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Ohoh Blog - diy and crafts

Ohoh Blog - diy and crafts

5 DIY Ways to Use the Trendy Metal That Has Eclipsed Stainless Steel Forget stainless steel! Move over, gold! Copper is the metal of choice these days — and we’re all about it. With its earthy undertones and rustic appeal, the shimmer of copper is elegant without being extravagant, and it’s finding its way into decor and design everywhere. We’ve come up with five subtle, DIY ways to add a little copper to your home. Copper pipe toilet paper holder Have some copper pipe? Materials: 2-foot copper pipe, ½ inch in diameter2 copper right-angle elbow jointsCopper cap for ½-inch pipeCopper female coupling for ½-inch pipe2 copper U-straps Tools: HacksawScrub spongeSmall hammer or mallet Instructions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Copper bud vase There’s something so delicate and beautifully simple about a single bud vase. Copper stub-out tubeCopper female coupling that fits stub-out tubeCopper Milford tubing hanger Phillips screwdriverRigid object with a right angle (such as a kitchen counter or block of wood) 1. 2. 3. 4. Copper foil leaf art Scissors 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 1. 2. 3. 4. 1.

The Silly Pearl {Handmade}: Transform a Torchiere Lamp to a Drum Shade Floor Lamp When we first had our babies, we had lived in our new home for only three weeks. After their NICU stay of another three weeks, they came home to live with us, and real life with our babies began. We realized there was still a lot we needed to live in our new home, so when my husband had the chance, he’d run out and buy the necessities. One thing we really needed in our new home was lighting. I very ungratefully said “EEEW!” Now that we are settling into yet another house (hopefully our last), and those two babies are in school for most of the day, I finally could think about how I could transform this lamp. We had taken it apart while moving, and I could actually see how the lamp was put together and how a drum shade could fit in its place. I found this brand new damask-printed drum lamp shade at the thrift store for just $3. I was not able to use this kind, where the attachment thingy is at the top. First I tested out attaching the drum shade to the lamp.

Modern DIY Candle Votives on a Budget The other day, I accidentally made today’s DIY project. I was planning to make something else entirely and then a little lightbulb went off in my head and I switched gears. Don’t you love it when that happens? So, today’s edition of Make This will take you through making these modern, painted candle votives for just about any occasion: Mother’s Day, a housewarming party, a wedding. You name it – these DIY votives can adapt to pretty much anything, which is great. Supplies: powder plaster,plastic container for mixing,silicone square mold (this is the exact one I used)tealightsacrylic paint and paint brushmetal or wooden spoonmatte medium (optional) How to make your own: Written step by step instructions below images… 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. There are so many uses for these little guys. Or keep them all for yourself. Want more DIY ideas? Concept, photography and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff for Paper & Stitch

Free Printables -- Tatertots and Jello Tatertots and Jello DIY decorating and crafts Free Printables Many have asked for a collection of all of the TT&J free printables in one place. Get TT&J Weekly Email Updates! I'm Jen. Click here to follow this site via RSS Latest Pins on Pinterest TT&J on Twitter Tatertots & Jello supports… Copyright © 2014 Tatertots & Jello // Privacy Original Site Design by: LexiLyn Studio using The Genesis Theme Framework This site is a place for positive discussion and ideas. Disclosures Czego słuchać w trakcie pracy? | One Little Smile Podobno ludzie dzielą się na lubiących słuchać muzyki w trakcie pracy i na takich, którzy potrzebują do niej kompletnej ciszy. Ja jednak uważam, że prawda jak zwykle leży pośrodku i każdy z nas ma dni, w których bez muzyki nie daje rady pobudzić się do działania oraz takie, w których jakikolwiek hałas burzy skupienie. Sama dość często należę do tej cichej grupy, ale gdy robię coś, co nie wymaga ode mnie dużej koncentracji, uwielbiam nastrajać się pobudzającymi playlistami. Zanim jeszcze odkryłam miejsca, o których chcę Wam dziś napisać, często zaczynałam pracę z myślą: „Chcę posłuchać czegoś nowego, ale nie wiem czego”. Każdy ma jakieś swoje ulubione piosenki, płyty, ale czasem zwyczajnie nie ma się ochoty słuchać tego samego po raz setny. 1) Spotify Mój bezapelacyjny ulubieniec. Ja zdecydowanie najczęściej odpalam „Soft Pop Hits”, uwielbiam pracować przy tym zbiorze piosenek. 3) Kanały muzyczne na YouTube Kiedyś dostałam od znajomego link do fajnej, energetycznej piosenki. 4) Blogi

the 3 R's blog | 30 Projects x 30 Weeks x 3 Principles DIY-LED-Chandelier The classic Viennese chandelier is not really my kind of lighting solution, furthermore I wanted to keep the power consumption low. So? DIY and LED! The basic construction is quite simple: Nine textile-cables are hanging from the power outlet in the center of the ceiling. One green cable right in the middle, eight red cables redirected by cable pulleys in a circular array. Theoretically, all light bulbs should be on the same level. The cable pulleys (by AustriAlpin) are attached to the ceiling with wall pegs. I used a IKEA cutlery stand to cover the power outlet (I’m sure you know it), which has already been used as a lampshade elsewhere (also here). I chose LED light bulbs as lamps. Parts (all links in German): All the parts cost about €290 in total – calculated with the current Amazon-price for LED-lightbulbs (might by cheaper in a month).

Lines Across: How to Make a Chevron Braided Bracelet I realized it's been a long time since I shared a bracelet tutorial. This chevron style bracelet is fun and easy to braid, and can be turned into so many different styles of handmade jewelry. I used nylon cord from the trimmings section at the craft store for these bracelets. You can also find this in the kids section in multicolored packs. All you need to make these wrap bracelets is two colors of cord and a pair of scissors. (You can also check out this video tutorial) What you do: This is a four strand braid tutorial, basically the same as a fishtail braid. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. I especially love this orange and white triple wrap chevron bracelet.

the DIY: FASTEST FRIENDSHIP BRACELET EVER We were super excited to share the Fishtail Friendship bracelet tutorial with you and we are even more excited to share that we've found an easier way to do it. Don't get me wrong, I will still use the original technique to create more intricate designs but, this new tutorial is so quick you will end up wanting to make one in every color combination possible (like we did!) This tutorial is very similar to the other one so I will just share with you the differences. 1. You will only need to choose three colors of embroidery/friendship thread. Cut two pieces of each color at around 3 feet each. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. To see more detailed instructions of the end steps please refer to this tutorial. P.S.