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Fluoride Action Network - Live Flight Tracker! Behind the CounterThink cartoons Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and also the creator of the CounterThink Cartoon Series, explains what’s behind one of the cartoons at While the state health authorities and federal health authorities are doing everything in their power to try to outlaw the selling of raw milk, Mike says we have the freedom to eat, the freedom to buy what we want to eat and the farmers have the freedom sell something he or she produces. Come and see Mike gives details about the implication behind this cartoon, panel by panel. Video Keywords: health freedom humor milk health ranger mike adams raw counterthink cartoon Rate This Video: 7 ratings IQ Study from Iran Reveals the Effects of Fluoride Exposure As of September 2016, a total of 57 studies have investigated the relationship between fluoride and human intelligence, and over 40 studies have investigated the relationship fluoride and learning/memory in animals. Of these investigations, 50 of the 57 human studies have found that elevated fluoride exposure is associated with reduced IQ, while 45 animal studies have found that fluoride exposure impairs the learning and/or memory capacity of animals. The human studies, which are based on IQ examinations of over 12,000 children, provide compelling evidence that fluoride exposure during the early years of life can damage a child’s developing brain. After reviewing 27 of the human IQ studies, a team of Harvard scientists concluded that fluoride’s effect on the young brain should now be a “high research priority.” (Choi, et al 2012). Quick Facts About the 50 Studies: Methodological Limitations Summary

New Study Shows that Fluoride Offers No Benefits By Dr. Mercola Why You Need to Get Informed Before Allowing Your Child to Take Fluoride Supplements A review of 11 studies involving more than 7,000 children showed that the effect of fluoride supplements on primary teeth could not be determined, with one study showing no cavity-reducing effect. Meanwhile, the study revealed the supplements have only dubious cavity-reducing effects on permanent teeth, and no difference was noted between fluoride supplements or topical fluoride for preventing cavities.Researchers noted: "In the review, no conclusion could be reached about the effectiveness of fluoride supplements in preventing tooth decay in young children (less than 6 years of age) with deciduous teeth. "There is weak and inconsistent evidence that the use of fluoride supplements prevents dental caries in primary teeth … Mild-to-moderate dental fluorosis is a significant side effect. ADA Recommends Fluoride Supplements Despite Evidence of Serious Risks

Fluoride in Water Linked to Lower IQ in Children -- NEW YORK, Dec. 21, 2010 Is this the end of water fluoridation? NEW YORK, Dec. 21, 2010 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Exposure to fluoride may lower children's intelligence says a study pre-published in Environmental Health Perspectives, a publication of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (online December 17, 2010). Fluoride is added to 70% of U.S. public drinking water supplies. According to Paul Connett, Ph.D., director of the Fluoride Action Network, "This is the 24th study that has found this association, but this study is stronger than the rest because the authors have controlled for key confounding variables and in addition to correlating lowered IQ with levels of fluoride in the water, the authors found a correlation between lowered IQ and fluoride levels in children's blood. The authors eliminated both lead exposure and iodine deficiency as possible causes for the lowered IQs. In the high-fluoride city, 15% had scores indicating mental retardation and only 6% in the low-fluoride city.

FORMER ILLUMINIST WITCH REVEALS STRONG WITCHCRAFT TIE TO FREEMASONRY Subtitle: Doc Marquis, former Illuminist witch, answers the Top 25 Questions he receives during his seminars on Illuminati, Witchcraft, and Freemasonry. We reprint these questions for you. Most of the article on Freemasonry below has been taken from Masonic books that have been published by Masonic Publishing Companies, and most of them were formerly very, very secret. We further have taken the Biblical admonition carefully, comparing Masonic teachings to the Holy Bible. In 1 John 4:1, we see this command to all Christians: "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try (test) the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world." Thus we see that any religious teaching that does not conform to Scripture is from a "false prophet". This exercise is not an empty one, for your eternal, precious soul is at stake. Without any introduction, we reprint Doc Marquis' "25 Top Questions About Freemasonry". 1) Is Freemasonry A Christian Organization? b) Dr. c) S.

