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Breaking CNN – 7 Signs of Cervical Cancer That Women Need to Observe » Healthy Lifestyle Team. For women, cervical or cervix cancer can be deadly.

Breaking CNN – 7 Signs of Cervical Cancer That Women Need to Observe » Healthy Lifestyle Team

While statistics about this cancer is frightening, cervical cancer can be prevented, and treated if caught early. Cervical cancer is most commonly caused by HPV or the human papillomavirus, which is highly contagious. This virus is an STI (sexually transmitted infection) and comes in many types but only some cause cervical cancer. An HPV infection might go away on its own or could cause abnormal cell growth that may lead to cervical cancer. The signs for cervical cancer may not be as obvious or apparent as breast cancer but there are ways to observe the signs. 1. 2. According to gynecologist Rosa Maria Leme, “The appearance of small warts (externally or internally) serve as a red flag…diseases such as HPV, which can greatly increases the chances of cervical cancer in women.”

16 Signs You're Ready To Move In Together. 5 Relationship Rules You Should Stop Following Immediately. Shutterstock Let’s face it: Most of our friends, family, and co-workers are not actual relationship experts, despite the frequency with which they dole out advice.

5 Relationship Rules You Should Stop Following Immediately

Some of their "wise" words are obviously outdated ("Wait three days to call after a date. " Ha, please.), but others are a little trickier to decipher. When you hear a relationship rule often enough, it can seem like a pretty reasonable truth. How to make your Vagina Smell & Taste Delicious. By Holly Jean , 8 Apr 2013 Ok girls, let's talk about the taste and scent of the vagina.

How to make your Vagina Smell & Taste Delicious

Women have pretty unique vaginal bacterial fingerprints rendering distinctive unique tastes. 21 Ways to Have WAY More Fun with Masturbation. Dmitry Tsvetkov / Shutterstock Fun fact: May is National Masturbation Month (yes, it's an actual thing)!

21 Ways to Have WAY More Fun with Masturbation

And to celebrate the wondrous activity of self-pleasure, we've rounded up a bunch of ways to get yourself off using orgasmic advice from sex experts Ian Kerner, Ph.D., author of She Comes First, and Emily Morse, founder of Emily & Tony. Let the best 31 days of your sex year begin! 1. Use Lube The wetter the better! 11 Things Every Woman Should Tell Her Gyno. Thinkstock / Elizabeth Natoli There are some things that you'd barely consider telling your best friend—let alone your gynecologist.

11 Things Every Woman Should Tell Her Gyno

The Female Orgasm: How it Works. 7 Signs You're Dating a Narcissist. Shutterstock Most women have dated a jerk or two in their lifetime, but then there's the worst kind ever: the narcissist.

7 Signs You're Dating a Narcissist

How A MAN show His LOVE. How to Seduce your Partner. Reasons Why Guys Love it When You Orgasm. Yuri Arcurs/Thinkstock You're familiar with the fortune cookie game, right?

Reasons Why Guys Love it When You Orgasm

How to Tell If He Loves You. Signs Of A Controlling Boyfriend. We all like a man who takes charge in certain situations.

Signs Of A Controlling Boyfriend

However, there is a fine line between a man taking charge and a man who wants to be in charge all the time. If your man increasingly censors your actions or thoughts and chips away at your self-esteem, you may have what is called a controlling boyfriend. Why do these douchebags act like this? Generally, this behavior stems from their own insecurity, or from the fact that they’ve been fucked over by a woman they had strong feelings for and are scared of getting hurt again. The really messed up ones have grown up observing relationships where the man held the upper hand by controlling the woman, and their self esteem may be so low that the only way they can be sure that you will stay with them is to make you feel worthless. 5 Lessons on Love. Every birthday, I take time to reflect on the past year – my accomplishments, hardships and most importantly, the lessons learned.

5 Lessons on Love

Because of all the mistakes and observations I made in my twenties, I’ve learned many lessons that I can now bring into my thirties… 1. Love yourself first, the rest will follow I was absolutely boy crazy in my teens and early twenties. On the outside it looked like I was a girl who just wanted to have fun, but deep down inside, I just wanted to feel loved and accepted. 6 Sure Signs He Likes You. Dating is always such a delicate dance.

6 Sure Signs He Likes You

You don’t want to make the wrong move, and God forbid you take the wrong step that causes you to fall. Dating is a hormonally charged experience that involves a lot of guessing, hoping and wondering if and how much the other person likes you. While women can spend hours deciphering the different hidden meanings a one-sentence text message has, the truth is, there is not much science in figuring out if the apple of your eye is in to you… 11 Signs You Need To Leave Your Relationship. When it comes to relationships, some of us have had the unfortunate but eye-opening experience of being in an extremely toxic one. Most likely, our first experience was enough to be our last, if we were lucky enough to learn from our mistakes and never get involved in one of those types again.

But sometimes, you are so deep in the trenches that you can’t even see the mess you are in until it is too late. Human beings have the tendency to idealize things that they want. Studies have shown that being in “love” actually makes your lover seem more attractive, intelligent and desirable than they really are. Ladies, You Have Been Warned: A Breakdown Of Men Who Seek Mistresses. There are three types of cheating men who seek mistresses. Use this information to examine a guy more critically, to categorize who he is and what his intentions may be before you enter into a potentially awful situation.

The Dodgy Boyfriend You had no idea that he’s actually involved with another woman. This guy can be quite scary — if he’s hiding his identity from you, imagine all of the things he’s capable of hiding. Imagine the other woman. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not: 4 Signs That He's Just Not That Into You. You just came home from a night out on the town with your best friends. You keep reminiscing on that cute guy you made eye contact with across the bar. In fact, you thought he was so cute, you decided to slip him your number. After falling asleep with your phone next to you waiting for his text or call, your phone buzzes. It’s him! Is Your Relationship Just A Game? How To Make Sure He Isn't In It To Break Your Heart.

Why Every Girl Needs A Guy Best Friend. Nothing is better than a girls’ night out, filled with selfies, vodka-crans, and of course an LBD. The 11 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Extremely Low Maintenance. The assumption that men are all low maintenance (or at least, that they’re not as high maintenance as women) is totally invalid, especially in today’s world. Many men are embracing ideals that seem to appeal to feminine concerns: facial creams, tight tops, skinny jeans, spending hours at the gym… the list continues. On the whole, men are growing increasingly more concerned with appearance and sartorial choices. They spend more time in the shower, in front of the mirror, in the H&M changing room and at the salon. The 11 Differences Between Dating a Boy vs a Man. When I was in my early twenties, if a guy acted aloof, called back only sometimes and showed minimal interest, I would get hooked. Things You Didn’t Know About Porn.

Reasons You Should Have More Orgasms. Eye Makeup Tips. Shutterstock While the eyes might be the window to the soul, they can also capture the attention of the hottie across the bar. In case you missed it: A recent study showed seventy percent of men notice your eyes before any other trait. Try these four tips from Women's Health beauty editor Jill Percia to make your eyes look bigger, bolder, and more beautiful. Choose Shimmer Over Matte "The sheen reflects light and makes eyes appear brighter and more awake," says Percia.

Reasons You Should Have More Orgasms.