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Project Andiamo | SCAN.PRINT.CHANGE LIVES LEGO® Technic 42077 Rally Car 4WD RC mod | RacingBrick 4 Wheel drive remote control modification building instructions for the LEGO® Technic 42077 Rally Car set. The upgrade includes: 4 wheel drive with 4 L motorsSteering with Servo motor4 Power Functions lightsWorking steering wheelWorking cooling fan placed above the engineWorking V6 enginePowered by 2 BuWizz units – can be purchased here You will need the original instructions as well to complete this build.Part list can be found at the end of the pdf file and also on Rebrickable. To see the layout and quality of the pdf you’ll receive you can check the free 42077 2WD RC mod instructions here. This purchase is for the digital download of the building instructions only.

The $30M Bet That Shapeways Becomes a Factory for Everyone | Wired Business Industrial 3-D printers cranking away at the Shapeways factory in New York’s Long Island City. Photo: Shapeways Venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz plays the investing game different from much of its VC cohort. Rather than scattering its money around a relatively large number of startups, the Silicon Valley firm places big bets on a handful of companies and industries. Today, Andreessen Horowitz is placing a very big bet, $30 million, on Shapeways and 3-D printing. Shapeways is doing for manufacturing, what the internet did for self-publishing, making it accessible to everyone, says Chris Dixon, the Andreessen Horowitz general partner who led the firm’s investment in the New York City-based company. For a fee, Shapeways offers anyone access to very expensive industrial-grade 3-D printers that can crank out objects ranging from jewelry to figurines and other original inventions in stainless steel, ceramic and plastic among other materials.

Emax MT2208 II 1500KV/2000KV Brushless Motor für RC Multicopter clip prevents bearing from loosening Longer duration of flight, low CG design, lightweight design Cooling Series, newly designed high-end brushless motor for Air suction system design, rapid cooling, higher efficiency and longer life High precision CNC machining exquisite design, stern quality control revealing the user's taste and position The rotation direction of motor was marked on the front bell, making rotation direction for CW and CCW motors Description: Brane: Emax Item Name: Emax MT2208II Cooling Series Motor Item NO.: MT2208 II Framework: 12N14P KV: 1500KV/2000KV NO. of Cells: 3-4s/2-3s Max Thrust: 700g/690g Length:33.2MM Shaft: 3MM Propeller: 6"-8"/5"-6" Diameter: 27.9MM:36g Includes: 1 * Emax MT2208II Motor 1 * Motor accessory

Make Your 3D Designs Come To Life | Cheap 3D Printing From Presspin Platonic solids The Platonic solids (here by OptimalControl) are defined as polyhedra (three dimensional solids) comprised of regular polygonal faces, arranged such that the same number come together at every vertex. The tetrahedron, octahedron, and icosahedron, each comprised of equilateral triangles, the cube made up of squares, and the dodecahedron made of regular pentagons, are the only polyhedra that match this description. These were described by Plato in the Timaeus dialogue, hence the name. He associated the first four with the elements fire, air, water, and earth, respectively, and the dodecahedron with the heavens. From the Timaeus: The first will be the simplest and smallest construction, and its element is that triangle which has its hypotenuse twice the lesser side.

Connecting consumers with local 3D printers Gain instant and exclusive access to over 5,000 of the most creative ideas, innovations and startups on our database and use our smart filters to take you direct to those that are most relevant to your industry and your needs. Not interested? You can still browse articles published in the last 30 days from our homepage and receive your daily and weekly fix of entrepreneurial ideas through our free newsletters. LDD Models Tip: Lego Digital Designer is FREE.Download from All of these models are shown in Lego Digital Designer files which is a free 3D CAD program from LEGO. The models shown here fall into several categories: Training Bots, Accessories, and miscellaneous parts. Instructions: At the bottom of each image is a link to download that LDD file. Depending on the capabilities of your web browser, you may need to left-click or right-click on that link to access the menu to open or save the file. Did you create your own robot design and want to add it here? Training Robot 1: Low Nxt Mount 1 (2-wheel drive) This robot was used for training on how to navigate a robot. Training Robot 2: Low Nxt Mount 2 (2-wheel drive) Training Robot 3: Low Nxt Mount 3 (2-wheel drive) Training Robot 4: High Nxt Mount 1 This robot uses the new LEGO steel bearing ball socket introduced with the EV3 robot. This model was contributed by an anonymous user--Thanks so much! Training Robot 5: Angled Nxt Mount 1 (4-wheel drive)

Building Internet of Things | with open hardware 19930 Porsche 930 No. Model: 19930Pics: 1065Relased: 03/2019Type: R(-), Model Team The Porsche 930, better known as the Porsche 911 Turbo, is a sports car that was produced from 1974 to 1989 based on the Porsche 911. At its introduction, the vehicle was the fastest mass-produced sports car in Germany. The 930 was the first production sports car in which Porsche built a turbocharger. As in reality, my Porsche 930 built from LEGO® was the base for building the sports version 934/5. 3D Relief from BumpyPhoto Those of you that thought the 3D printed sculptures of unborn children were a bit strange (creepy) will probably get a kick out of this: 3D reliefs from 2D pictures. A company called BumpyPhoto will take your uploaded photo and make a 3D relief of it so that the subject matter of the photo stands out. With headquarters in Portland, Oregon and London, UK, theses picture poppers are making an international impression. The reliefs are printed in a plaster-like hard resin in 24-bit color and their detail is not bad. It’s not great; not as good as the picture you upload, but not bad. The bigger the relief, the more accurate it looks. Honestly, the first thing I thought of when I saw this video was Mission Impossible style disguises; take a picture of the person you want to impersonate, upload to BumpyPhoto, wait four weeks for analyzing, processing, and shipping, and papow you’ve got the creepiest Halloween costume of everyone that knows your best friend Dave. h/t: WebProNews Related

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