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Wanderlust and Lipstick

Wanderlust and Lipstick
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Women's Adventure Magazine Plnnr - plan the perfect trip, automatically! - StumbleUpon Business Travel Tips for Women Archive - Road Warriorette I have been an admirer of Dobbin Clothing since I first heard of them earlier this year. Their story is compelling—two fashion industry marketing and design professionals who came together to create their ideal line of women’s clothes. The fabric is what stood out to me at first. I tried the Nora ¾ sleeve A-line dress in navy (pictured top right), the Jackie short sleeved sheath in coral (pictured middle right), and the Carson ¾ sleeve faux wrap in Meadow (green and white floral) (pictured bottom right). I wore each dress for a long day of commuting, presentations, and walking. One of the great things about ponte is that dresses made from it tend to pack well. The final test was wearing the Nora on the ultimate business trip: a four flight, 20 hour, three state marathon travel day. I looked down and remembered how cute I looked. In case it isn’t clear, I love these dresses. A few ways I wore them: Have a travel question or suggestion?

Solo Fear and Diving: How to Cope with Age and Birthdays on a Lonely Road. Scuba Diving Fears and Coping with Age and Birthdays when you Travel The water was flooding panic into my goggles and stinging my eyes. I blew out sharply to clear my mask. We were pulling ourselves down by the anchor rope, descending to the ocean floor. I was at the head of the group and the second in line. Going back up was not an option. Was there a leak in my mask? My throat was dry. We lowered another foot. Everything around me felt foreign. Clear mask, swallow spit, pop ears and remember to breathe. Clear mask, swallow spit, pop ears and remember to breathe. It was a multi-tasking effort. Panic grew as I attempted to keep my alarm rate down. Ahhh, momentary relief. Some dive hand signals Kevin, my PADI dive instructor swam to me, signalling underwater (example of dive signals here): Everything okay? “Okay”, I signaled back. I couldn’t tell the difference. Happy fucking birthday, Chris! What does getting older mean and how do you celebrate it traveling alone? Diving into FEAR and embracing it.

6 of Europe’s Most Enchanting Coastal Towns Summer’s finally crept its way in as we welcome warm temperatures and the gratifying wave of heat. This summer, I’ll be ticking off gorgeous European islands and coastal towns off my travel list. I’ve always had a thing for coastal towns: craggy shoreline, charming houses poised on cliff tops and plundering azul waves. We’ve taken a look at the world’s most enchanting coastal islands, it’s time now to zoom in on Europe and check out its quaint, pocket-sized seafront towns. 1. Flickr photo by freefotouk Perched gloriously over a rocky outcrop above the Mediterranean Sea is the charming medieval village of Roquebrune. 2. Flickr photo by DarkB4Dawn As a personal favorite, Santorini oozes romantic vibes and postcard-perfect landscapes. 3. Having just returned from Macedonia, Lake Ohrid is undeniably the most beautiful natural attraction in the Balkans. 4. Flickr photo by Ploync 5. Photo from Wikipedia 6. Flickr photo by Glen MacLarty Related Posts:

Road Warriorette - My (Mostly) Business Travel Blog: Advice, insight, and observations about life on the road One of the most stressful parts of air travel for many people is airport security. The lines, the rules, the frayed tempers, the rush, the fear of doing something wrong… It’s a lot to worry about, especially if you are a new business traveler! Here are a few tips to help you fly through it like a veteran road warrior. Have your bag organized. When packing the night before, make sure all of the stuff that will need to come out during security is easily accessed. Get prepared in line. Manage your bins. Grab your stuff! It’s a stressful environment that amps up anxiety, even in experienced fliers. Readers, any tips for making airport security easier for first time business travelers? Have a travel question or suggestion? A Guide to Rome: Hotels, Tourist Attractions and Public Transportation in Rome and Surroundings. The historical center of Rome is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and so are a number of other monuments in the city. The Vatican City, the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and the Sistine Chapel are among the most famous tourist attractions in the world. Colosseum An abundance of tourist attractions, a pleasant climate and the best food in the world equals a popular tourist destination and tourists need places to stay: We have made a list of Rome hotel accommodations, from cheap B&B’s and hostels near Termini, to luxury hotels in the historical center of Rome. Other sections deal with practical information, including public transportation in Rome, day trips, entertainment, eating and drinking and activities.