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DIY // Swirl Ring — Bettina's Blog - Something handmade

DIY // Swirl Ring — Bettina's Blog - Something handmade
I am a ring addict, and because this Ring is one of my favorites I thought why not share how I make them. So this weeks DIY is my so-called “Swirl Ring”. Hope you enjoy! Let’s get started with the things you’ll need to make the ring… What you’ll need: Ok, do you have everything? 1. 2. 3. Do not hammer your 2 wire ends yet, if you do so you won’t be able to curve and shape them easily. 4. 5. By hammering the wirework it ensures your design will curve naturally around the top surface of your finger. I took this little cutie a step farther and gave it a little sparkle. My little Swirl Ring design can now be ordered on etsy, just in case you don’t feel like getting into this Swirl Ring DIY or don’t have the tools on hand. (images and design by me | tools can be found at Hobby Lobby, Amazon or Etsy) Subscribe via email and receive free desktop wallpapers! Your information will *never* be shared or sold to a 3rd party. Bettina Johnson

DIY Tutorial: Balenciaga Inspired Rings » Operation Overhaul Stacking Rings from Balenciaga SS13 When Ros & I first saw these Balenciaga rings from the S/S13 runway, it struck us how versatile it was but also how easy it was to create a DIY version — especially since we both don’t have 600 bucks to splurge on a set. Here’s my take and also probably the easiest tutorial I’ve posted to date. Materials needed: 2mm Coloured Aluminium WireWirecutterPlain rings/finger bandsThick marker (not pictured)Cloth + Pliers (Optional) I bought this coloured craft aluminum wire from Art Friend for under $3 SGD. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. I got my plain rings at the local Forever 21 but there are a ton of other places you can get them online as well. 1. 2. 3. 4. What do you think about it?

Handmade Vintage Button Ring Tutorial with Step by Step Photos - Good Morning! Today I thought it would be fun to bring you a tutorial on how to create a wire wrapped ring using a button from the Genuine Vintage Button Tin as the focal piece. In addition to the button you will also need: Ring MandrelNylon Hammer (or rawhide – non marring hammer)Wire SnipsChain Nose Pliers18 Gauge Artistic Wire® By Beadalon in Gun Metal Bronze Supplies needed for an assortment of rings Begin by cutting a 20" length of wire. Place the center of the button onto the ring mandrel one full size larger than you need for the finished ring size. Wrap the wire around the top and bottom of the button the mandrel so that you have four wraps around the mandrel. Pull the ends of the wire perpendicular to the mandrel and pull tightly to draw the wrapped sections to the center of the button. Begin to wrap the wires clockwise around the shank of the button. Again holding the wires perpendicular to the mandrel, remove the ring from the mandrel. Finished Vintage Button Wire Wrapped Ring

Lotts and Lots | Making the everyday beautiful: January 2013 This tassel earring DIY is the first upcycling project I have planned for January. I have pulled together a few tutorials using materials that you might already have in your jewellery box. I have had this necklace for years, I brought it in Turkey but could never wear as the sequins itched like crazy so I decided to convert into a pair of earrings. Now I realise this specific chain might be hard (impossible) to come by but it would work well with any other chain you might have, you know all those long necklaces that had owls on a few years ago, that sort of chain would be perfect. You'll need: An old necklace or about 2.5m of fine chain 3mm wire (I went for a contrasting colour but you could same colour if you prefer) Beads (these are about 1cm) Eye pins Earring hooks Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10.

DIY une double bague chaine | I love DIY Les doubles bagues sont ma folie du moment. C’est rock, original. J’en voulais une avec des chaînes, qui s’accorde avec un vernis foncé ! Si vous voulez vous créer la vôtre c’est juste après ! The double ring is my favorite jewelry trend of the moment. It’s rock, original. Pour créer une double bague chaîne il vous faut : 2 bagues avec des petits anneaux sur le dessus( les miennes viennent de chez Brico Déco comme le reste du matériel d’ailleurs), des chaînes de différentes matières et couleurs, des petits anneaux, une pince. To create your double chain ring you will need : 2 rings with little circles on top ( Mine is from Brico Déco same for the rest of the material), different color and kind of chains, little circle, pliers. Porté avec un perfecto et une casquette ( la grande tendance des défilés A-H 2014) mais ça je vous en parle plus tard c’est juste so rock!

Golden Stone Ring. Make your own lucky Blarney Stone ring to wear this St. Patrick’s Day!What you need: -Plain gold ring (I ended up using a piece of sanded down copper tube because I couldn’t find rings anywhere!) How I made it: -I painted one of my rocks and left one natural. Happy crafting! Don’t forget the giveaway! Sweet Athena | Makeover Monday: Beaded Chain Ring This is a bit of a cheat of a Makeover Monday post as all materials here are new. But I feel fine about it because A) I like breaking rules, even if they are ones I made up and B) the materials used are so few and small, you will be likely using left over scraps you have to make it anyways. Therefore still fitting one of the main purposes of this series, re-using. Materials Needed: -jewelry wire -jewelry wire cutters -jewelry round nose pliers -beads, preferably ones that are not perfectly round Add the amount of beads you would like on the top of the ring to the jewelry wire leaving enough wire on each side to wrap around the chain. Slip the end of the chain loop to the end of one of the wires.

DIY: Curb Chain Ring While browsing important web sites the other day, I stumbled upon some pictures of Gwen Stefani and fell in love with a curb chain ring she had on. Long story short I decided to make my own version and recycle some broken rings while at it. Inspiration My DIY version Now, if you can handle a torch and silver you can make a similar version with silver curb chain and some solder. If not then this is a much better way for you to create this style. You will need: - plain rings (I used some broken adjustable rings I had laying around) - curb chain (best if the width is the same or larger than the rings) - E6000 glue - pliers - toothpick and an old ring box cushion or a piece of styrofoam You can use brand new or recycle old rings. Start by wearing the ring you will use. Continue by placing your ring on a piece of styrofoam or an old ring box cushion to keep it stable while working on it. Apply a little amount of glue on the toothpick and spread it along the top of the ring. Mix it up and enjoy! xoxo

Making Your Own Cabochon Jewelry & a Giveaway! - The Happier Homemaker Last year while my husband was deployed I opened an Etsy shop selling jewelry. It ended up being a fairly short-lived endeavor….making jewelry in quantity was too labor-intensive for me with the three littles at home. (I can blog while nursing a baby, not so much with making jewelry!) Here are some of my favorite things I made for my shop: I love these little resin flowers-known as cabochons. I have found the best source of cabochons flowers, ring bases, and hair pin bases to be Etsy. Pick Your Plum also has great deals on jewelry making supplies quite often. I have purchased my necklace chains and bases at my local craft store or Walmart-they have large selections and you can use a coupon at the craft stores to make it even cheaper. Now that you have your supplies it is too easy! Okay, so now you’re all set to make your own cabochon jewelry but here’s the best part! To Enter (Mandatory): Leave me a comment telling me what your favorite type of jewelry is. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

DIY GIFT IDEA | Gold Gilded Geode Ring The holiday season is my favorite time of the year! To celebrate, I will be dedicating all my DIY's for the month of December to the holidays, including a few gift giving ideas. I always love gifting handmade jewelry, and when I saw this inspiration I knew what my first holiday DIY would be. I love how luxe look! It's a great update to a DIY favorite. Here is how to make a gold gilded geode ring for yourself and loved ones. Materials: - geode (here or here) - ring blank (here) - liquid gilding (here) - e6000 adhesive - paintbrush Steps: 1.