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Hi all, The Groovy team is very pleased to announce the first beta of the Groovy 2.3 release! Groovy 2.3.0-beta-1 is actually already a feature-complete beta, so the release cycle towards the final version will be very short. Furthermore, Grails 2.4 is looking forward to integrating it rapidly as well for its upcoming major release too! So you can expect a general availability version of Groovy in the coming weeks, as we’ll move directly in “release candidate” mode after this beta. But your feedback, as usual, will be very important for trying out this beta in your respective projects, to tell us about any problem you might encounter.

jBPM jBPM is a flexible Business Process Management (BPM) Suite. It makes the bridge between business analysts and developers. Traditional BPM engines have a focus that is limited to non-technical people only. jBPM has a dual focus: it offers process management features in a way that both business users and developers like it. HTML5 For Web Designers, Chapter 2 Home The French revolution was an era of extreme political and social change. Revolutionary fervor was applied to time itself. For a brief period, the French Republic introduced a decimal time system, with each day divided into ten hours and each hour divided into one hundred minutes. It was thoroughly logical and clearly superior to the sexagesimal system. Decimal time was a failure. Established December 5, 2004, The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) is a resource for all things Apple and beyond. TUAW publishes news stories, credible rumors and how-to's covering a variety of topics daily. As a trusted tech blog, TUAW provides opinion and analysis on the news in addition to the facts. TUAW is a trusted source for news, information and analysis about Apple and its products. Our readership is made up of new users, intermediate and business users and advanced users. In addition, we cover topics relevant to niches like developers, designers and others. SourceMonitor V3.2 The freeware program SourceMonitor lets you see inside your software source code to find out how much code you have and to identify the relative complexity of your modules. For example, you can use SourceMonitor to identify the code that is most likely to contain defects and thus warrants formal review. SourceMonitor, written in C++, runs through your code at high speed, typically at least 10,000 lines of code per second. SourceMonitor provides the following:

Cinderella News · Blog · Gallery · Download · Flyer (3.3 MB, PDF) · Indra's Pearls · MatheVital If you love somebody… on: Tue 17 of Sep, 2013 [18:51 UTC] Experience Geometry on your desktop and on the web Easily create startling geometric constructions! Cube Time Series Data Collection & Analysis Cube is a system for collecting timestamped events and deriving metrics. By collecting events rather than metrics, Cube lets you compute aggregate statistics post hoc. It also enables richer analysis, such as quantiles and histograms of arbitrary event sets.

List of top open source BPM / workflow solution » Software for Enterprise Every organization has their very own distinct business processes which differentiates them from their competitors. Some companies have predefined processes while some have processes which are defined by the employees themselves. Imagine what would happen if each customer support representative have their own way of managing a customer. Without a proper process in place, calls from customers can go unanswered and can be transferred endlessly. Lately, with the help of advance web based solutions, business processes and workflows can be managed through business process management (BPM) solutions.

Rending your XML as HTML with XSLT in Rails I had a need to convert XML services that my rails app was providing into customizable html widgets tht could then be in-jested by some sort of server side includes(like NGINX's SSI). So I needed to use XSLT. When the W3C wrote the XML specification they also developed the Extensible Stylesheet Language for Transformations. XSLT provides a powerful, flexible language for transforming XML documents into something else. In this case, we're going to use it to create HTML documents.

Exploring the differences between Adaptive Case Management (ACM) and Business Process Management (BPM) 0inShare By brian | April 28, 2011 | ACM, BPM, Collaboration, crm, DMS, ECM This past Thursday I attended a session at the the Gartner BPM Summit in Baltimore entitled “The Great Case Management Debate.” The session was moderated by Gartner Research VP Toby Bell with participation by two other Gartner VPs: Janelle Hill and Kimberly Harris-Ferrante. Later that same day, I was in a workshop moderated by Nathaniel Palmer, WFMC Executive Director, on the same topic. I always knew that Case Management wasn’t very well understood in the BPM community.

Rails on XML, Part 1: Background [Part of the Rails on XML series.] I'm sure the first question in many readers' minds is "Why bother?". The intersection between the XML community and the Ruby community is very small. BizAgi Receives Gold Award for Best BPM Project in Europe London, UK (PRWEB) December 4, 2010 Future Strategies Inc. announced the winners of the 2010 Global Awards for Excellence in Business Process Management (BPM) and Workflow. Co-sponsored by WfMC and and now in their 17th year, these prestigious awards recognize user organizations that have demonstrably excelled in implementing innovative business process solutions to meet strategic business objectives. There are five geographical regions and each region receives Gold and Silver Awards. BizAgi and Instituto de Crédito Oficial (ICO) in Spain have been awarded with the 2010 Gold Award for Europe, competing against the most representative BPM solutions worldwide.

Canvas You are here: Home Dive Into HTML5 Diving In HTML 5 defines the <canvas> element as “a resolution-dependent bitmap canvas which can be used for rendering graphs, game graphics, or other visual images on the fly.” A canvas is a rectangle in your page where you can use JavaScript to draw anything you want. Enterprise CMS vs Business Process Management: Do You Need One Platform, or Both? Enterprise content management (ECM) and business process management (BPM), while separate technologies, often overlap. As a result, some organizations struggle with understanding whether they need an ECM solution, a BPM solution or both. This article takes a look at the options. ECM or BPM?

Basic animations - MDN Docs Since we're using JavaScript to control <canvas> elements, it's also very easy to make (interactive) animations. Doing more complex animations can take a little extra work; we hope to introduce a new article to help with that soon. Probably the biggest limitation is that once a shape gets drawn it stays that way. If we need to move it we have to redraw it and everything that was drawn before it.

There is support for GPars(Groovy Parallels) and actors tho have not read much into this. Been thinking of putting a POC together for current employer to replace JBPM by superunknown Apr 10

Very close to the java syntax but has all the power of a scripting lang. Some big pojects using it are: grails, gvm, vertx(I think) griffon(for swing dev). If I need to do scripting related work I use this as its very easy given java skills and libs. Prior to groovy 2.1.X there was performance pentality tho they have add @Compile IIRC. I know netflicks have some webapp of theirs based on grails running. by superunknown Apr 10