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For the Christmas season I made my children I SPY Christmas Ornaments. My kids loved them so much that I thought I would make some I SPY EASTER EGGS for their Easter Baskets. When I found some big plastic eggs with clear tops at Walmart I was thrilled! These would be absolutely perfect for an I SPY toy. After a quick trip to the craft store, I was ready to get started. It’s a simple and quick DIY project that your kids or grandkids or students will love…

Mommy by day Crafter by night: Tutorials Please only use my pictures with permission... If you are featuring one of my projects on your blog, you are more than welcome to use a picture or two provided that you link back correctly... My patterns/tutorials/printables are for personal use only. Not to be used to make items for sale. friday craft day: simple valentine's banner Ok. So right about now you might be thinking to yourself, "huh, this project looks a little familiar"and if you are, you'd be right. Using this same design, I've created a St.

Tricks + Treats: Graphic Soaps by Sarah Rhodes Hi, It's Sarah from Team Rhodes Weddings! I am going to share a simple soap DIY with you this morning. Enjoy! Shopping list: How to make animal pom-poms - Mr Printables Blog After making those flower pompoms, I couldn’t help making more. Maybe it’s called procrastination. I have hundreds of other things on my to-do list, but then this week I thought, well, hey let’s just make more pompoms! Among many other ideas, I went for having a go at animal pompoms. It’s just that kids love animals most and that’s what matters here on Mr P! They are a little more difficult to make if you’ve never tried making pompoms, so in that case, start with the flower pompoms here then you’ll be able to easily move on to more complex designs.

how to transfer a photo to fabric Did you know you can transfer photos to fabric without using iron-on sheets? I love this technique. It's simple to execute and the end results are really pretty. It's another method for hand printing! I made some fabrics the other day and used them to add pockets to one of my wool skirts. bags/totes/purses What a fun series idea! Make something with a fat quarter.. So, seeing as today is officially the first day of Summer (and my son's last day of school) I thought I'd convert my fat quarter into a Summer Reading Sack, complete with gum pouch (you know, you read until your gum runs out of flavor, and then you are done.) and a pocket for a reading log, pencil...and a bookmark. A Thrifty Family Valentines Party! « A Thrifty Mom – Extreme couponing the right way Falling in Love with your Family by Alison One of the most important characteristics of a happy family is the ability to play together. Any holiday is a good excuse for a party, but Valentines Day is an especially appropriate time to put a little effort into making your family feel special. Sometime in February, have a fun party for the whole family.

Knitting Crochet Sewing Crafts Patterns and Ideas! For this Kid's Fair Isle Vest I used a technique credited to a tiny island north of Scotland (aka Fair Isle) and a stitch pattern from another tiny island, this one west of Estonia (Muhu). In times and places where, by logic, function should have ruled sweater design, instead, knitters seemed to have taken sheer joy in form. It seems to me that, when they cast on for a new sweater, the women from these cold, isolated island places threw all of life's hardships and frustrations right out the window. Such knitting ingenuity from anywhere, anytime is awe-inspiring, and the creation of this vest was a wonderful opportunity to get inside the minds of the incredible knitting women who came before us. Armed with the beautiful book, Designs and Patterns from Muhu Island, I used a pared-down palette and design to bring a modern sensibility to this extraordinary traditional stitch pattern.

The Burlap Bag - High Quality Handmade Goods Shop - Austin Texas Josiah and I have lots to be thankful for – and we want to spread that joy to others. And we encourage you to spread your joy too. We normally aren’t super sappy – but we think helping others is awesome. We posted this on facebook today: “2013 SPREAD JOY CHALLENGE: We will pick 5 random people who comment on this status to receive a gift from us sometime in 2013.

JADERBOMBJADERBOMB I posted a picture about 1 week ago on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter of me cutting glass using just string. I got LOT’S of requests for a tutorial on how I DID THIS! So here it is.

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