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Buy and sell LEGO Parts, Sets and Minifigures

Buy and sell LEGO Parts, Sets and Minifigures
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LEGO MOC-0853 Ultimate 42009 (Technic 2013) | Rebrickable - Build with LEGO This custom MOC set was created by Jurgen Krooshoop. See other MOCs by this designer. Fully remote-controlled motorized modification for the 42009 Mobile Crane Mk II set. All the essential functions of the crane were motorized, which are:* Driving (1x XL-motor)* Steering (1x M-motor)* Outriggers (1x M-motor)* Outrigger-legs (1x M-motor)* Lifting/lowering boom (1x L-motor)* Extending/retracting boom (1x L-motor)* Lifting/lowering hook (1x M-motor)* Upperstructure 360+ degree rotation (1x M-motor) Funtions that were improved:* Boom extends further. Max boom-length 96 studs* Boom retractrs further* Better steering-lock* Solid metal hook* Increased lifting power* Faster outriggers* More efficient drivetrains

Ultimate 42009 Just as I did with the 8043 Motorized Excavator, I made a fully remote controlled and improved version of the 42009 Mobile Crane Mk II set. All the essential functions of the crane were motorized, which are: Driving (1x XL-motor)Steering (1x M-motor)Outriggers (1x M-motor)Outrigger-legs (1x M-motor)Lifting/lowering boom (1x L-motor)Extending/retracting boom (1x L-motor)Lifting/lowering hook (1x M-motor)Upperstructure 360+ degree rotation (1x M-motor) Funtions that were improved: Boom extends further. Max boom-length 96 studsBoom retractrs furtherBetter steering-lockSolid metal hookIncreased lifting powerFaster outriggersMore efficient drivetrains Building instructions Full building instructions are available as free download. Enjoy the video and pictures: © 2013 Jurgens technic corner.

Jurgens Technic Corner - Home Review - 21116 Minecraft Crafting Box As you might have heard, TLG will soon unleash six new Minecraft sets in minifig-scale, which are a followup to the micro world Minecraft sets released two years ago. We will take a closer look at several of these new sets in the upcoming days (weeks?). First up today is the 21116 set titled 'Crafting Box'. This set clocks in at 518 parts and comes with three minifigures: our hero Minecraft Steve, an emaciated looking skeleton, and a weird 'cow' named Nathan (or so I was told). It is a pure coincidence that the webmaster of this site is named Nathan as well. The set features mainly square bricks but also some new molds, as we will show shortly. A small warning beforehand: I'm not terribly familiar with Minecraft, though I may have dabbled in it once or twice on a cold, dark, dreary, December night. The Box We start off by taking a look at the box. Interestingly, TLG have opted to show an overview of all the parts on the back of the box, which is shown to the right. Box Contents Poster

Review - 21117 Minecraft The Ender Dragon The Ender Dragon is a scene from some game called Minecraft. I guess if you're reading this you most likely already know that and probably know way more about the game than me. But essentially it is a game about using different types of bricks to create stuff. Remind you of something? Minecraft I wasn't familiar with Minecraft before reviewing this set, so had to do some research before starting. My research basically consisted of my 7 year old son telling me for many hours what it's all about :) This LEGO set is situated in The End which is a world you can only get to via a special portal. The Ender Dragon is the final boss who must be killed to find the exit portal. To get to The End... well I'll let my son write this bit: First kill the Endermen that spawn in your world, throw the Ender Pearl they drop when they are killed, which will make a particle beam. Make sense? Box Contents Minifigs The single minifig in this set is Steve. New Parts Build The final Dragon does look pretty cool.

bricks'n'gears Brickmania Custom Building Kits ICHIBAN Toys - Custom LEGO Element Kits, LEGO Parts, LEGO Sets, Meccano Pieces and More LEGO compatible linear actuators, by Firgelli While browsing stuff for a LEGO integration project, I came across these compatible Linear Actuators from Firgelli (a Canadian company), what they call "LEGO Actuators"... They look quite interesting, specially because they are self contained units which include their own electric motor embedded. The motors must be really small, as per the actuators pictures we see on the respective Firgelli webpage. Despite never having seen them available for ordering, since the day I've noticed them, they are actually advertised in two sized versions (50 and 100mm stroke lengths), as pictured below. The use cases, are: For use with the NXT Brick you will need a standard NXT connection cable to connect it in place of one of the MINDSTORMS Servos, and you will need to download the respective NXT-G block from Firgelli. For manual use with LPF components, you will require an NXT-PF cable available also from Firgelli. Advanced prices at their website, are however quite expressive.

LEGO Technic Compatible Helical Gears are now available! GD Star Ratingloading... The teeth on helical gears are cut at an angle to the face of the gear. When two teeth on a helical gear system engage, the contact starts at one end of the tooth and gradually spreads as the gears rotate, until the two teeth are in full engagement. This gradual engagement makes helical gears operate much more smoothly and quietly than spur gears. For this reason, helical gears are used in almost all car transmissions. One interesting thing about helical gears is that if the angles of the gear teeth are correct, they can be mounted on perpendicular shafts, adjusting the rotation angle by 90 degrees. Shadocko has designed this set of 12 LEGO Technic-compatible Helical Gears comprising: 4 left-handed 8-teeth helical gears (median diameter of 1 LEGO brick)4 right-handed 8-teeth helical gears (median diameter of 1 LEGO brick)2 left-handed 16-teeth helical gears (median diameter of 2 LEGO bricks)2 right-handed 16-teeth helical gears (median diameter of 2 LEGO bricks)

LEGO TECHNIC Поговорим о крутящем моменте — скрытой силе зубчатых колёс Поговорим о крутящем моменте — скрытой силе зубчатых колёс Задумайтесь о том, что конструктор LEGO® TECHNIC не был бы очень техническим или очень увлекательным для сборки без скромного зубчатого колеса — гениального изобретения, которое впервые применили более 2300 лет назад. Зубчатые колёса и шестерни в разнообразных современных вариантах не только составляют большую часть наборов LEGO® TECHNIC, но и играют главную роль практически во всех механических устройствах, с которыми вы имеете дело. Каждый раз, используя какой-либо элемент с вращающимися частями, вы почти наверняка будете использовать зубчатые колёса, даже если — как в моделях LEGO® TECHNIC — это не всегда совершенно очевидно! Так какую же роль выполняют зубчатые колёса во всём — от механических инструментов до крутых функций Power Functions и от часов до самоходных кранов?!? Почему нам нужны зубчатые колёса? Кроме понижения (или повышения) скорости вращения, зубчатые колёса, как правило, используются для выполнения таких задач: