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Digital Photography Blog. Digital Photography Blog. Sa petite amie refuse d'être prise en photo. Et le résultat est splendide. Photographer Takes Photos Of His Camera-Shy Girlfriend And The Results Are Beyond Adorable. Photographer Mikaël Theimer loves to take photos of his girlfriend, Marion.

Photographer Takes Photos Of His Camera-Shy Girlfriend And The Results Are Beyond Adorable

The trouble is, Marion is more than a bit camera-shy. "Marion and I have been together for six and a half years now. We met in Montreal, where we both live, although we are both from France," he tells HuffPost UK Lifestyle. "I always, always have my camera with me, and as I'm very often with Marion, I use her as a model on many occasions. "Thing is, she hates to pose, and she hates to be in front of the camera... "Whenever I see a scene I would like to photograph her in, she has to find a way to hide her face. Check out some of the sweet images below or visit Mikaël Theimer's website and Facebook page to see more of his work. Mikaël Theimer. John d'Orbigny Immobilier. Nicolas Messyasz - Photographe. Delphine Blast . Photographe. Quand Hollande remet un prix à la plus belle photo de Hollande.

Le prix Elysée de la photo récompense les photographes de presse accrédités à l’Elysée.

Quand Hollande remet un prix à la plus belle photo de Hollande

Le Journal Photo d'un Photographe : Nicolas Messyasz : Photojournaliste » Aux larmes citoyens ( 14 novembre 2015 ) Winners - LIFE FRAMER - Photography competition. THEME 5 / Colours - Life Framer. Project Description We’re delighted to present the results of Life Framer edition II’s fifth theme.

THEME 5 / Colours - Life Framer

Life is a stream of colour. Red, blue, yellow, and a billion pigments in between… For this theme we asked you to show us colour-inspired photographs – literally and figuratively. Scenes, details, narratives or moods. Subtle tones or technicolour daydreams! Evgeny Tchebotarev is the cofounder of the 500px online photography community. You can discover the winning and shortlisted images below and join the discussion on Facebook and Twitter.

Winner: Anne Barlinckhoff “This is definitely a winning photo. Third position: Keisuke Otobe “For the second and third spots I’ve been internally debating quite a bit. Third position: Lisa Shalom “There are dozens of great photos that could be selected as a third place, but I picked this one because it’s so simple and yet it’s well matched. View feedback (private area only visible by entrants and Life Framer’s members) L'intelligence artificielle peut-elle rivaliser avec les plus grands photographes ? La mort d'un artiste ne sera plus un obstacle à la perpétuation de son oeuvre.

L'intelligence artificielle peut-elle rivaliser avec les plus grands photographes ?

C'est en tout cas la promesse d'un programme d'intelligence artificielle capable de reproduire le style de photographes défunts. Explications avec The Stack. Deux chercheurs en sciences computationnelles ont fait analyser par un programme près de 180 000 oeuvres photographiques afin de discerner les obsessions thématiques ou stylistiques avérées des artistes. Il peut par exemple s'agir des uniformes pour l'un, des foules ou des armes pour un autre, etc. Le travail d'Ansel Adams, Lewis Hine ou Dorothea Lange, qui comptent parmi les plus grands photographes du XXeme siècle, ont ainsi été scrutés par le programme.

Le programme promet même de "reproduire" les regards particuliers des photographes, par le biais de la génération automatique d'images. Mais que les photographes et autres artistes se rassurent : sur ce dernier point, le résultat n'est, à ce jour, pas des plus convaincants. Dead photographers work again through AI. Don McCullin at War. Don McCullin has covered wars in Vietnam, Cambodia, Cyprus, El Salvador, the Congo and Syria.

Don McCullin at War

Last month he turned 80 while photographing in Iraq for Harper’s Magazine. The documentary film “McCullin” by Jacqui Morris had its American debut at the Museum of Modern Art this week, and an updated version of the book “Don McCullin” was reissued this year by Aperture. Mr. McCullin, who is represented by Contact Press Images, spoke this week with Michael Kamber, who has photographed conflict in Africa and the Middle East for The New York Times and is the founder of the Bronx Documentary Center. Their conversation has been edited. I’ve always had a copy of your book. It never actually went anywhere in America, the Americans didn’t understand it. I think certainly in the war community, and in the community of combat photographers, you’re held in very high esteem.

Many people send me letters in England saying, “I want to be a war photographer,” and I say, go out into the community that you live in. Cette Compagnie la. Rupture(s) Jacob Khrist.