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The best-designed social networks on Ning Guest post by Suzanne Reinfranck Socialmediabusinesssolutions We’ve long been fans of Ning, an innovative social platform that brings millions of people together every day to explore and express their interests, discover new passions and meet people around shared pursuits. With more than 1.9 million Ning networks created and 40 million registered users, this social space continues to grow at an explosive rate. Laura Oppenheimer, Ning marketing manager A few things differentiate Ning from most other social platforms: • It has pioneered the market for people to self-organize around the “what” rather than the “who” in social networking • It enables communities to organize around interests and passions and fully express what makes them unique. • Ning offers a fairly wide degree of flexibility in customizing the look and feel of your site. We asked Laura Oppenheimer, Ning’s marketing manager, for some of her favorite nonprofit and social change sites. 7 well-designed Ning networks 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Pro - Pricing All About XOOPS :: XOOPS Web Application System XOOPS is a web application platform written in PHP for the MySQL database. Its object orientation makes it an ideal tool for developing small or large community websites, intra company and corporate portals, weblogs and much more. The Project websites are, not limited to: Project development: Project and community support: Third-party development support: XOOPS is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) and is free to use and modify. What XOOPS stands forXOOPS is an acronym of eXtensible Object Oriented Portal System. A lite XOOPS can be used as a personal weblog or journal. Pronunciation guideThe standard pronunciation of XOOPS should follow English rules, and you should pronounce it as [zoo'ps]. Key features of XOOPS - Database-drivenXOOPS uses a relational database (currently MySQL) to store data required for running a web-based content management system.

How To Add Tweeting With Short URL Functionality To A Website (With PHP) Social bookmarking buttons like Digg, Delicious or StumbleUpon on any website is very familiar. They help spreading the content. Twitter, getting bigger & better, is also another powerful network where content can reach to thousands easily in minutes. To help the readers of a website share/tweet a content at Twitter easily, here is a simple way of integration: You can send a querystring to Twitter like: The problem & the solution: There is a 140 character limit in Twitter & the length of the URL is a headache. The file_get_contents function of PHP helps us to easily get the short URL as a string. So, calling the function with the URL, like: will result in: And the link to this post will become: For WordPress users: WordPress users can add the makeShortURL function to the functions.php in the active theme folder. And, in the single.php file, where the posts are displayed, use the line (or update it to your needs) below:

Auto-populate multiple select boxes 18 Sep To follow on from Auto-populating Select Boxes using jQuery & AJAX, I’ve had more than a few requests for how to do this for multiple select boxes. In response, I’ve written a jQuery plugin and have included a simple example of three select boxes populating each other driven by a MySQL database. Download Prerequisites jQuery (this has been tested with 1.1.1 and 1.2 – so it should be fine).Basic knowledge of JSONAccess to the server side for PHP and MySQL if you want the selects driven by a database. Disclaimer I have to admit I wrote the plugin pretty quickly, so it might not have all the bells and whistles you might want it to have – but it definitely does the job. Also, the demo I’ve provided does not degrade if JavaScript is turned off. Demonstration This demonstration uses three select boxes, the first (element category) drives the next (elements) which drives the next (attributes). See the multiple-select population in action Usages / Config Required Optional What next?