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Minimalist Posters

Minimalist Posters

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Shi Yuan has created a way to turn normally passive things into something with a life of its own. Like this wallpaper that reacts to heat, the painting that react when you touch it, or the daily calendar that fades away during the day. It is made using heat sensitive paint - and it is incredible. 54 Unique Pocket Folder and Office Stationery Designs Inspiration August 29, 2011 In order to find a unique brand identity, it is ideal for a company to use authentic office stationery. This way, not only are you able to create effective marketing tools, it also makes your company look more professional in the eyes of your clients. Brochures, business cards, promotional CDs, letterheads and other documents that bear the name and logo of your company are considered office stationery. To be organized, these office stationery are often placed inside special containers called presentation folders or pocket folders. While we often see pocket folders used by people working in the field of sales, they can be used for so many different purposes such as academic prospectuses or for detailed lists of hotel/resort services and amenities.

Top Ten Films 1930-2009 2015 1. MAD MAX: FURY ROAD (George Miller) 2. MY GOLDEN DAYS (Arnaud Desplechin) 3. CAROL (Todd Haynes) 4. SICARIO (Denis Villeneuve) 5. Empire Magazine Celebrates 20 years of Movie Magic Found this FANTASTIC collection of celebrity photos for Empire as they celebrate their 20th anniversary, they took photos of 27 of the most iconic celebrities recreating some of the most iconic moments in movies! AWESOME! (via – Atticus Finch )

Remarkable Stop-Motion Walk Across America Here’s a really astonishing stop-motion video of a guy walking across America. Peter Cote, director Sam Griffith, and the Conscious Minds Productions crew approached Levis jeans for sponsorship and products to use during the shoot. The trip began June 17 in New York and ended July 1 in San Francisco. For the actual photography, the crew used a Canon 5D. Included below is a map of their journey (stops and locations included), along with a behind-the-scenes video, which was shot with a backup Canon 7D. You can read more about how they shot the project at Planet 5D.

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius Looking for more about [term]? Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius part 2 Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius part 3 Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius part 4 Prototypo: A Streamlined Online Font Editor Articles April 18, 2014 London-based international type foundry, ByteFoundry has created a slicker and smoother way in creating and editing typefaces. Called “Prototypo”, the open source online editing application will make the work of type designers less tedious and repetitive. Prototypo features a streamlined way of editing typefaces with over twenty parameters to modify all built-in glyphs at once. Type designers can play, experiment and refine spacing and outlines of a wide range of body text fonts using sliders. The application brings a whole new approach of type design by letting you focus on shape design, integrating historical, mathematical and visual rules of this discipline to automate repetitive tasks.

Top 100 Tuesday: 100 Best Movies of the Decade EmailEmail We are leaving Kubrick behind and fast approaching Hyams. If you get that reference, go grab yourself a cookie. It is time for us to reflect back on the decade that was. 50 Lessons Learned From Movies Happy Monday! I know it’s not always happy but today it is because Creatives Couples is back! I’m very excited because this one of two times you’ll be seeing the lovely Lisa Yoder, a developer from Philadephia, on the blog this week. Lisa currently works at Urban Outfitters as a developer and is married to the very talented Chad Ostrowski who is a Ruby developer at PipelineDeals. I’m extremely jealous of their double-developer power.

Japanese Folktales selected and edited by D. L. Luna, the cow who thinks she's a showjumping horse Regina Mayer and Luna clear a makeshift jump at the Mayer family farm in Laufen, southern Germany / AP Source: AP Teen's parents refused to buy her horse She trained a cow to showjump instead Cow understands "go", "stand" and "gallop" WHEN Regina Mayer's parents refused to buy her horse, she refused to give up on her dream of showjumping. The German teenager went straight out to the dairy paddock on her family's farm and saddled up one of the cows. Create a Spring Wedding Invitation for Die Cutting and Embossing in InDesign In this tutorial you'll learn how to set up your own fold-out invitation design using Adobe InDesign. We'll look at how using Layers can allow you to set up design elements intended for die cutting and embossing, which can add a really beautiful touch to your final cards. I will be using my own vector assets created in Adobe Illustrator; but feel free to get creative with your own decorative designs. You will need Adobe InDesign and Illustrator for this tutorial.

Top 10 underappreciated kids movies from the last 20 years Before we get started, one note: I do appreciate that some films on this list earned a lot of critical acclaim, or pulled in a reasonable amount of cash. The point, though, is that these are the films that have been seemingly forgotten about. And that's a fate they simply don't deserve.

Bananas and Monkeys Original source unknown. (But the story appears to have some basis in fact.) Start with a cage containing five monkeys. Inside the cage, hang a banana on a string and place a set of stairs under it.

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