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Europaconcorsi - For architects only

Europaconcorsi - For architects only

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COBE - The Library Location: Copenhagen north-west, Denmark Client: City of Copenhagen Program: Extension of existing culture house and new library and concert hall Size: Existing 1.150 m2, new build 2.000 m2 Spoon & Tamago - Part 2 Junpei Tamaki’s Wintry Set of Furniture by Johnny the entire snow collection I think the majority of us can agree that this year’s winter was pretty brutal. Dow Jones Architects — Prospect House © David Grandorge . Published on March 27, 2013. Prospect House is located on Sion Hill, overlooking Bath. habitatge col·lectiu / collective housing / vivienda colectiva / logement colectif There are many different aspects to describe what a courtyard is, and what defines this architype. Most people see the courtyard as an open space surrounded by buildings or walls. This enclosed space is often open to the sky. By focusing on courtyard structures I have done research in four projects based on what describes a courtyard. The research is based on form, and how these shapes are working in terms of entering the apartments on the ground floor plan.

Projects C+S Architects Published 3 days ago. Photo by Alessandra Bello. All Rights Reserved Silo-top Studio / O-OFFICE Architects Architects Location 63 Xizeng Road, Liwan, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China Area 621.0 sqm Project Year 2013 Photographs From the architect. In 2012, O-office transformed the top floor of a 1960s’ silo building in the oldest beer factory of Guangzhou, the central city of southern China.

The romantic and pragmatic history of the fan vault has lessons for contemporary structures 21 December 2010 | By Peter Salter Architect peter salter records the english innovation of the fan vault, a pragmatic and romantic alternative to the gothic arch that has challenged his thoughts on contemporary skins Architectural criticism, culture and campaigning - join the global architectural community - subscribe today. You’ll get instant access to this article and 20,000 others like it. Access critical thinking for critical timesUnlimited inspiration, insight and intelligence across the full scope of architectural production.

Ramus M1 Table/Desk by Design Studio Il Hoon Roh Ramus, latin for 'tree branch', combines the strengths of carbon fibre with the structural advantages that can be found in the branch of a tree. (Click the images below for full sized images) The Ramus M1 is a desk with a transparent glass top and a supporting structure underneath with tree-like limbs that support the top. 40 free high resolution leaf textures Stock leaf textures could be very useful to have on hand if your design is nature-related. Green is perfect for creating calming and relaxing effects, and it can bring a comfortable experience to visitors of your website. Proper use of these high-resolution textures can make your artwork or web design look more natural and realistic. While most textures in this collection are green, there are also yellow, red, orange, and purple leaves that can be indispensable for indication of seasons or adding bright colors to your design.

Atelier Kempe Thill — Hedge Building © SCHWARZ | ARCHITEKTURFOTOGRAFIE . Published on November 28, 2008. The project demonstrates the logic and rationality of Dutch agriculture and unearths surprisingly romantic qualities within its limited conditions. Landmak Architecture · HomeFood The project of HomeFood has been nurtured by the investor with an expectation to restore the purely natural and traditional farming methods of Vietnamese farmers. HOMEFOOD provides dishes and food cooked in line with the Macrobiotic diet and made 100% from plant-sourced, natural and organic ingredients. We have designed a restaurant based on the philosophy of HomeFood – which is renovated and expanded from part of an old building (headquarters of a state-owned company) built in the 1980s, located in a quiet and ancient quarter, and looking fairly old at the present time. In the area where there are many historical landmarks to Hanoians, the construction of any building makes local people (normally accustomed to tranquility) become curious and wonder what we are building.

13 Home Theaters You Wish You Owned When you think about getting something new in your house, you must think about one of these ideas for your home theater. All these home theaters are amazing, and they have something that you will love and that you will enjoy in. Watching movie in one of these theaters are something amazing. 1. Futuristic Labt Marc Supply & Anneli Lahtua The vmm Bank was originally designed for the waiting area in the main building of the Flemish Environment Company (FEC) in Erembodegem. Given the client, it obviously satisfied a range of strict ecological requirements, even back then. But the bench offered even greater potential. Selection for the Eco Design exhibition in Helsinki in 2012 prompted a rethink of the bench, to create a commercial product.

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