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David duChemin: The Travel and Humanitarian Photography of David duChemin, Vancouver, Canada 604-209-5900

David duChemin: The Travel and Humanitarian Photography of David duChemin, Vancouver, Canada 604-209-5900
Impressions & Abstracts Next week we’re releasing my next eBook - The Visual Imagination, a book about creative techniques and ideas that focuses mostly on impressionism and abstraction. Yesterday I was doing a pre-release podcast interviews, talking to Ibarionex Perello, the amazing voice and mind of The Candid Frame, and he asked me the one question I’m so fond of asking others. Why? Not everyone does photographic work that willingly abandons the literal, so why play with ideas of abstraction and impressionism at all? 1.

Biography After studying painting and graphic design at Cooper Union and Yale, Jay Maisel began his career in photography in 1954. While his portfolio includes the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Miles Davis, he is perhaps best known for capturing the light, color, and gesture found in every day life. This unique vision kept him busy for over 40 years shooting annual reports, magazine covers, jazz albums, advertising and more for an array of clients worldwide.

Ed Verosky ND Filters and How To Use Them Neutral density filters can be an extremely useful tool for achieving proper exposure under challenging lighting conditions. In this post, I’m going to introduce ND filters and explain what they’re for and how to use them. What is a neutral density (ND) filter? Essentially, an ND filter allows less light to pass through the lens […] Andrew S Gibson Freelance Writer & Fine Art Photographer Posted by Andrew S Gibson on April 15th 2014 The Visual Imagination In Slow I wrote about, amongst other techniques utilising slow shutter speeds, using intentional camera movement to create expressive photos that capture atmosphere and emotion. David duChemin takes that idea further in his new ebook The Visual Imagination, released this week at Craft & Vision. Read the rest of this entry »

Joe McNally’s Blog We celebrated Earth Day this past week. This observance has been around for a while now, and back in the 70′s I was occasionally assigned to cover some of the events. I shot the above for UPI one year, at an Earth Day observance at the UN. I recall it being the usual, uh, cluster….k, in NY press terminology, with all the papers, the wires, and the TV folks angling for angles and exclusives. Divine Composition With Fibonacci’s Ratio (The Rule of Thirds on Steroids) Are you a stickler for little details? Well, if you’re a photographer, you had better be. Discovering the rule of thirds is a big milestone for any photographer. Suddenly, you realize that all you ever did before was center your subject right smack dab in the middle of the frame, because that’s where the camera’s focus grid is located.

laura novak photography blog "We just loved all the pictures taken at Little Nest. At two years old we wanted to have pictures done to capture her growing personality! We chose these two pictures because we felt Alison really captured her cute and playful personality. Also, the photos really brightened up our living room!" Erin Smythe | West Chester, PA

35 Beautiful Photography Websites Advertisement Interest in photography has exploded over the last 10 years, largely thanks to the developments in digital photography. Cameras and computers have become cheaper and more powerful, software more sophistocated and printers can now print photos that are as good (if not better) than anything produced in a chemical darkroom. Now, once you’ve acquired a digital setup, the economic restrictions of film and development costs have been removed and the cost of photography is virtually nil. Along with these developments in photography has been the parallel development of the Web. Ten years ago websites were largely clumsy, HTML driven constructions.

Blog - Cliff Mautner Photography For Lighting and Skillset Bootcamp Information click HERE Marissa and Andrew had a terrific New York City Wedding at Tribecca Rooftop in New York City . We had a gorgeous day, and it was a pleasure working with metro floral decorators .Metropolis of Faze 4 for the entertainment , Lisette Bugeja did Marissa's make up, StylesonB did her hair. Top 10 Free Online Photo Editing Websites Oct 08 2008 Today I’m going to give you a list of the top 10 free online photo editing Websites. Why you might ask? For many reasons but mainly because you’ve asked me to! I’m really glad I added a Suggestion Box because you guys are using it! Keep it up.

#de_VICE: Our mobile ‘addiction’ In a world where texts, tweets and Facebook are constantly accessible through always-handy cell phones, it seems we are never left alone. Photographer Zack Arias’s #de_VICE series captures people who are lost in the world of their digital devices. “We are tethered to our devices to the point they may be a vice,” Arias wrote on his blog last year. #de_VICE Series Picked Up By CNN CNN’s photos blog just picked up my #de_VICE series and ran it today. You can check it out here. It’s a good feeling to see a personal project see the light of day outside of my own feed. Big thanks to Jeremy Cowart for introducing my project to photo editor Elizabeth Johnson at CNN. I started this project last year about people lost in their devices.

Three Special Effects for Night Photography Fire spinning on the beach I’ve been teaching a Night Photography class for a couple years now and I have to say, I have more fun on those field trips, than all the workshops I lead. I’ve also been itching to try doing fire spinning since I saw Michael Sutton’s about two years ago, and I was recently able to finally do just that. I was thrilled with the results and wanted to share! Château de Noisy – Miranda Castle Decaying and Abandoned in Belgium – Abandoned Playgrounds The Château de Noisy (or Château Miranda or Miranda Castle), is located in the Adrennes Forest, on Noisy 5561 Houyet, in Celles, province of Namur, Belgium. Miranda Castle was built in 1866 by commission from the Liedekerke-Beaufort family. English architect Milner is responsible for the abandoned castles design. The descendants of the Liedekerke-Beaufort family occupied the castle until World War II. In the 1940′s it was take over by the National Railway Company of Belgium and used as an orphanage.