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Fantastic Contraption: A fun online physics puzzle game

Fantastic Contraption: A fun online physics puzzle game

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The Lego DACTA computer interface 70909 (Findings by Anders Isaksson) I recently (May 2002) bought the Lego DACTA sets 9701 and 9702, with accompanying computer interface. Those sets are the precursor to the modern CyberMaster and Mindstorms sets, but still quite capable. 2048 Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile! New Game How to play: Use your arrow keys to move the tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one! Note: The game on this site is the original version of 2048.

Electrical Electronic And Programming News Latest Examples Tables are useful items to have and as we needed a new coffee table for the lounge it made sense to build my own Read More Customers 5 Technologies that Make Internal Combustion Engines Better 5 Fuel-Saving TechnologiesIn the long run, the internal combustion engine (ICE) is on the way out and electric motors are on the way in, but ICEs have been around for so loooong that we should be careful about announcing their demise. They're going to stick around a while longer, and so it's very important to make them as efficient and clean as possible. Diesel engines are certainly far from perfect, but they have inherently better thermal efficiency than gasoline engines, and they are usually more durable (if also more expensive and heavier). Another benefit is that they can run on biodiesel, which if you can find fuel made from waste cooking oil or (in the next few years) from algae can be very green. Direct InjectionBefore direct injection, the fuel was mixed with air in the car's intake manifold. Cylinder DeactivationThe name says it all.

12 weird and cool ways that virtual reality invaded Comic-Con VR at Comic-Con If you were at San Diego Comic-Con this year, one thing was guaranteed: you would have come across some sort of augmented (AR) or virtual reality (VR) experience. Sometimes, both at once! For instance, there were a bunch of panels featuring VR and AR talks. Scratch Offline Editor You can install the Scratch 2.0 editor to work on projects without an internet connection. This version will work on Mac, Windows, and some versions of Linux (32 bit). Note for Mac Users: the latest version of Scratch 2.0 Offline requires Adobe Air 20. To upgrade to Adobe Air 20 manually, go here. Scratch Offline Editor Next download and install the Scratch 2.0 Offline Editor Allcancode The next chapters of the story are coming soon! Jungle Sequence of commands, iterations, conditions Ancient Temple Variables, memory, simple data-structures

Solenoid Valve Threads and Specifications NPT, BSP, GHT Thread Specifications Tables Before we start discussing the most common solenoid valve threads, here is a link to the NPT, BSP, GHT specification tables below. And here is a link to the pipe thread acronyms. Solenoid Valve Port Options Solenoid valves can come with either inside or outside threaded ports. In addition to threaded ports, valves are also available with barbed ports (usually only in sizes less than 5/8" ID (inside diameter) hose and plastic valve bodies).

LEGO® WeDo™ Construction Set "Motor" redirects here. For the block category with that name, see Motor Blocks. A LEGO WeDo robot being used with Scratch. The LEGO® WeDo™ Construction Kit is a simple robotics tool designed for ages 7–11. It allows users to design their own interactive machines, and then program them using drag-and-drop software like Scratch. In Scratch 2.0, you can add a LEGO WeDo extension within the "More Blocks" category.

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