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Libros de Dibujo y Diseño Digital Painting Tutorial Videos Female Character Design Descripciones: Video 1:Format : MPEG-4Format profile : QuickTimeCodec ID : qt File size : 88.2 MiBDuration : 23mn 45sOverall bit rate : 519 KbpsWidth : 720 pixelsHeight : 480 pixels Video 2:Format : MPEG-4Format profile : QuickTimeCodec ID : qt File size : 365 MiBDuration : 34mn 30sOverall bit rate : 1 479 KbpsWidth : 1 280 pixelsHeight : 720 pixels Video 3:Format : MPEG-4Format profile : QuickTimeCodec ID : qt File size : 153 MiBDuration : 35mn 55sOverall bit rate : 595 KbpsWidth : 800 pixelsHeight : 600 pixels foundation painting with shawn barber Burton Silverman - Drawing The Language of Vision CGMA - Dynamic Sketching with Peter Han The GNOMON Workshop - Introduction to Animal Anatomy

2DArtist Magazine UnSigne™ - Customization Notebook - Creating, cutting and printing your own woodblock : Fix, re-cut and re-ink After the first print you can actually take a look at the image and decide what you're not happy with. With the water based inks, particularly, which dry so quickly, it's easy then to go back and carve out a little more of the block where you want more white to show through. It's a good idea to annotate your first print with the changes you want to make, rather than just trying to remember. It forces you to be a little more diligent about working through problems. Then fix the problems with a little more carving and give the print another go. That's it, really. Good luck with your project(s).

How to Draw Gesture - Step by Step 6 Tips to help you draw better I can’t say that I’m the best artist out there, but I can certainly draw better than when I started this sketch blog. I’ve read a lot of advice about getting better at drawing over the years. Some advice has been very helpful and some advice just hasn’t worked for me. 1. says its takes about 10,000 hours of doing something to become an expert at it. a month, at minimum. 2. Watch how Jake Parker does it: Inking Missile Mouse from jakeparker on Vimeo. 3. 4. 5. and Scott Robertson on how to draw a straight line freehand.) will teach you everything you need to know about perspective. is the best place to get started with construction. UPDATE July 16, 2013 I’ve since found a handful of anatomy books that I really like. is probably the best place to start. I’d also recommend Frederic Delavier’s Strength Training Anatomy. Last, I’d recommend Elliot Goldfinger’s Human Anatomy for Artists – an exhaustive technical reference that leaves no stone un-turned. 6. Like what you just read? Like this:

Photoshop Tutorial | Cruise Ship - Pg 2 Illustration Stats - Size: 36" @ 350 dpi, 640 mb CMYK File with 35 Layers / Illustration Time: 720 hrs. Adobe Photoshop CS-CS5 Painting Tutorials Photoshop Paths|Airbrush Tool|Basic Painting|Layer Masks|Color Management All Tutorial Text & Images - Copyright © 2011 KHI, Inc. Continuing from page 1, once all of the line art was completed and converted to a Photoshop .psd raster file it was time to move on to the coloring and painting phase. Note: The following hardware and software was used in the creation of this illustration: An Apple Mac Pro desktop computer, a Wacom Intuos 6x8 drawing tablet, Adobe Photoshop CS-CS5 photo editing software and a properly calibrated monitor. The first step in the coloring process was to create the carpeting and floor-covering patterns in an overhead "plan view" by duplicating each repeating design motif in Illustrator Vector art, then converting it to a CMYK .psd file. Many people will ask: why not use a CAD program to create an illustration such as this?

100 Fresh Creative Business Cards / Inspiration / SPLASHnology - inShare0 A business card creates a physical connection and bond between you or your business and your customers. Most business cards are dull, boring, and don’t say much about the person and are forgotten easily which is why they are ineffective. So you want some business card design inspiration? Well here you have 100 fresh creative business cards designs all on one page. Connected Matters ACME estudio Imaginary Design Chanelle Henry’s ActarusProd News Media Spree Personal Shopping TWhite Design Chapolito Philippe Gauthier Carleton Creative Advertisement JNashDesign Kersvers Handmade cafe Steven Whitely StarBerry Caribou Creative The Base One Believe Ice Breaker Michelle Frankfurter Rawkes DJ Mohit DrillSpotdotcom SuperWindy Clint Shuttlesworth Sarah Ferrari Heart Roasters Ryan Hicks Davymac PataPri For Social Beasts Thought & Theory Nation Jubes Antony Wilcock Caddy Shack Putters Uno Design Hegouaburu Liquidworks Socialthing Arne Werner Franklin Sandres Oliver Charland Krkoska hotel ConvertFlex DesignWorx

Watercolor Painting: How to Paint Greens One of the most unique ways and most fun ways to get started in visual art is by using watercolor pencils. Here are some fun tips and interesting info about how to get started. When using watercolor pencils with water, use watercolor paper as regular drawing paper will buckle when it’s dampened. The most common approach to watercolor pencil is to loosely color an area then brush water over it to create a wash effect. When applying color in this manner, remember that the wash will look a few shades lighter than the pencils you’re using once they’re diluted by the water. When it comes to blending watercolor pencils, start with lighter colors first and work towards darker colors. Here are some ideas about creating watercolor effects. Once your coloring is completed, you can stop right there or you can try to use different effects by adding water. A barely damp brush gives a brighter color with pencil line showing. Here are some thoughts about some different watercolor techniques.

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