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How to Activate Windows 7 Ultimate with OEM SLP Master Product Key ? BLACKHAT METHOD 1. Are you also a victim of a cracked Windows 7 Ultimate? No problems! Here is a biggest news for all kinds of such users. How to Create a Custom Windows Installation DVD or USB Install In the future, and for your friend's purposes, etc, it's better to just pay the $10-15 to get an actual disk shipped to you. But of course, hindsight is 20/20. The best and easiest thing for you to do in this circumstance is just borrow a disk from a friend. Vista and 7 aren't as finicky about which disk you use as OS X and XP are. How to set up SSH (for the beginner) How to set up SSH (for the beginner) Last modified $Date: 2013/01/30 05:18:43 $, $Revision: 1.19 $. Some folks have offered links to translations; these may be useful, but note that I have not verified them. This is a minimal set of instructions to get a beginner going with ssh2, in particular the client version of OpenSSH which comes on Linux distributions or on Windows via Cygwin. I've included a section to help you connect to machines which are not running OpenSSH but some commercial ssh.

How to Change Cache Size and Location in Firefox I wrote this because I dislike the default cache location in Firefox, and Firefox doesn't provide a simple menu-driven method to change it. I'm sure there must be other people out there who've wanted to change the cache location, but were puzzled by the lack of any option to do that in the Firefox menu. Applies To Any version of Firefox over and including Firefox 2.0 (also works with Firefox 3.5) on Windows XP.

10 handy Firefox about:config hacks If you really want to fine-tune your Firefox functionality, you have to roll up your sleeves and tinker with the about:config page. Jack Wallen shares some simple hacks to make Firefox work the way you want. Unless you're a Firefox power user, you may not be familiar with the about:config page. The Firefox about:config page is not so much a page as it is a somewhat hidden configuration section. It's hidden because it's fairly powerful and not nearly as simple to use as the standard Preferences window.

Improve Your Google Search Skills [Infographic] - How-To Geek - Pale Moon Don’t limit yourself to just plugging in simple search terms to Google; check out this infographic and learn a search string search or two. You don’t need to limit yourself to searching just for simple strings; Google supports all manner of handy search tricks. If you want to search just’s archive of XBMC articles, for example, you can plug in XBMC to search our site. Get More Out of Google [HackCollege via Mashable] Jason Fitzpatrick is a warranty-voiding DIYer who spends his days cracking opening cases and wrestling with code so you don't have to.

cd Change Directory - Pale Moon Change Directory - Select a Folder (and drive) Syntax CD [/D] [drive:][path] CD [..] Key /D : change the current DRIVE in addition to changing folder. CHDIR is a synonym for CD. Examples Change to the parent directory: C:\Work> CD .. Download - Pale Moon There are several ways to get WordPress. The easiest is through a hosting provider, but sometimes tech-savvy folks prefer to download and install it themselves. Either way, you can use your WordPress through a web browser and with our mobile apps. Inspiration strikes anywhere, anytime Mozilla Firefox How to install VNC on a remote machine. To do this, you need the following files. 1. omnithread_rt.dll 2. VNCHooks.dll 3. winvnc.exe 4. vnc.reg 5. reg.exe

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