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Neighborhood income and rent maps of U.S. cities

Neighborhood income and rent maps of U.S. cities
Fast Company: "See where the money lives -- and where it doesn't -- in your city" No matter where you live, you probably already have some sort of mental map of where the money resides in your city. It’s one of those data sets you subconsciously start collecting the moment you move somewhere. At first, it’s something you sense in only the broadest geographic terms--understanding that the north side of the city is generally poorer than the rest of it, say--but with time and experience, the map becomes more refined, filled in on the level of neighborhood and street. How well do these perceptions of income line up with reality? That’s what this website shows us.

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The United States of ALEC BILL MOYERS: This week on Moyers & Company… Privatizing America one statehouse at a time. JOHN NICHOLS: Through ALEC, you can change the whole country without ever going to Washington, without ever having to go through a congressional hearing, without ever having to lobby on Capitol Hill, without ever having to talk to a president. BILL MOYERS: The United States of ALEC. ANNOUNCER: Funding is provided by: The SEC Flacks Paint Lehman’s Looters as the Victims of a “Political” SEC By William K. Black This is the second installment in a three-part series correcting the NYT propaganda that seeks to transmute the SEC’s refusal to hold any of Lehman’s looters accountable for their myriad frauds.

The Feminization of Poverty "Poverty is the worst form of violence." –Mahatma Gandhi What is the "feminization" of poverty? The feminization of poverty is the phenomenon in which women experience poverty at rates that are disproportionately high in comparison to men. Historical Map Web Sites Support Your Libraries My Account Home > Finding Information > PCL Map Collection > Historical Map Web Sites

OpenStreetMap Where am I? Welcome to OpenStreetMap! OpenStreetMap is a map of the world, created by people like you and free to use under an open license. Hosting is supported by the UCL VR Centre, Bytemark Hosting and Imperial College London, and other partners. Learn More Start Mapping <div id="noscript"><p>You are either using a browser that does not support JavaScript, or you have disabled JavaScript. The Part-Time Employment Ratio: Up Slightly in March Let's take a close look at Friday's employment report numbers on Full and Part-Time Employment. Buried near the bottom of Table A-9 of the government's Employment Situation Summary are the numbers for Full- and Part-Time Workers, with 35-or-more hours as the arbitrary divide between the two categories. The Labor Department has been collecting this since 1968, a time when only 13.5% of US employees were part-timers.

World Bank Whistleblower Karen Hudes Reveals How The Global Elite Rule The World Karen Hudes is a graduate of Yale Law School and she worked in the legal department of the World Bank for more than 20 years. In fact, when she was fired for blowing the whistle on corruption inside the World Bank, she held the position of Senior Counsel. She was in a unique position to see exactly how the global elite rule the world, and the information that she is now revealing to the public is absolutely stunning. According to Hudes, the elite use a very tight core of financial institutions and mega-corporations to dominate the planet. The goal is control. Power crime Introduction Despite making strides in scrutinizing crimes committed by economically and politically powerful actors, organizations, and even states, the field of criminology remains disproportionately preoccupied with socially vulnerable offenders involved in street crime. This observation is more than just a vague impression. Examinations of the major US and British journals of criminology and criminal justice reveal that a mere 3% of research articles focus on the criminal activities of corporations and governments [2]. This special issue offers more than just another round of discussion pertaining to so-called white collar criminals. By concentrating on what we call power crime, essays delve into the theoretical and conceptual underpinnings of grave breaches of domestic and international laws.

1 - 20 of 10934 from the Library of Congress ↓ Refine your search Map of the Iowa Central Air Line Rail Road and its connections. Scale ca. 1:1,550,000. Entered according to act of Congress in the year 1857.

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