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Why You Should Learn To Code (And How To Actually Do It) - DIY Genius

Why You Should Learn To Code (And How To Actually Do It) - DIY Genius
In the Lost Interview with Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder said, “I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.” I like to think of coding as applied math and sciences because it teaches us an iterative approach to solving problems and testing out our ideas. While I don’t consider myself a coder, apart from HMTL/CSS I don’t code in my daily work, I did find that learning the basics of how to code on CodeAcademy has done wonders for improving my problem solving skills. Now that software is eating the world by automating all kinds of routine jobs, the basic knowledge of how lines of code create the digital worlds we explore every day is becoming a fundamental digital literacy. Watch the video below to discover why coding is the new “superpower” that isn’t being taught in in 90% of schools. Fortunately, it has never been easier to learn how to code. There many different options to learn to code online for free. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

4 Ways To Easily Embed Part Of A YouTube Video We have shared quite a few useful YouTube-related tips so far. Here are 10 YouTube URL tricks to play with as well as some YouTube annoyances and ways to get rid of them. You may also get inspired by this post listing 10 cool things to do with a YouTube video. This post shares another quick tip: embedding only part of a YouTube video. 10 Youtube URL Tricks You Should Know About 10 Youtube URL Tricks You Should Know About Read More While there’s really only one way to do that (the first one listed below), there are also a few well-used tools that can help you cut off a part of the video and embed it. 1. The most straightforward way to embed a video while skipping the first XX seconds of it is to use the &start= parameter which works both for the “old-style” (“classic”) and iFrame player: Old-style player: iFrame player: Likewise, there’s also the &end= parameter that makes the video stop playing at a specified time. 2. As a result, you get a new code to embed. 3. 4. To Sum Up

36 Incredibly Amazing And Completely Unexplainable Events From Recorded Human History Found on r/AskReddit. 1. Sea people The identity of the Sea Peoples. 2. How about the Great Leap Forward? 3. I wish we knew more about the rise and fall of the Incas. 4. Linguistically, the Great Vowel shift. 5. 2000-year-old computer Antikythera Mechanism. 6. The Voynich manuscript is a pretty interesting one. 7. I submit the 12,000 year old city of Gobekli Tepe – Who built it? 8. The WOW Signal. 9. I don’t know about most amazing, but the Money Pit on Oak Island is pretty amazing.There are some YouTube videos on it, basically a pit that is man made that can’t be dug out. 10. This ancient city (Mohenjo-daro) with a load of skeletons and glazed rock as if a nuke had gone off. 11. Easter Island Heads. 12. What’s the meaning of Stonehenge? 13. I’m surprised no one has said coral castle or at least I haven’t seen it. 14. The Nazca Lines are pretty interesting. 15. For me, I think it would be the ‘Dancing Plague of 1518’. 16. The Stone Spheres of Costa Rica 17. Benjamin Kyle. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22.

Best Free Ways to Learn Programming I can remember back when I was young how alien a couple of lines of code that were published in a kid's magazine looked to me. Some twenty years later (or should I better say a year ago), I decided that I should teach myself how to create some small and usable programs. Sad to say, I lost interest shortly after. Well, this year I tried again. Leaning to program: a better way There is another, better way to learn programming. First I suggest to you to start with programming languages which enable you to learn the basics about the language in a short amount of time. Second, when you will get more experience with simple languages you can at any time jump to more sophisticated programme languages if you want or need to. Easy to learn languages The first entries I want to mention are really simple. Manufactoria is a puzzle game about putting robots in their proper place. Bug Brain (biologic[DOT]com[DOT]au/bugbrain/) is a game where you build brains to run a bug. In A.

