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Great Women of Science. Most Influential Women Of The 21st Century. Top 50 Female Athletes Ever | Bleacher Report. The world’s greatest female athletes | The Rundown. To mark International Women's Day, we present a selection of the greatest female athletes in the world. It's not a comprehensive list, and the order is alphabetical rather than on merit. If we have left out someone you think deserves inclusion, please let us know in the comments! Luciana Aymar (Argentina, Hockey): The greatest hockey player of all time. Seven-times World Player of the Year and four-times Olympic medallist. Tora Berger (Norway, Biathlon): Managed almost complete dominance of the 2013 World Championships, winning four gold medals from six available. Jessica Ennis (Great Britain, Athletics): Olympic heptathlon champion - the world's greatest all-around athlete.

Allyson Felix (USA, Athletics): Track star of London 2012, winning the 200m and two relay golds. Missy Franklin (USA, Swimming): Star of London 2012, winning four golds in the pool aged 17. Jacqueline Freney (Australia, Swimming): The Australian Paralympian won eight golds in the pool in London. 50 Women Of Action - Women Of Action -- Top 50 Female Athletes in Action Sports - X Games. Wired 25: The Best Female Rappers Of All Time...As Of March 2015 [Photos] It has been a long time coming but with all the platinum plaques and mounting accolades, female rappers have finally earned enough clout to be known for emceeing more than their estrogen. To close out Women’s Appreciation Month, Hip-Hop Wired has compiled the best female rappers of all time, as of now.

Give us your feedback in the comment section. — Photo: Chris Connor/WENN 25. Gangsta Boo Claim To Fame: Competing heavily with her Three 6 Mafia brothers. Best Project: Enquiring Minds (1998) 24. Claim To Fame: Being a member of the first Hip-Hop group from the culture’s birthplace to get a record deal, who in turn, and became the first rap group to perform live on a national television broadcast. Best Song: “That’s the Joint” (1981) (As a member of the Funky Four Plus One) 23.

Claim To Fame: Lyrically standing out on the Internet without thirst trapping. Best Project: The Idea of Beautiful (2012) 22. Claim To Fame: Setting off the Roxanne Wars. Best Project: Bad Sister (1989) 21. 20. 19. 18. 17. Ten Historic Female Scientists You Should Know. 16 of History's Most Rebellious Women. Greatest Women in History - 75 Greatest American Women. Women who changed the world •Biography Online.

A list of famous influential women, including women’s rights activists, poets, musicians, politicians, humanitarians and scientists. Sappho (circa 570 BCE) One of the first known female writers. Much of her poetry has been lost but her immense reputation has remained. Plato referred to Sappho as one of the great 10 poets.

Cleopatra (69 BCE–30 BCE) The last Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt. Cleopatra sought to defend Egypt from the expanding Roman Empire. In doing so she formed relationships with two of Rome’s most powerful leaders, Marc Anthony and Julius Caesar. Mary Magdalene (4 BCE–40BCE) Accounts from the Gospels and other sources suggest Mary Magdalene was one of Jesus’ most devoted followers. Boudicca (1st Century CE) Boudicca was an inspirational leader of the Britons. Hildegard of Bingen (1098–1179) Mystic, author and composer. Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122–1204) The first Queen of France.

Mirabai (1498–1565) Indian mystic and poet. Queen Victoria (1819–1901) British Queen. Susan B. Related. Famous Women. Information, Timeline, List, Resources and Articles About Famous Women In History Page Links:Introduction to women’s history List of famous women from history Featured article: Heroines of Women’s History Women’s history resources Women’s history suggested reading Articles featuring famous women in history Introduction To Women’s History: Beyond Famous Names Women’s History is more than the sum of its outstanding players: Rosa Parks, Susan B.

Anthony, Sacagawea, Helen Keller, Amelia Earhart, et al. But like other subsets of history, Women’s History is more than just a loose collection of headlines about the intermittent monarch, the suffrage movement, the occasional outstanding writer, the trailblazing aviatrix, the pious religious figure, the angry form of feminism that led women to set their underthings ablaze. These woman and others like them did not just prevail, they excelled when personal, economic, political, and racial obstacles threatened. Womens History Month Susan B. Aphra Behn. Taylor Swift becomes youngest ever entry on Forbes most powerful women list - People - News - The Independent. The 25-year-old US singer made number 65 on the Forbes annual list of the most powerful women in the world, a list dominated by politicians, activists and businesswomen – and topped by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Forbes, which has put together the list since 2004, defended the choice explaining Swift has “not only broken record sales and captivated the world with her fantastically honest lyrics, but she has proven herself as an impressive businesswoman.”

Swift, a seven-time Grammy winner, has sold more than 40 million albums and 100 million single downloads worldwide – making her one of the best-selling artist of all time and now the youngest entry on the list by six years. Loading gallery The next youngest on the list is Elizabeth Holmes (no.72), founder and CEO of innovative blood-testing company Theranos, and the world’s youngest female self-made billionaire, worth an estimated $4.6 billion. Taylor Swift & Beyonce Make Forbes' 100 Most Powerful Women List. To quote Taylor on Tumbr: No big deal, totally casual, but Taylor Swift was just named to Forbes' list of the 100 Most Powerful Women in the World.

Coming in at No. 64, 25-year-old Swift is the youngest person on this year's list. "The singer-songwriter completed her transition from country starlet to pop superstar with the launch of album 1989 last fall, the top-selling release of the year with over 3.5 million copies sold," Forbes explains about her power, in part. If Taylor Swift Calls This Teacher, Finals Are Canceled Beyonce was this year's highest-ranking entertainer, at No. 18. Take it away, Forbes: "Beyoncé also took the top spot on last year's Celeb 100 list after earning big from her Mrs.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel took the No. 1 spot once again. Jane Addams (1860-1935) - The 25 Most Powerful Women of the Past Century. Any down-on-his-luck person who's been helped by a social worker has Jane Addams to thank. In grimy late 19th century Chicago, she pioneered the idea of settlement houses that offered night classes for adults, a kindergarten, a coffeehouse, a gym and social groups meant to create a sense of community among the downtrodden of the neighborhood.

Her Hull House was a residence for about 25 women, and at its peak was visited by more than 2,000 people a week. As her community influence grew, Addams was appointed to prominent state governmental and community boards, where she focused on improving sanitation, midwifery and food safety and reducing narcotics consumption. An ardent pacifist and outspoken advocate for women's suffrage, Addams was also the first American woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

25 Most Powerful Women of the 20th Century. The World's 100 Most Powerful Women List.