Water Flouridation by Dr. Lawrence Wilson © August 2013, the Center for Development Fluorine is a fairly common, naturally-occurring mineral. An important iodine antagonist. Fluorides are industrial waste. For the past 65 years of so, much of the United States water supplies have had sodium fluoride or other fluoride compounds added to municipal water, supposedly to prevent tooth decay. I recently read over a hundred studies on both sides of the water fluoridation issue. A recent medical article documented how fluoridation reduces IQ. Tooth decay has indeed decreased around the world. The Journal Fluoride, Vol. 27, #1, 13-22, 1994 reported that in a study of 98% of the children in New Zealand over 14 years, fluoridation had no dental benefit on these children. A study of over 400,000 children in India also showed no benefit of water fluoridation. Fluorine is a highly toxic element. Dr. Dr. Fluoride

50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation 1) Fluoride is the only chemical added to water for the purpose of medical treatment. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies fluoride as a drug when used to prevent or mitigate disease (FDA 2000). As a matter of basic logic, adding fluoride to water for the sole purpose of preventing tooth decay (a non-waterborne disease) is a form of medical treatment. 2) Fluoridation is unethical. Put another way: Does a voter have the right to require that their neighbor ingest a certain medication (even if it is against that neighbor’s will)? 3) The dose cannot be controlled. 4) The fluoride goes to everyone regardless of age, health or vulnerability. “Water fluoridation goes against leading principles of pharmacotherapy, which is progressing from a stereotyped medication — of the type 1 tablet 3 times a day — to a much more individualized therapy as regards both dosage and selection of drugs. 5) People now receive fluoride from many other sources besides water. No Margin of Safety

CDC and ADA Now Advise to Avoid Using Fluoride By Dr. Mercola It was 2007 when the American Dental Association (ADA) first warned that parents of infants younger than a year old "should consider using water that has no or low levels of fluoride" when mixing baby formula, due to concerns about fluorosis. Exposure to high levels of fluoride results in a condition known as fluorosis, in which tooth enamel becomes discolored. The condition can eventually lead to badly damaged teeth. Then, in 2010, the Journal of the American Dental Association published a study1 that once again found, contrary to what most people have been told: fluoride is actually bad for your teeth. "Results suggest that prevalence of mild dental fluorosis could be reduced by avoiding ingestion of large quantities of fluoride from reconstituted powdered concentrate infant formula and fluoridated dentifrice." The U.S. This is as far as the CDC warnings go, however, and they insist water fluoridation is safe -- and dental fluorosis is only a "cosmetic" problem.

Mercury in San Francisco Bay There's a hidden danger in San Francisco Bay: mercury. A potent neurotoxin that can cause serious illness, mercury has been flowing into the bay since the mining days of the Gold Rush Era. It has settled in the bay's mud and made its way up the food chain, endangering wildlife and making many fish unsafe to eat. Now a multi-billion-dollar plan aims to clean it up. But will it work? Explore: bay, kqed, mercury, pbs, QUEST, san francisco Category: Environment, Health, Television About the Author (Author Archive) Sarah Kass is a writer, director, and producer whose specialty is long-format documentaries, primarily for broadcast television.

The Lucifer Trust The Lucifer Trust Complied and Commented by David J. Stewart Satan is the god of this world (2nd Corinthians 4:4). Satan controls the world through demon-possessed Luciferian worshippers such as: Madame Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Albert Pike and Aleister Crowley. “Lucifer Publishing CoIn 1923. Satan is the god of this world (2nd Corinthians 4:4). “World Citizenship should be the goal of the enlightened, with a world federation and a world brain.” In other words, a One World Government, aka, a New World Order. UN Greenpeace Int. The United Nations has long been one of the foremost world harbingers for the “New Spirituality” and the gathering ”New World Order” based on ancient occult and freemasonic principles. “Evidence of the growth of the human intellect along the needed receptive lines [for the preparation of the New Age] can be seen in the "planning" of various nations and in the efforts of the United Nations to formulate a world plan... The Satanic Aquarian Age Community

The Fluoride Conspiracy Information Liberation | Aug 25, 2006 “Tell a lie loud enough and long enough and people will believe it.” - Adolf Hitler “Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century.” - Robert Carlton, Ph.D, former EPA scientist, 1992 Despite growing evidence that it is harmful to public health, US federal and state pubic health agencies and large dental and medical organizations such as the American Dental Association (ADA), continue to promote fluoride. The history of forcing fluoride on humans through the fluoridation of drinking water is wrought with lies, greed and deception. Governments that add fluoride to drinking water supplies insist that it is safe, beneficial and necessary, however, scientific evidence shows that fluoride is not safe to ingest and areas that fluoridate their drinking water supplies have higher rates of cavities, cancer, dental fluorosis, osteoporosis and other health problems. The story begins in 1924, when Interessen Gemeinschaft Farben (I.G.