The 5 Craziest Ways Famous Actors Got into Character Some people might think that acting is the easiest job in the world: You get millions of dollars just to read lines that someone else wrote, and at the end of the day you get to relax in a swimming pool filled with cocaine. And that might be true, if you're a really shitty actor. But if you want to get good at it? Well, you have to be a little crazy. Actually, probably more than a little ... #5. For the casual moviegoer, Tom Cruise's versatility as an actor ranges from cocky, attractive action hero in Mission: Impossible to cocky, attractive action hero in Top Gun, while some also remember him in his standout role as a cocky, attractive action hero in Minority Report. When he was cast as Vincent in Collateral, the only real villain of his career to date, he was determined to get it right. And all of them were on Oprah's couch. The Preparation: Ha, no. To help prepare himself for that anonymous killer mindset, Cruise decided to pull an Assassin's Creed and learn how to blend in. #4. #3.

Kodu | Home Game programming for beginners In these series of tutorials I will explain new java concepts of an intermediate level (threads, AWT, Swing, etc.) and basic concepts for game programming (game loop, FPS, sprite, etc). My idea is that these tutorials are useful both for those who want to program games, as for those who, with a basic or intermediate level in java, want to learn and improve java programming concepts in an entertaining way. Games in Java Until very recently, professional games have been developed in C or C++. This has changed and now there are great games developed completely in java. The game industry for mobiles is growing and java is the language to program in Android. I hope, with this series of tutorials, I can motivate you to step into the world of java programming and in particular into game programming. The game: Mini Tennis In this series of tutorials we will developed from scratch a version of one of the most famous games. Index

Natural Docs SQL injection Computer hacking technique A classification of SQL injection attacking vector as of 2010. SQL injection attacks allow attackers to spoof identity, tamper with existing data, cause repudiation issues such as voiding transactions or changing balances, allow the complete disclosure of all data on the system, destroy the data or make it otherwise unavailable, and become administrators of the database server. In a 2012 study, it was observed that the average web application received four attack campaigns per month, and retailers received twice as many attacks as other industries.[2] History[edit] The first public discussions of SQL injection started appearing around 1998;[3] for example, a 1998 article in Phrack Magazine.[4] Form[edit] Classic SQLIBlind or Inference SQL injectionDatabase management system-specific SQLICompounded SQLI SQL injection + insufficient authentication[7]SQL injection + DDoS attacks[8]SQL injection + DNS hijacking[9]SQL injection + XSS[10] Technical implementations[edit]

30 game scripts you can write in PHP, Part 1: Creating 10 fundamental scripts Getting started As both a game master/storyteller and a developer, I frequently find myself writing little utilities and scripts to help me when running, planning, and playing games. Sometimes I need a quick idea. Other times, I just need a whole pile of names for Non-Player Characters (NPCs). Occasionally, I need to geek out on numbers, work out some odds, or integrate some word puzzles into a game. Many of these tasks become more manageable with a little bit of script work ahead of time. This article will explore 10 fundamental scripts that can be used in various types of games. We will blaze through these scripts pretty quickly. Back to top A basic die roller Many games and game systems need dice. In many cases, that would be more or less fine. Listing 1. function roll () { return mt_rand(1,6); } echo roll(); Then we can pass the type of die we want to roll as a parameter to the function. Listing 2. Random name generator Listing 3. Listing 4. Listing 5. Scenario generator Listing 6. Summary

The Master From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Master may refer to: Computing[edit] The Master Genealogist, genealogy software Fictional characters[edit] Film and television[edit] Literature[edit] Music[edit] People[edit] Aristotle, philosopherSocrates, philosopher`Abdu'l-Bahá (1844–1921), son of Bahá'u'lláh, so named by members of the Bahá'í FaithJack Hobbs (1882–1963), cricketerDally Messenger (1883–1959), rugby league footballerNoël Coward (1899–1973), English playwright, composer, director, actor and singerAlfred Hitchcock (1899–1980), film director and producerMen Nguyen (born 1954), professional poker playerSachin Tendulkar, (born 1973) cricketer, also known as The Little Master, The Master Blaster or The Great OneRoger Federer, (born 1981) tennis player, also known as The Federer Express, The Swiss Maestro or The King Sports events[edit] Masters Tournament, a major championship in golfAustralian Masters, an Australian golf tournament See also[edit]