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Lego Serious Play in Design Thinking – Serious Play Pro. Do It Yourself Lego Bricks Set for Serious Play Workshop – Serious Play Pro. While some Lego Serious Play kits are out of stock, let me give you my approach that I used a few months ago (DIY, do-it-yourself approach).

Do It Yourself Lego Bricks Set for Serious Play Workshop – Serious Play Pro

I visited our local LEGO reseller and created the kits with their help. To help you I have added here below a step-by-step guide on how you could do the same with links to website, where today all the items seem to be in stock. If you have any questions about the set then I would be more than happy to comment. Furthermore I know that many of us have used customised sets. If you have some good experience with some of the sets then you are more than welcome to share your examples, too. RMIT Upperpool – Health Care Co-Design. Working together to design better patient experiences Led by Dr Juan Sanin, partnered with staff from Austin Health and Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre.

RMIT Upperpool – Health Care Co-Design

‘Healthcare Co-Design’ is an inclusive approach to the design of healthcare experiences based on the collaboration of healthcare practitioners, patients and designers. This approach aims to create new and improve existent products and services by introducing a patient-centred perspective into the health care system. Strategic Play Book Now Out – Serious Play Pro. SeriousWork: How to Facilitate LEGO® Serious Play® Meetings and Workshops. Lego Serious Play at Classrooms – Lego Education Video.

Workshops using Lego Serious Play offered at Rice. Glasscock School Of Continuing Studies. Playing is Serious Business.

Glasscock School Of Continuing Studies

Rice University is now offering Blockbusters corporate workshop. Using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® materials and methodology to structure discussions with the assistance of building blocks, this workshop can be applied to any industry and is a popular choice for team building, strategy development and problem-solving sessions. Download Worksheet Why this process works: • Hand-mind connection – using both hands engages both sides of the brain • Levels the playing field, allowing everyone to feel “heard” • Fun, introvert-friendly activity What are the minimum and maximum number of participants? The minimum requirement is 15 people, and the maximum number of participants is 25. What does the fee include? The fee for a half-day (4 hour) workshop includes facilitation, all materials, classroom space, and an adjacent area for snacks and beverages. Why choose Rice? Warped Factor - Words in the Key of Geek.

Wil sleeps with one eye open, watching out for Peter Pig...

Warped Factor - Words in the Key of Geek.

Whilst rummaging around in some old Lego boxes I found a this guy above. Larger than a minifigure, and with a kind of ball jointed head - he was missing his baguette, which is a shame because look how happy he looks up there, just walking around with some bread, dreaming of owning his own rocket pack. Happy days. For the life of me I couldn't remember what this was, or where it had come from. Bless the age we live in as a quick trip to the interwebs and all was revealed. The LEGO Gender Gap: A Historical Perspective. “Why does all the girls have to buy pink stuff?”

The LEGO Gender Gap: A Historical Perspective

Even a child can see something is wrong in our toy stores. The gender gap* that frustrates Riley in the above video does more than tell her which toys it socially appropriate for her to play with, it separates her from a whole realm of experience - masculinity. As Riley grows older and decides what sort of person she wants to be, she will encounter this gap again and again. While crossing the gender gap is not impossible, it is difficult and doing so risks stigma and ostracism, just ask the boy who dressed up as Daphne or the girl with the Star Wars water bottle.

The gender gap is evident in nearly every aspect of our society, but one of the first and most striking examples is toy choice. The LEGO Gender Gap: A Historical Perspective. Lego Serious Play - Introduction to the Playful Tool for Your Challenges. David Gauntlett - Creative Explorations: New approaches to identities and audiences. Creative Explorations: New approaches to identities and audiences David Gauntlett Published by Routledge, 2007 How do you picture identity?

David Gauntlett - Creative Explorations: New approaches to identities and audiences

What happens when you ask individuals to make visual representations of their own identities, influences, and relationships? Drawing upon an array of disciplines from neuroscience to philosophy, and art to social theory, David Gauntlett explores the ways in which researchers can embrace people's everyday creativity in order to understand social experience. Interview - Creative methods - David Gauntlett and Peter Holzwarth. Here is a Nice Video of What Facilitators Really do. It does not tell so much about LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitators, but facilitators more generally.

Here is a Nice Video of What Facilitators Really do

Produced by International Institute for Facilitation and Change, providing professional facilitation services and training in participatory group processes since 2002. In only 4 minutes the video describes the three principal dimensions of the facilitator´s job in a way that your friends, colleagues, clients — even your mother-in-law – can understand. Related International Facilitation week 2015: 19 to 25 October 2015. Patrizia Bertini Shows LEGO SERIOUS PLAY and Creative Tools for Experience Design. As designers take on more complex challenges of creating digital experiences spanning multiple touchpoints, from smartwatches to TVs, Patrizia Bertini (@Legoviews) asks how the structure and methods of design teams must evolve.

Patrizia Bertini Shows LEGO SERIOUS PLAY and Creative Tools for Experience Design

This hour long session sees Patrizia simultaneously conduct a Lego Serious Play workshop while explaining how its techniques could help design teams better understand user behaviour and translate that knowledge into more effective digital experiences. Recorded at MEX, March 2015 ( Related Experiencing LSP: the point of view of a participant I recently had the pleasure of facilitating a LEGO SeriousPlay workshop at Hot Source. June 12, 2014. LEGO DUPLO Community People – 21 pieces - MTA Catalogue. This set of LEGO DUPLO people feature a variety of genders, races and ages.

LEGO DUPLO Community People – 21 pieces - MTA Catalogue

This DUPLO people set highlights different community occupations. The set includes 20 different and multicultural DUPLO people. These DUPLO people are excellent for free play, or start discussions on community, occupations, gender, race and responsibilities. The set also includes a wheelchair, and the largest person measures 5cm high. Suitable for children from the age of 2 years. LEGO Education resources are designed specifically for learning in the early years. LEGO Community People Minifigure Set – 257 pieces - MTA Catalogue. Community People Set. Next Generation Rail Conference - Learning and Insight using Lego Ser…

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce. Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce is working in collaboration with Innovation Culture Consulting Limited to offer our members the chance to access a free LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® taster workshop for small businesses and start-ups.

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

The session will provide you with a taster displayed in three dimensions of your core business identity, external business identity and aspirational identity built using Lego Bricks! The taster session is powered by the use of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, a powerful tool used to support individuals and businesses to develop strategies and scenarios using what’s now referred to as ‘hands knowledge’. The hands access right side of the brain which is linked with emotions, creativity and imagination. Information stored in your subconscious about your business is built in the form of models using the LEGO bricks. As a two and a half hour taster session, the time will be used in group forms to give you a taste of the creative tool. Two taster sessions are available: 7th July. LEGO SERIOUS PLAY and “The Hesitant Few” When we introduce LEGO to a group of participants, about 90% grab for the kits as soon as they hit the table, throw one open and get to work.

It’s remarkable to watch, really. They just can’t keep their hands off the stuff. Design Thinking and Lego Serious Play at Aeroflot. Aeroflot is Russia’s national carrier and largest Airline. Founded in 1923, it is among the world’s oldest airlines and one of Russia’s most recognised brands. It’s revenue in 2013 exceeds more, than 4 bln. USD. In short: big business with big numbers often loses big picture. Hence we were contacted to assist them via design thinking on – how to get to key questions and name essential problems. Wonderfull team organized design thinking session for Aeroflot IT program management office (PMO) to help build PMO structure, identify key roles and re-think its connections with business.

Through the exercise participants had an opportunity to uncover existing relations between Business and IT, uncover barriers and tensions in management structure. Catherine Ryan « Experience Strategy 2014. … fully equipped with expertise in workshop design and facilitation, research, and Experience strategy. First released in the ye olde times of 2000, The Catherine is programmed for continuous improvement, with auto update technology that enables constant augmentation of existing knowledge, methodologies and techniques. The latest release features certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitator training technology. The Catherine has built in passion for creating bespoke strategic outcomes for organisations that result in valuable human experiences through research driven Service Design methodologies. With an integrated Stalker chip, The Catherine has extensive experience in customer and organisational research, ensuring that emergent ideas are embedded in existent human realities.

The Catherine engages both business and customer in Design Thinking to enable inception of innovative ideas that address the needs of both. The Catherine has been carefully crafted to be creative, but also analytical. Co-creation on speed with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Co-creation on speed with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® « Experience Strategy 2014. Catherine Ryan Discover the power of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and how it applies to strategy design. This technique helps to build participatory practices within organisations through visual and physical co-creation. The method can be applied to design thinking, decision making, team building and organisational strategy. It is a lean forward, hands on technique where everyone plays and enables 100% participation and 100% buy-in. Once you see the power of play, you’ll never want to hold another meeting. In this talk, you’ll get an overview of the science behind of the methodology, the process and practices involved, and how it achieves an aligned understanding and high performance teams.

Audio. Get Lego Bricks. With the introduction of SERIOUS PLAY Open Source model – LEGO has changed its product portfolio and announced 4 product types that it is shipping worldwide for the SERIOUS PLAY applications. You may order the products on line by clicking on the pictures below. DIY Lego Serious Play Kit for 10 Participants. Serious Play Starter Kit Replacement. DIY Lego Serious Play Kit for 10 Participants.