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Recorrido Virtual Machu Picchu

Recorrido Virtual Machu Picchu
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101 Examples Of Aerial Photography Aerial photography is the taking of photographs of the ground from an elevated position. The term usually refers to images in which the camera is not supported by a ground-based structure. Cameras may be hand held or mounted, and photographs may be taken by a photographer, triggered remotely or triggered automatically. Today I have collected 100 Awesome Examples Of Aerial Photography which will blow your mind. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49.

Eiffel Tower, Tour Eiffel Paris - 360 Virtual Tour - Photo-Images - 360 VR Photos Panoramique The Eiffel Tower in Paris Torre Eiffel - Tour Eiffel - Eiffeltornet The Eiffel Tower in Paris needs no presentation, it is one the most well known monuments in the world visited by more than 5 million people each year. Built 1889 for the Universal Exhibition in celebration of the French Revolution. Height 324 m. Friday 2 Aug 2002 they launched a new website with panoramas photographed by Denis Gliksman one of the veterans in VR photography. Enjoy the sundown from the second floor above and visit the site (produced by TRIMARAN) and see the other 18 panoramas showing the tower both as night and day views. PHOTOGRAPHER: Denis Gliksman Denis Gliksman is one of the veterans in VR photography. Read interview at VRMag Also by Denis Gliksman D-Day

Familles d'Âme Familles d'Âmes Vous vous demandez à quelle Famille d'Âmes vous appartenez et pourquoi vous êtes ici sur Terre? Prenez le temps de vous intérioriser avant de lire les affirmations ci-dessous et prenez soin de RESSENTIR lesquelles vibrent le plus fort en vous, ce qui vous émeut ou vous fait réagir le plus fort... tel un appel de l'Âme! C' est l'énergie de votre Famille d'Âmes qui vous fait signe: connectez-vous à elle via votre chakra gouverneur et ressentez sa présence bénéfique dans votre vie. Pour lire le message de Bianca Gaïa sur l'origine des Familles d'Âmes, et du chakra gouverneur, cliquez ici. 1er - Les BÂTISSEURS du chakra RACINE (ROUGE) Avez-vous constamment l’impression que vous devez vous battre dans la vie pour obtenir ce que vous désirez? Si la droiture, le courage et l’honnêteté constituent vos valeurs principales, c’est que vous faites assurément partie de la Famille des Bâtisseurs. Pour lire la suite : cliquez ici 2e - Les BÂTISSEURS du chakra SACRÉ (ORANGÉ)

Stunning Shots Above and Below Water Get ready to pack your bags! Let’s take a trip and seek out some clear waters where we can capture shots like this. Called over-unders, split-shots, or just splits, this photographic technique helps you see both what’s inside the water and outside of it at the same time. Here, then, are 20+ photos that we hope you’ll think about the next time you’re planning a vacation. Stephen Frink Michael Anderson Joao Vianna Cesare Naldi James R.D. Lorenzo Menendez Eric Cheng Paul Cowell Viktor Lyagushkin Kelly Bracken Octavio Aburto Alexander Mustard Peter Verhoog Jurgen Freund Jonathan Green

The Great Wall of China China tours 4 Days This Beijing four day tour takes you on the highlights of the city and out of town to one of the better sections of the Great Wall. Beijing 3 Days • CNY 1,260 This Beijing three day tour takes you on the highlights of the city and out of town to one of the better sections of the Great Wall. 3 Days This tour takes you to the seat of Mongolian culture in China, Hohhot, the Inner Mongolian capital. Hohhot This tour bases you in a nice hotel centrally located in the historic city of Guilin. Guilin → Longsheng Rice Terraces → Guilin → Li River Cruise → Yangshuo → Guilin 1 day Beijing is one of the most exciting places in the world in terms of art. 1 day • CNY 340 This tour will give you a look into early 20th century Shanghai. Shanghai This tour captures the essence of Lhasa, Tibet's crown jewel. Tibet / Lhasa 2 Days This two day tour based from Luoyang brings together the best of the tourist sights in a no shopping private tour. Luoyang 6 Days Kunming → Lijiang → Shaxi → Lijiang

Exemple d’exercice en Impact (Extrait de la formation de Dannie Beaulieu) 1) Technique du 20$: Demander au client : Montrer un billet de 20$ au client. C’est quoi la valeur de ce billet? Qu’est ce que tu peux acheter avec? 2) Technique de la brocheuse (agrafeuse) : Demander au client : Donner une brocheuse (agrafeuse) au client. 3) Technique du dé : Demander au client : Montrer un dé de jeu au client. Breathtaking Examples Of Landscape Photography We’ve compiled 50 of the most beautiful and breathtaking examples of landscapes photography. Mount Everest-Monte Everest -360 panorama view from summit - Climbing Mt Everest - Nepal Trekking-panoramic photo from top of Mont Everest It is from a book titled Everest: Reflections From the Top by Christine Gee & Garry Weare which just been published. Why did I climb Everest? What did I think of on the summit? On the summit I felt a mixture of apprehension and curiosity. My work in India has been eased slightly by my ascent of Everest. Roderick Mackenzie French translation from Google: Ce panorama de plein a été publié dans le cadre de les 50 ans de la création en Mai 2003, pour la première qui atteint le sommet de l'Everest Il ya 50 ans, Mai 29 1953 Le sommet du mont Everest était atteint pour la première fois par Edmund Hillary et Tenzing Norgay. Roderick Mackenzie fait l'image en haut du mont Everest 24 Mai 1989. C'est dans un livre intitulé Everest: Reflections From the Top par Christine Gee & Garry Weare qui viennent d'être publiés. Pourquoi ai-je monter l'Everest? Qu'est-ce que je pense sur le sommet? Au sommet je me suis senti un mélange d'appréhension et curiosité. Roderick Mackenzie Spanish Translation

7 Ways to Be Feminine Edit Article Looking FeminineActing like a LadyUsing the Right Words Edited by biuealien, Andy Zhang, Nextisis, Versageek and 62 others Do you want to explore your feminine side? If you really want to embrace your inner lady, then you have to adopt the mindset of a more traditional woman and know how to cultivate grace, politeness, and capability. If you want to know how to be feminine, just follow these steps. Ad Steps Method 1 of 3: Looking Feminine 1Wear the right clothes. 4Love every inch of your body. Method 2 of 3: Acting like a Lady 1Be graceful. 4Be confident. Method 3 of 3: Using the Right Words 1Talk like a lady. Tips Everyone has a masculine and feminine side. Warnings These tips are for Westernized cultures mostly. Article Info Featured Article Categories: Featured Articles | Girly Girl Style Recent edits by: WingsOfTheSky, WanderWoman, Alfredo Prieto In other languages:

Nature's Best Photography: A hummingbird faces off with a pit viper By Robert Hood We will be featuring images from Nature’s Best Photography magazine over the next few days in PhotoBlog. The pictures are the winning entries from the magazine’s 2010 Nature’s Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards. More than 20,000 pictures were submitted by photographers from 56 countries. A print exhibition of winning images and other entries will be displayed from April 16 to Sept. 25, 2011, at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. Bence Mate / Natures Best Photography Tiny, vibrantly colored hummingbirds are a favorite among wildlife lovers. Photographer Bence Máté said:"I was photographing hummingbirds when I heard the sharp, alarming noise of the birds reacting to the presence of a predator. Photographic information:Camera: Nikon D700; 300mm ƒ/2.8 lens; 1/100 sec at ƒ/4; ISO 200; Canon 540EZ flash; Canon 550EX slave; Gitzo carbon tripod; Gitzo fluid head. Related links: