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Fusher Design fun fashion art trends technology (page 83)

Fusher Design fun fashion art trends technology (page 83)

60designwebpick Design You Trust – Design and Beyond! Anode Magazine WANKEN - The Blog of Shelby White Anchor Division - livin' fast AKA | Brand Identity Blog, Creative Direction Blog – Gary Swindell, Aimizm — Gary Swindell is a Creative Director specializing in strategic brand identity. Working in the UK and Scandinavia helping clients deliver through Strategy, Design and Art Direction. Date Item There's a McQeenish vibe to these 'wearable' sculptures by Rien Vollenga. { Comments on this entry are closed } David Francisco x MAGNÉTICA MAGAZINE Série "Shoot me" photographiée par David Francisco pour le numéro d'octobre 2010 de MAGNÉTICA MAGAZINE

Magazine Born in 1976, French-British photographer Cedric Arnold first picked up a 35mm camera at university, whilst studying linguistics and history in Paris. He quickly turned most of his attention to photography and filmmaking, taking extra credits in printmaking, the history of cinema, and documentary filmmaking. Read More “Gonzaga Manso is a Madrid-based photographer whose elements are very unique and his work is eye-catching beyond belief. “Graduated, since 2005, of ESAG-Penninghen in graphic design in Paris, I wanted to comfort my studies with true personal experiences. Born in 1984 in the suburbs of Paris. She draws inspiration from her travels around France and Europe. After studying foreign languages, she attends a photography course. Emma Pick lives and works in Paris. She studied film and photography at the University Louis Lumière. He is a swedish photographer. Martin Tyszka born 13 04 1976, originally from Warsaw Poland. A magnified exploration of the honeybee and its anatomy as art.

Stripeyhorse Creative June 29th, 2012 We really like the new logo design for British Gymnastics. Using bright bold colourful graphics the swirls track the motion of a gymnast. Via the Creative Review website And strangely enough in the comments someone has linked to this website, the go to wall for in-situ visuals. June 8th, 2012 We think these posters are just kinda cool! June 6th, 2012 Some really cool and colourful Origami street art has been popping up in France. More of her paper designs can be viewed on her personal website, she also works in lace and other materials. Via the website: May 30th, 2012 Jonathan Harris speaks a little about ‘Rethinking Social Networking’. He describes Twitter as a terminal velocity in terms of how fast communications can go. Via the Swiss Miss website May 16th, 2012 The festival season is upon us once again. We just really really want one of these! Via the Swiss Miss Website April 18th, 2012 March 12th, 2012 February 20th, 2012 Their designs are made up of:

The Lab Magazine Online welcome : AMUSEMENT bebe le strange bebe le strange 'Images -- millions of images -- that's what I eat' --William S. Burroughs (click here for pics only) alyptoph: (Source: velvetharrys) (Source: shelley-fabulous) RIP Peaches Geldof daily-boombox:Ladytron- Seventeen Play count: 6,877 negat0ry: doc martens pascal boot (the classic eight-eye) now comes in a reproduction of the right panel of heironymus bosch’s garden of earthly delights gtfo (Source: (Source: daynaelaine) songs4lyf: Metallica - Whiplash Play count: 3,815 (Source: kaliforniababylon) 4cp: gameraboy: Marc Davis explaining the “elongating stretching room” in the Haunted Mansion for the Disneyland Tenth Anniversary Show in 1965. (Source: thewholigans) soundsof71:sarah-kuran:jimmy page (Source: lolcatsinlove) Powered by Tumblr | Theme by Heather Rivers

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