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Related:  Lego Project Andiamo | SCAN.PRINT.CHANGE LIVES BasicTutorial – LeoCAD This tutorial is designed to show you the basics of LeoCAD. You will learn how to browse the pieces list, add pieces to a model, move and rotate pieces, create a model with multiple steps and change the camera position. Through these exercises, you will create a race car and driver. Keep in mind that the user interface is different between Operating Systems, so if you're not running the MS Windows version of LeoCAD your screen may differ slightly from what's shown here. Step 1: First, start the LeoCAD application. LeoCAD presents a standard graphical user interface: a titlebar, menus, and toolbars at the top; a status bar along the bottom; and a workspace with tool-windows in the center. Step 2: Start the model by adding a blue 1x4 plate. First, expand the Plate category in the pieces list (by default, this is displayed along the right edge of the workspace) by clicking on the [+] icon next to Plate. Now add the brick to the drawing area: Click the Insert tool. to indicate Insert Mode. .

LEGO® Technic 42077 Rally Car 4WD RC mod | RacingBrick 4 Wheel drive remote control modification building instructions for the LEGO® Technic 42077 Rally Car set. The upgrade includes: 4 wheel drive with 4 L motorsSteering with Servo motor4 Power Functions lightsWorking steering wheelWorking cooling fan placed above the engineWorking V6 enginePowered by 2 BuWizz units – can be purchased here You will need the original instructions as well to complete this build.Part list can be found at the end of the pdf file and also on Rebrickable. To see the layout and quality of the pdf you’ll receive you can check the free 42077 2WD RC mod instructions here. This purchase is for the digital download of the building instructions only.

YoungBotBuilders: FLL Teambuilding Activities One of the major components in FIRST LEGO League is teamwork. How does the work get divided? How well do teammates work together to solve a problem? What happens when there's a disagreement? Here's a list of a few team building ideas we used last year as well as some new ones I'll be using this year... 1. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. If you haven't figured it out yet, the judges are paying special attention to the process. Extrapolate to all other things needing done and having the kids figure out how to do it. The point is that these team building sessions can be used for the benefit of others as well. 15. 16. 17. Materials (per team): 1) 1 paper lunch bag (yes, you can also use the bag in your build) 2) 1 golf ball 3) 4 pieces of 4" string 4) 4 drinking straws 5) pair of wooden chopsticks 6) 4 small paper clips 7) 4 rubber bands 8) 5 Post-It notes (3" x 3") 9) 3 pipe cleaners 10) 1 pencil 11) 1 foot piece of masking tape

機器人教學 Robot Tutorials @ Just Robot :: 痞客邦 PIXNET :: 2014 Just Robot 攻略即將公開 準備國際機器人比賽 Posted by justrobot at 痞客邦 PIXNET 留言(0) 引用(0) 人氣(152) 3D虛擬實境日新月異 不再受到場地的限制,直接在PC上調整修改程式參數 Posted by justrobot at 痞客邦 PIXNET 留言(0) 引用(0) 人氣(149) 這不是WRO2014的新規則 這或許只是討論過程中的一個草案 Posted by justrobot at 痞客邦 PIXNET 留言(0) 引用(0) 人氣(368) 是的你沒看錯~這台就是研習時的那一台 雖然沒有Just Robot夏令營的那一台猛 Posted by justrobot at 痞客邦 PIXNET 留言(0) 引用(0) 人氣(376) 高爾夫球機大公開 印尼蠟染國小組攻略本第一集 Posted by justrobot at 痞客邦 PIXNET 留言(0) 引用(0) 人氣(258) 4/22在基輔舉辦的國際機器人奧林匹克競賽教師與學生培訓營 來自 6 個國家的 12 支隊伍,有波羅的海、保加利亞、立陶宛、 愛沙尼亞和索菲亞 Posted by justrobot at 痞客邦 PIXNET 留言(0) 引用(0) 人氣(106) 這是泰國學生實作機器人的情景 台灣的優勢? Posted by justrobot at 痞客邦 PIXNET 留言(0) 引用(0) 人氣(113) 感謝支持Just Robot部落格的朋友 Just Robot機器人夏令營6/19報名截止 Posted by justrobot at 痞客邦 PIXNET 留言(0) 引用(0) 人氣(80) 這是距離2013機器人世界級競爭的倒數 Posted by justrobot at 痞客邦 PIXNET 留言(0) 引用(0) 人氣(105) 機器人科技與競賽對於學生助益頗大 但學習機器人若沒有正確方法 Posted by justrobot at 痞客邦 PIXNET 留言(0) 引用(0) 人氣(139) WRO 2013 恆毅中學國中組研習 主辦:新北市恆毅中學 Posted by justrobot at 痞客邦 PIXNET 留言(0) 引用(0) 人氣(160) 研習由恆毅中學主辦、台灣玉山機器人協會協辦 Just Robot團隊擔任講師

