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Gender Inequality

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MTV Movie and TV awards go gender neutral - BBC Newsbeat. Gender pay gaps must be declared by UK companies. Image copyright Getty Images UK companies with 250 or more employees will have to publish their gender pay gaps within the next year under a new legal requirement.

Gender pay gaps must be declared by UK companies

The move is part of attempts to fight workplace discrimination. The UK has a gender pay gap of 18.1% for all workers, or 9.4% for full-time employees. Public, private and voluntary sector firms are now all required to disclose average pay for men and women, including any bonuses. About half of the UK workforce will be affected by the new reporting rules, which encompass 9,000 employers and more than 15 million employees. Firms must publish a snapshot of their employee pay as at 5 April 2017 if they are a private business or charity, or 31 March 2017 for those in the public sector. A few companies including Virgin Money and Deloitte have already published their figures. 'The ugly truth': This library book experiment will shock you. We’d all like to think that times have changed in terms of how girls are portrayed in movies, books and on TV.

'The ugly truth': This library book experiment will shock you

Some of us remember reading books that reinforced old-fashioned stereotypes about girls and their role in the world; i.e. the princess waiting to be rescued, or the mild meek girl. Nowadays, these notions are outdated, yet it seems children’s books haven’t moved on as much as we hoped. This mum and daughter recently carried out an interesting experiment on a section of children’s books in a library.

First, they removed any books without a male character - in total, just three books. Then, they began removing books without female characters. This is backed up by a 2011 study of 5,000 children’s books, which found 25 percent of books featured zero female characters. Then, they began removing books where female characters don’t speak. Oxford University puts up more portraits of women. All-male White House health bill photo sparks anger. Image copyright White House There is a familiarity about this photo, and it could have been taken in many boardrooms around the world - men gathered around a table making plans and cutting deals.

All-male White House health bill photo sparks anger

But the lack of women here, among a group of conservative Republicans discussing their healthcare bill with the vice-president, struck a particular nerve. That's because one of the points under discussion was whether the new bill should mandate that health insurance plans provide "essential benefits" including maternity services. In January, the White House came in for some flak when President Trump signed an abortion order surrounded by men.

Gender pay gap in 'reverse' for some ethnic groups. Image copyright PA Working women in some ethnic groups in the UK have not only narrowed the gender pay gap but have overtaken men's earning power, analysis suggests.

Gender pay gap in 'reverse' for some ethnic groups

The Fawcett Society, which campaigns for equality, said Caribbean and white Irish working women, on average, earn more than men from the same background. Its report found that, for most ethnic groups, men earned more than women. Cressida Dick appointed as first female Met Police chief. Cressida Dick is the new Metropolitan Police commissioner, becoming the first woman to take charge of London's police force in its 188-year history.

Cressida Dick appointed as first female Met Police chief

She succeeds Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, who announced his retirement last year. Ms Dick, previously the national policing lead on counter-terrorism, said she was "thrilled and humbled". But her appointment was criticised by the family of Jean Charles de Menezes, who was wrongly shot dead during an operation she led in 2005. The Brazilian electrician was killed two weeks after the 7/7 London Bombings when he was mistakenly identified as a terror suspect. A jury later found the Met had broken health and safety laws, but found there was "no personal culpability for Commander Cressida Dick". Ms Dick, 56, left the Met for the Foreign Office after 31 years of service in December 2014. How this feminist found herself sympathising with the men's rights movement - BBC Three.

Gender pay gap: Firms given advice ahead of new rules. Image copyright PA Businesses, charities and voluntary organisations are being urged to ensure they comply with new rules on tackling the gender pay gap.

Gender pay gap: Firms given advice ahead of new rules

Conciliation service Acas has published guidance to offer "practical advice" to firms before the rules come into force. From April, companies with at least 250 employees will have to publish the differences between men's and women's salaries. Important moments in the fight for equal pay. BBC iWonder - What do we owe women from the 1970s? Doon Mackichan speaks out against 'crime porn' Image copyright Getty Images Actress Doon Mackichan has spoken out about the prevalence of rape and sexual violence in contemporary TV drama.

Doon Mackichan speaks out against 'crime porn'

Girls spend 40% more time on chores than boys, UN report finds. Image copyright Getty Images Girls spend 40% more time performing unpaid household chores than boys, according to a new report from the UN children's agency.

Girls spend 40% more time on chores than boys, UN report finds

Unicef said the difference in time spent working amounted to 160m extra hours a day worldwide. Two out of three girls cook and clean in the home, and almost half collect water or firewood. Gender pay gap to remain until 2069, report says. Image copyright Getty Images The gender pay gap in the UK will not close until 2069 based on current salary progression, research suggests.

Gender pay gap to remain until 2069, report says

Accountancy firm Deloitte said the hourly pay gap between men and women of 9.4%, or about £1.30, was narrowing by just two-and-a-half pence a year. It also found men were paid more than women at the start of their careers. At America's Largest Companies, Just 7 Percent Of CEOs Are Women. Women seek pay rises as much as men - with less success. Image copyright PA The theory that women get paid less than men because they are not sufficiently pushy in the workplace is not true, a new study suggests.

Women seek pay rises as much as men - with less success

Women are as likely as men to ask for a pay rise - but are less likely to get one, the research found. The study, by the Cass Business School and the universities of Warwick and Wisconsin, looked at 4,600 workers. 'It's pathetic': Parents outraged at the difference between... There is no hiding from the fact that the messages the media sends to young girls differs massively from those sent to young boys. And these two magazine covers are proving just that.

The September issue of Girls’ Life has resulted in some serious backlash after its cover was compared to that of Boys’ Life. With articles like ‘Fashion you’ll love’, ‘Wake up pretty’, and ‘Bye drama – The friendship rules #squads swear by’, the magazine is now being bombarded with messages from concerned parents.

While the girls mag boasts articles on personal appearance and summer crushes, Boys’ Life’s front cover is all about ‘Exploring your Future’ with content aimed at building a career and finding your passion. The magazine isn’t escaping the backlash however, as many question why they only target boys when discussing this area. Royal Brunei Airlines' first all-female pilot crew lands plane in Saudi Arabia - where women are not allowed to drive. The first ever all-female flight deck crew for Royal Brunei Airlines has operated a plane from Brunei to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

Although it was a milestone for the airline, the pilot crew touched down in a country where women are still not allowed to drive a car. To mark Brunei’s National Day, which celebrates the country’s independence, Captain Sharifah Czarena Surainy Syed Hashim, Senior First Officer Dk Nadiah Pg Khashiem and Senior First Officer Sariana Nordin flew flight BI081, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, to the Middle Eastern country on 23 February.

The occasion came just over three years after Captain Czarena became the first female captain of a flag carrier in Southeast Asia. Better job protection needed for working mums, say MPs. Image copyright Thinkstock "Urgent action" is needed to give new and expectant mothers more protection at work after a "shocking" increase in discrimination, MPs have said. The Women and Equalities Committee is calling for a German style system, where it is harder to make women redundant during and after pregnancy. The number of expectant and new mothers forced to leave their jobs has almost doubled to 54,000 since 2005, it said. The government said it would consider the recommendations carefully.

Four ways the gender pay gap isn't all it seems. Image copyright PA The Institute for Fiscal Studies has published a study that says, on average, men still get paid more than women. Why pay rates for mothers lag behind earnings of men. Image copyright PA New research helps to explain why the hourly pay rates of women, who return to work part-time after having a baby, lag behind men. The study by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) suggests the main reason is a lack of subsequent promotions. Another reason is that women accrue less experience at work than men, which also holds back their earning power. The IFS says the wage gap between men and women becomes steadily wider in the years after babies are born. Robert Joyce, one of the IFS report's authors, said women didn't see an immediate cut in their hourly wages when they reduce their hours.

"Rather, women who work half-time lose out on subsequent wage progression, meaning that the hourly wages of men (and of women in full-time work) pull further and further ahead. Why do more women then men go to university? Image copyright PA. Andy Murray Was Lauded for Having Achieved a "First" the Williams Sisters Already Claimed. Half of women 'sexually harassed at work' - TUC survey. Image copyright Getty Images. FGM is child abuse, says UN Population Fund chief. UK a long way from transgender equality, MPs say. Image copyright Robert Steele. Boys 'twice as likely to fall behind girls' in early years.

Image copyright PA. Women to serve in close combat roles in the British military. Image copyright MOD A ban on women serving in close combat units in the British military has been lifted by Prime Minister David Cameron. Gambia and Tanzania outlaw child marriage. The Gambia and Tanzania have banned child marriage, with tough penalties for those who breach the rulings. The British women who couldn't hire a sofa without their husbands' signature. When the first British credit card launched 50 years ago it was mostly used by menIn the 1960s and 1970s, women were viewed as a riskier investment by banks and storesWomen had to get their father or husband to sign for most loans even if they earned more than them. The fight to celebrate great women on Britain's streets. Statues across the UK are predominantly of men, but campaigns to memorialise important women are increasingly meeting a receptive audience, writes Mark A Silberstein. Julianne Moore movie sees women 'call the shots'