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TechnicBRICKs Scale models of LEGO Welcome on my website! Since the mid nineties I mainly build scale models of trucks. During that days people get familiar with my work via Truckstar Magazine in which my models were shown quite often. After some time you're starting to put more detail in each new model and you're looking for new challenges. NEW: "The Art of LEGO Scale Modeling" And that resulted in a nice book: "The Art of LEGO Scale Modeling". Were it all started This hobby started years ago when I got into the transport world via my father's job. From the nineties I started to build models on a larger scale: 1:13. A few times a year I show my LEGO models to the visitors during several events togehter with collegue modellers. Enjoy watching! Dennis Bosman

Gears Tutorial A complete tutorial on Lego gears, their advantages and disadvantages as well as the basic laws of mechanics that apply to them. Updated on February 19th 2010. When I describe my constructions or ideas, and when I explain their functionality, I usually assume that readers have the basic understanding of mechanics and of the rules that apply to gears. This assumption, it seems, is sometimes wrong. Even though it may appear frustrating at times, I see no real reason to ignore the people who have not yet learnt how the gears work, nor to deny them the pleasure of building with Lego Technic. Having considered that, I prepared a document in which I’ve attempted to cover my entire knowledge on gears in an accessible manner. Contents: Introduction to gearsBasic rulesTypes of gearsGear ratiosEfficiencyBacklashAppendixes 1. What do we need gears for? Gears can be obviously used with all kinds of drive, be it an electric motor, a manual crank, a wind turbine, a mill wheel, whatever. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

MitchTech | Android, Linux, and embedded development Cypr-21's Lego Construction Site - Original Technic Models by Jennifer Clark Tutorial: Hopper NXT Hopper This little jumping robot jumps around on one foot with the help of a walking frame. Youtube viewers collectively suggested it reminded them of an old lady (I can’t blame them). Requirements: One NXT 1.0 set (8527) Building: Follow the building instruction steps by clicking the picture below. Click to go to the instructions Programming: Click to download the NXT-G Program for the Hopper. More pictures: The Hopper walks by sequentially raising and lowering the walking frame. Video: Feature: Top 10 LEGO Mindstorms Creations You've seen the strangest LEGO creations, now check out the top ten LEGO Mindstorms creations. Whether it be a Pirates movie theater, pinball machine, or even a robotic toilet flusher, you'll find them here. Continue reading to view them all. 10. YouTube user "horseattack" has uploaded a video of a functional LEGO printer that he built, connected to an Apple Mac. [Source] 9. A LEGO master wanted to create something that could actually be used, so a pinball machine came to mind. [Source] 8. If you're a LEGO minifig, you don't need frills like an HDTV projector or Blu-ray disc player. [Sources 1 | 2] 7. Here's a first: a pancake-making robot created using "LEGO Mindstorms, LEGO bricks and two ketchup bottles." [Source] 6. Here's a first: a fully-functional digital clock made with LEGO Mindstorms. [Sources 1 | 2] 5. Let's face it, not everyone is a master at Sudoku, but solving the puzzles just got a lot easier...if you've got one of these LEGO Mindstorms robots that is. [Sources 1 | 2] 4. 3.

Crowkillers Dash Switch that lets you select either Rear Wheel and All Wheel Drive New Styled All Wheel Drive 5 Speed Transmission with Reverse Working Hand of God Steering with remote cockpit steering 4 Wheel Independent Suspension Turning a Small Bevel Gear in the rear will Open and Close Each Door Opening Hood and Rear Hatch The Vampire GT... A car that I have been pondering over for the past few years... I knew that this one had to be different from anything that I had done before. It had to have Gull-wing doors, it had to be black, and it had to have a menacing front fascia. During the build of the transmission, I knew that all wheel drive was the next step with it, after that I incorporated a switch on the dash that takes the car from rear wheel drive to all wheel drive. Which started by building a second all wheel drive chassis completely in Red. Each door can be opened and closed by turning a small bevel gear located in the rear of the car. Update 11-11-2013 Update 5-26-2012

Lego Technic et Lego Star Wars sur SeTechnic SORT3R, an EV3 brick sorter SORT3R, an EV3 brick sorter As I have a long record of building color sorters... for RCX, NXT and now for EV3! SORT3R can be built with a single 31313 EV3 set. Well, almost! Improving SORT3R reliability Video Link to YouTube video Building instructions EV3 project