The $30M Bet That Shapeways Becomes a Factory for Everyone | Wired Business Industrial 3-D printers cranking away at the Shapeways factory in New York’s Long Island City. Photo: Shapeways Venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz plays the investing game different from much of its VC cohort. Rather than scattering its money around a relatively large number of startups, the Silicon Valley firm places big bets on a handful of companies and industries. Today, Andreessen Horowitz is placing a very big bet, $30 million, on Shapeways and 3-D printing. Shapeways is doing for manufacturing, what the internet did for self-publishing, making it accessible to everyone, says Chris Dixon, the Andreessen Horowitz general partner who led the firm’s investment in the New York City-based company. For a fee, Shapeways offers anyone access to very expensive industrial-grade 3-D printers that can crank out objects ranging from jewelry to figurines and other original inventions in stainless steel, ceramic and plastic among other materials.

LEGO® Mini Storage Boxes Emax MT2208 II 1500KV/2000KV Brushless Motor für RC Multicopter clip prevents bearing from loosening Longer duration of flight, low CG design, lightweight design Cooling Series, newly designed high-end brushless motor for Air suction system design, rapid cooling, higher efficiency and longer life High precision CNC machining exquisite design, stern quality control revealing the user's taste and position The rotation direction of motor was marked on the front bell, making rotation direction for CW and CCW motors Description: Brane: Emax Item Name: Emax MT2208II Cooling Series Motor Item NO.: MT2208 II Framework: 12N14P KV: 1500KV/2000KV NO. of Cells: 3-4s/2-3s Max Thrust: 700g/690g Length:33.2MM Shaft: 3MM Propeller: 6"-8"/5"-6" Diameter: 27.9MM:36g Includes: 1 * Emax MT2208II Motor 1 * Motor accessory

WeDo sensors – LEGO Engineering Both versions of the WeDo kit (2.0 and 1.0) come with two sensors. These sensors give students the opportunity to experience how robots sense the world around them. Motion sensor The WeDo 2.0 motion sensor (part 45304) can detect objects up to about 15 cm away, depending on the shape of the object and its reflective properties. When an object moves, it changes its distance relative to another object (such as the sensor). Consequently, the sensor can detect motion as well as measure distance. The previous motion sensor (part 9583) might still be found in schools using the older WeDo 1.0 kit. Technical details: The motion sensor is an active infrared (IR) sensor. Tilt sensor The WeDo 2.0 tilt sensor (part 45305) can detect seven positions (or orientations): tilt this way, tilt that way, tilt up, tilt down, no tilt, any tilt, and shake. The original WeDo tilt sensor (part 9584) detects changes in position listed above except for shake. Connecting the sensors WeDo sensors and Scratch

ROBOTIKI LEGO NXT Algunos de los nuestros ejemplos de montaje y programacion los puedes visualizar en esta seccion. FOMENTO Y DESARROLO DEL EXITO El modelo NXT, pertite a los niños a desarollar el exito, a medida que los retos roboticos los ban superando, permitiendo superar sus metas y que se transformen en un abito. Una forma de poder llegar a este objetivo, seria que los padres en la medida de sus posibilidades participaran en estos retos, realizando la funcion de entrenadores, intentando acumular el maximo de informacion para poder orientarles en sus pequeños retos y no encontrarse con muros innexpugnables que frenasen el objetivo del exito, siendo una participacion orientativa y no participativa, forzando a nuestros hijos a implicarse en los retos. "Dime, yo lo olvidaré. Muestrame, puede que lo recuerde. AZUL o ROJO Esta programación no es como las anteriores programas cíclicos, sino que es un programa de ejecución con final, al terminar la secuencia.

Make Your 3D Designs Come To Life | Cheap 3D Printing From Presspin LEGO® Mini Storage Boxes