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Photographs of Native Americans by Edward Curtis

Photographs of Native Americans by Edward Curtis
Posted Nov 15, 2010 Share This Gallery inShare88 In 1906, American photographer Edward S. Curtis was offered $75,000 to document North American Indians. Born in 1868 in Wisconsin, Curtis moved with his father to the Washington territory in 1887 where he began working at a photography studio in the frontier city of Seattle. Below are selected images of the Native American way of life chosen from The Library of Congress’s Edward S. Title: Sioux chiefs. Title: Ready for the throw--Nunivak. Title: The mealing trough--Hopi. Title: The scout in winter--Apsaroke. Title: At the old well of Acoma Date Created/Published: c1904 November 12. Title: Mizheh and babe. Title: On the Little Big Horn. Title: When winter comes. Title: A burial platform--Apsaroke. Title: The Oath--Apsaroke. Title: Drilling ivory--King Island. Title: Drying meat. Title: The fisherman--Wishham (i.e., Wishram). Title: Boys in a kaiak (i.e., kayak)--Nunivak. Title: Jicarilla fiesta. Title: Tewa girls. Title: Village herald.

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