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Senior solo songs

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Top Songs for Graduation 2011. Graduation Songs - Top 40 Graduation Songs Of All Time. Graduation, or commencement, is one of the most important and memorable ceremonies in life.

Graduation Songs - Top 40 Graduation Songs Of All Time

The music that accompanies the ceremony will often be remembered right along with the events of the day. These are 40 of the most proven and durable songs for helping you celebrate a graduation. 39. Billy Joel - "Vienna" Courtesy Columbia Records Sometimes in the midst of such a major life event as graduation, it is hard to remember to relax and slow down and let some things unfold on their own. Listen 38. Courtesy Reprise Records This song is an anthemic call to raising your voice and being heard even when you face opposition. Watch Video 37. Courtesy Capitol This Beach Boys song is somewhat rare. Listen 31.

Courtesy Atlantic Records Everyone needs friends as they head from school into the "real world. " Watch Video. Top 10 Graduation Songs for 2012. Graduation, or commencement, is one of the most memorable transition points of life.

Top 10 Graduation Songs for 2012

It is a point at which we celebrate what has come before and look forward with hope to the future. This are the songs that make up your soundtrack for 2012. As you are selecting graduation music, don't miss the list of Top 40 Graduation Songs of All Time. 1. Nicki Minaj - "Fly" featuring Rihanna Courtesy Cash Money "Fly" is an upbeat, anthemic song about something beyond mere survival. Watch Video 2. Courtesy Atlantic Graduation is a time to celebrate friends and friendships. Watch Video 3. Flo Rida has a good feeling, and hopefully for everyone some of the emotions associated with graduation will be some of the best feelings of life. Watch Video 4. Courtesy Universal Graduation is often a time, among all of the other feelings, that the weight of the past is felt as real and present.

Watch Video 5. Courtesy Columbia Records Listen 6. This dance-pop song from Calvin Harris is a current top 10 hit. Watch Video. List of Meaningful Graduation Songs for 2012. Now, the graduation season is coming.

List of Meaningful Graduation Songs for 2012

Though the peak of graduation may be in the June or July, but in some countries, time is a bit earlier like in Philippines and Japan. Kindergarten pupils, middle school students and university students are going to their own graduation time. At the every graduation ceremony, students will sing a song as a final ceremony, which will extremely generate the sense of unity, and also a sense that we're really going apart. These meaningful graduation songs for 2012 will resonate with your feelings, the overlook to a new start or the sad emotions of goodbyes between friends and classmates. If you are going to make a PowerPoint slideshow or a short video with the photos taking in the past years, taking these graduation songs as background music is also great idea.

List of meaningful graduation songs for 2012: 1. If you have any good idea or graduation songs suggestions, feel free to share with us below. Read more: Daughters - Kendall Jennings. Top 60 Graduation Songs or Music for Graduation Video Presentation. No one else, no one else Can speak the words on your lips Drench yourself in words unspoken Live your life with arms wide open Today is where your book begins The rest is still unwritten Image Source: The coming of graduation conjures up the old good memories of my college days.

Top 60 Graduation Songs or Music for Graduation Video Presentation

Maybe you’re looking for a graduation song or a music piece to include in a party playlist or a gift video slideshow for an intimate classmate. How can you find an ideal graduation song in 2 minutes? You must make clear of which style of music your class loves. For convenience sake, I have listed 60 popular graduation songs that may make you cry or laugh at the gathering, shown as below. Apply to: graduates of 8th grade, 12th grade, college 1. Which are your favorite graduation songs? You may also be interested in: Make a Graduation Video Slideshow with PowerPoint How to Insert a Graduation Song into PowerPoint Related posts: