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Projects for NXT 2.0

Projects for NXT 2.0

LEGO Education products - Mindstorms - 2000080 - LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education NXT Software V.2.1 (With Data Logging) LEGO, the LEGO logo, DUPLO, LEGENDS OF CHIMA, MINDSTORMS, MIXELS and the Minifigure are trademarks and/or copyrights of the LEGO Group. ©2014 The LEGO Group. All rights reserved. Use of this site signifies your agreement to the terms of use.

Robótica Personal y Educativa: Nueva caja de recursos 817 piezas LEGO Mindstorms Education NXT Esta nueva caja de recursos 817 piezas LEGO Mindstorms Ref. 9695 NOVEDAD 2010 contiene una amplia gama de elementos (817 piezas LEGO Technic) que te permitirán construir y programar robots LEGO MINDSTORMS Education Ref 9797 o Ref 9000) con más funciones que nunca. Incluye una gran cantidad de elementos especiales, como correas, conectores exclusivos, un tornillo sin fin, elementos estructurales y otros elementos LEGO, como vigas, ejes y conectores. Todo el contenido se presenta en una caja de plástico resistente con una tapa transparente que permite ver el contenido, así como dos clasificadores/organizadores de piezas también de plástico. Clica en mas información para descargar 9 modelos con sus instrucciones de montaje y programas de control que se pueden realizar con esta caja de recursos: Descarga 9 instrucciones de construcción gratuitas con sus programas de control para crear fantásticos robots, o realiza tus propias creaciones con este set de recursos:

LEGO 9V Technic Motors compared characteristics See also this comparison page. Thomas Avery has also performed measures on 5292 motors, see Lugnet thread. The roster Weight Supposed to be equivalent to 71427, 43362 motor is 30% lighter. No-load characteristics Test conditions: motor is powered by a variable, regulated power supply. 43362 has a higher no-load current than 71427, probably caused by higher internal friction. 47154 has a fairly high no-load current, because of its 5-stages gear reduction. As is usual for DC motors, rotation speed is proportional to voltage applied to them, this can be seen on graphs below. Stalled characteristics Stalled current consumption is simply measured with motor axle shaft locked by hand. Take care to avoid extended period stall condition, as power dissipated in motor case is quite high (6 Watts for 2838, 3 W for 71427) will cause a rapid temperature rise. The NXT motor is also protected by a thermistor (Raychem RXE065 or Bourns MF-R065). The train motors also contain thermistor limitations.

Nils Völker - Robotics - Spherical Robot This is a ball-shaped "robot" based on a Lego Mindstorms NXT. It moves in any direction by simply rotating the internal mass horizontally and vertically. At the moment it's remote controlled via Bluetooth from a second NXT. So to be precise it's actually not a real robot more kind of a Rolling-Orbital-Bluetooth-Operated-Thing (to make it short: robot). But seriously: It's planned to implement the ability of moving autonomously later on. And to answer the most obvious question right away: No, there is no deeper sense or purpose, but a lot of fun driving it.

Nils Völker - Robotics - Dotje - Programming and Construction There are two NXT bricks on this robot, one for the movement and one controlling the pen. Both communicate via bluetooth and are powered by rechargeable batteries, permanently plugged to battery chargers from the ceiling. Three motors on the edges turn the spools and move the robot along the ropes. A fourth motor, connected with the second NXT, rotates a lever that pushes down the pen. The pen is mounted within in an acrylic tube, hanging on rubber bands. I know a lot of people limit themselves strictly to use only Lego parts. The whole construction is about five by six meters large. The process is started as soon a visitor is looking long enough at an image of an object that is inside a viewing box. Then this data is saved into a txt-file and sent to the robot via a very long USB-cable. The program on the robot, written in NXC, starts reading the txt-file. After it has reached the given coordinate NXT #1 tells the second one via bluetooth to push the pen down on the paper.