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Photographs by Charles Cramer

Photographs by Charles Cramer

Photovore | Webzine sur la photo numérique Photography by James Randklev: Portfolio - Portfolio | Stocklist | Publications | Biography | Contact | Light Box | Search All Contents © 2014 James Randklev Photography All photographs on this website by James Randklev are protected under U.S. and International © Copyright laws. These photographs may not be downloaded, copied, manipulated, or reproduced without the written consent from James Randklev. Use of any image on this website as a basis for another photography concept or illustration is a violation of copyright. Claude Coeudevez Home Me Album's the impossible cool. COMPETENCE PHOTO - Le magazine photo 100% pratique Passion Of Bacchu First of all I have to find a model who has a long tongue, crazy but absolutely necessary. I was called a lunatic when I was interviewing the models where words aren't required because I simply ask them to stick out their tongue. After 3 days of searching, at last, I found this model. While my helper was pouring out the wine, flash was fired to freeze the action . The same flash was fired while shooting the glass. I have to maintain the strength and angle of the flash such that the lightings were the same. The most challenging part of the image was shooting the table. Awards 6th.

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BLACK & WHITE MAGAZINE Fred DI MEGLIO,photo sous-marine,image sous-marine,UW photo,underwater photo Les voiliers du Yucatan 2013. Chaque année de fin janvier à fin février les espadons voiliers se regroupent au large du Golfe du Mexique, près du Yucatan pour une exceptionelle chasse aux sardines. Un diaporama à découvrir en page d'accueil. Parution d'un grand reportage sur Cuba"Les Jardins de la Reine", hors des sentiers battus, réalisé en mai 2012. Un reportage croisière en mer de Cortez (Baja California) au milieu des otaries, réalisé en juillet 2011.

Terra Galleria photography: travel, landsc