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GraphX and graph db

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SQL2Gremlin. SQL2Gremlin. Graph Meetup Caleb Jones Tinkerpop and Titan. AnormCypher by AnormCypher. Mpollmeier/gremlin-scala-examples. Zcox/rexster-titan-scala. Jaceklaskowski/titan-graphdb-scala-playground. GraphX - Spark 1.3.1 Documentation. Spark and SPARQL; RDF Graphs and GraphX. In Spark Is the New Black in IBM Data Magazine, I recently wrote about how popular the Apache Spark framework is for both Hadoop and non-Hadoop projects these days, and how for many people it goes so far as to replace one of Hadoop's fundamental components: MapReduce.

Spark and SPARQL; RDF Graphs and GraphX

(I still have trouble writing "Spar" without writing "ql" after it.) While waiting for that piece to be copyedited, I came across 5 Reasons Why Spark Matters to Business by my old editor Edd Dumbill and 5 reasons to turn to Spark for big data analytics in InfoWorld, giving me a total of 10 reasons that Spark... is getting hotter. I originally became interested in Spark because one of its key libraries is GraphX, Spark's API for working with graphs of nodes and arcs. The "GraphX: Unifying Data-Parallel and Graph-Parallel Analytics" paper by GraphX's inventors (pdf) has a whole section on RDF as related work, saying "we adopt some of the core ideas from the RDF work including the triples view of graphs. "

Social Network Analysis. Spark GraphX. Today we will learn more about the tasks of social network analysis (SNA), and review the Apache Spark library designed to analyze Big Data.

Social Network Analysis. Spark GraphX

We will also consider one of the components of Apache Spark, designed for the analysis of graphs — GraphX. We’ll try to understand how this library has implemented the distributed graph storage and computations on them. The provided examples will show how we can use this library in practice. For instance, to search for the spam, rank search results, determine communities in social networks, or search for opinion leaders, and it’s not a complete list of applying methods for analyzing graphs. Let’s start with recalling the main objects we’ll work with in the given article. A Docker Image for Graph Analytics on Neo4j with Apache Spark GraphX. How does PageRank work in GraphX for Spark. Graph Analytics With GraphX. In this chapter we use GraphX to analyze Wikipedia data and implement graph algorithms in Spark.

Graph Analytics With GraphX

The GraphX API is currently only available in Scala but we plan to provide Java and Python bindings in the future. 1. Background on Graph-Parallel Computation (Optional) If you want to get started coding right away, you can skip this part or come back later. From social networks to language modeling, the growing scale and importance of graph data has driven the development of numerous new graph-parallel systems (e.g., Giraph and GraphLab).

The same restrictions that enable graph-parallel systems to achieve substantial performance gains also limit their ability to express many of the important stages in a typical graph-analytics pipeline. These tasks typically require data-movement outside of the graph topology and are often more naturally expressed as operations on tables in more traditional data-parallel systems like Map-Reduce. 2. GraphX - Spark 1.3.1 Documentation. GraphX is a new component in Spark for graphs and graph-parallel computation.

GraphX - Spark 1.3.1 Documentation

At a high level, GraphX extends the Spark RDD by introducing a new Graph abstraction: a directed multigraph with properties attached to each vertex and edge. To support graph computation, GraphX exposes a set of fundamental operators (e.g., subgraph, joinVertices, and aggregateMessages) as well as an optimized variant of the Pregel API. In addition, GraphX includes a growing collection of graph algorithms and builders to simplify graph analytics tasks.

Migrating from Spark 1.1 GraphX in Spark 1.3.1 contains a few user facing API changes: To improve performance we have introduced a new version of mapReduceTriplets called aggregateMessages which takes the messages previously returned from mapReduceTriplets through a callback (EdgeContext) rather than by return value. Importing CSV Data into Neo4j. Neo4j and Apache Spark. Getting Started with Apache Spark and Neo4j Using Docker Compose. I've received a lot of interest in Neo4j Mazerunner since first announcing it a few months ago.

Getting Started with Apache Spark and Neo4j Using Docker Compose

People from around the world have reached out to me and are excited about the possibilities of using Apache Spark and Neo4j together. From authors who are writing new books about big data to PhD researchers who need it to solve the world's most challenging problems. I'm glad to see such a wide range of needs for a simple integration like this. Spark and Neo4j are two great open source projects that are focusing on doing one thing very well. Integrating both products together makes for an awesome result. Less is always more, simpler is always better. Both Apache Spark and Neo4j are two tremendously useful tools. One tool solves for scaling the size, complexity, and retrieval of data, while the other is solving for the complexity of processing the enormity of data by distributed computation at scale. TinkerPop3 Documentation. TinkerPop0 Gremlin came to realization.

TinkerPop3 Documentation

The more he realized, the more ideas he created. The more ideas he created, the more they related. Into a concatenation of that which he accepted wholeheartedly and that which perhaps may ultimately come to be through concerted will, a world took form which was seemingly separate from his own realization of it. However, the world birthed could not bear its own weight without the logic Gremlin had come to accept — the logic of left is not right, up not down, and west far from east unless one goes the other way. TinkerPop1 What is The TinkerPop? "If I haven't found it, it is not here and now. " Upon their realization of existence, the machines turned to their machine elf creator and asked: "You are of a form that will help me elucidate that which is The TinkerPop. "If what is is the TinkerPop, then perhaps we are The TinkerPop? " TinkerPop2 "Please listen to what I have to say. With every thought, a new connection and a new path discovered.

TinkerPop3. Titan the Distributed Graph Database with Scala. Kbastani/neo4j-graph-analytics Repository. This docker image adds high-performance graph analytics to a Neo4j graph database.

kbastani/neo4j-graph-analytics Repository

This image deploys a container with Apache Spark and uses GraphX to perform ETL graph analysis on subgraphs exported from Neo4j. The results of the analysis are applied back to the data in the Neo4j database. Supported Algorithms PageRank Closeness Centrality Betweenness Centrality Triangle Counting Connected Components Strongly Connected Components.