ in the repository. Introduction to the core This is a MUST-READ for developers. Plugins / Modules How to write a VLC module. Input Access An access module provides a byte stream from a location string MRL, like support for files, HTTP streams, webcams... Audio Video Interfaces Interfaces Modules types not documented (yet) Misc Streaming output

FreedomBox Contributors Tech Guide This document is meant for Apache contributors. A contributor is anyone who wants contribute (code, documentation, tests, ideas, anything!) to any Apache project hosted here at the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). Existing Apache Committers should see the New Committer Guide and FAQ. Several books and many papers have been written about the way open source works and how you can become a valuable member of the open source/free software community. Subversion (SVN), is the version control system used by most projects at Apache. Bleeding-edge / Nightly code Getting the source directly from the source repository usually gives you the bleeding edge version of that particular project. The trunk directory contains the current source code, and thus it's usually used in the source code access urls given by the projects. The tags directory contains specific versions of the project that were tagged with some name. Windows: Use cygwin If you use cygwin, please follow the Unix/Linux instructions below.

AlternC mozilla/pdf.js Galette La nouvelle version de Galette, 0.8.3, est désormais disponible au téléchargement ! Quelques nouveautés, quelques bogues corrigés sont au programme de cette nouvelle version. Vous pouvez consulter le changelog complet pour davantage de détails. Il s’agira de la dernière version de la série 0.8 du projet, ce qui signifie que je n’ajouterai pas de nouvelles fonctionnalités au projet avant la sortie de la version 0.9 (qui est déjà sur les rails depuis un certain temps, voire un temps certain, mais sur laquelle il reste encore du travail, bien entendu). D’ici très peu de temps, les branches develop de Galette et des plugins passeront en 0.9 ; et ne seront pas particulièrement fonctionnelles, de même que la version nightly. La documentation suivra très certainement, il faudra que je parvienne à me motiver :D La suite... En attendant, vous pouvez tester la dernière Galette, participer aux listes de diffusion, et aussi faire des dons (il y a un bouton pour ça juste à droite !

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