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Women, sex and the cut

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SOS Circumserum 04. What the muck!: Sex and the Circumcised. (the following article appeared in the book Everything You Know About Sex is Wrong, 2004) By Diane Petryk-Bloom Want her to TOTALLY want it, TOTALLY need it and TOTALLY love it?

ED, Viagra, and smaller penises

Circumcised at 18. Circumcision - Sex Effects - Male Circumcision. Sorrells-Chart-copy. Bju_6685. Penile sensitivity chart. Women overwhelmingly prefer sex with a man who has a foreskin. Men restoring their foreskin often wonder how women will react to their foreskin.

Women overwhelmingly prefer sex with a man who has a foreskin

Most men in the United States who are sexually active are circumcised. That means most women who are sexually active in the US are used to circumcised men. But, there are some lucky guys out there who have their whole sex organ, that is, they are intact, uncut, and uncircumcised. Women who have encountered these intact, uncut, and uncircumcised men have been favorably impressed. Some of them are so taken with sex with a man having an intact penis that they blogged about it. One thing to consider is that foreskins come in all sizes. Blogs by women who prefer intact men. He has his foreskin! Why I love Uncircumcised Penis. I LOVE Foreskin! Circumcision Makes A Prettier Penis???? Circ Regret. Circumcised Is ??? Ummm... How Circumcision Affects Women, my take on it. Male circumcision controversy. Circumcision has always been a controversial, and on a world scale, a minority practice.

Male circumcision controversy

Even among societies where it was commonly performed, as with the ancient Hebrews, there were always critics who asked why would would parents do to babies things that no rational adult would ever do to himself. Medically rationalised circumcision has been controversial from the outset, and in its place of origin (Britain) never affected more than a third of boys.

Even then it was subject to constant doubt and criticism: as early as the 1890s one doctor attacked the practice as "barbarity". The practice never spread beyond the English-speaking world, and only in the United States did it (briefly) become nearly universal. Historical Medical Quotes on Circumcision. Effects of male circumcision on female arousal. Effects of male circumcision on female arousal and orgasm While vaginal dryness is considered an indicator for female sexual arousal disorder,1,2 male circumcision may exacerbate female vaginal dryness during intercourse.3 O'Hara and O'Hara reported that women who had experienced coitus with both intact and circumcised men preferred intact partners by a ratio of 8.6 to one.4 Most women (85.5%) in that survey reported that they were more likely to experience orgasm with a genitally intact partner: `They [surveyed women] were also more likely to report that vaginal secretions lessened as coitus progressed with their circumcised partners (16.75, 6.88–40.77).' 4 Presence of the movable foreskin makes a difference in foreplay, being more arousing to the female.4 Women reported they were about twice as likely to experience orgasm if the male partner had a foreskin.4 The impact of male circumcision on vaginal dryness during coitus required further investigation.

Effects of male circumcision on female arousal

Uncircumcised Women Talk About Uncircumcised Men. How Male Circumcision Impacts Your Love Life. I know.

How Male Circumcision Impacts Your Love Life

As an obstetrician-gynecologist, I've performed hundreds of circumcisions, and I've been on the front lines of the circumcision debate for more than 25 years. Though I've provided information on circumcision for expectant couples for years, it long ago became clear to me that the decision about whether or not to circumcise a boy is made from an emotional not a rational place.

Still, the tide is turning as more and more people, both within and without the medical profession, rethink the entire subject. In the spirit of science and compassion, I urge you to read this article with an open mind. It may well change the entire way you view circumcision. A Risky, Painful, and Unnecessary Procedure The sad truth is that throughout most of the 20th century, the American medical community has focused on finding reasons to remove the foreskin of newborn males instead of acknowledging Mother Nature's wisdom in including this highly sensitive tissue.

Effects of Male Circumcision on Female Arousal and Orgasm. By Gillian A.

Effects of Male Circumcision on Female Arousal and Orgasm

Bensley and Gregory J. Boyle Department of Psychology Bond University, QLD, Australia. Intact and circumcised men: A woman's point of view. As a woman who has embraced her right to pleasure as a sexual being, I have had experience with both cut and intact men.

Intact and circumcised men: A woman's point of view

I always thought that neonatal circumcision was wrong as a form of male genital mutilation. A person should be able to choose permanent changes made to their body. In practice with partners, however, I had not given any thought about circumcision status for the first several years I was sexually active. Got Circumcised as an Adult (Just saw the Penn & Teller episode) Pleasures of the Foreskin. William Acton, 1865 Many foreign writers maintain … that the chief source of sexual pleasure resides in the glans penis.

Pleasures of the Foreskin

That this organ has a considerable share in the sensations experienced is very true, but, from certain cases that have come under my notice, I cannot help thinking that it has less to do with them than is generally supposed. Some time ago I attended an officer on his return from India, who had lost the whole of his glans penis. The patient, completely recovered his health, the parts healed, and a considerable portion of the body of the penis was left. Fine-touch pressure thresholds in the adult penis - Sorrells - 2007 - BJU International. Male Circumcision & Women's Health. The Foreskin, Circumcision and Sexuality. "Speaking as a Cavalier, I'm flummoxed by one proposition of the anti-snipping crowd: that circumcision "reduces sensitivity.

The Foreskin, Circumcision and Sexuality

" Well, thank God I had it trimmed back, then; if the serpent were any more easily provoked, I'd have to spend my days wearing a hoop skirt. Lyle Neff in the Vancouver Courier, July 21, 2004. Abandon the knife - People & Power. The World Health Organisation estimates that between 100 to 140 million girls and women live with the consequences of circumcision or female genital mutilation, a right of passage and a prerequisite to marriage in many societies.

Abandon the knife - People & Power

Physically and psychologically painful it is without health benefits and mostly carried out on young girls between infancy and 15 years of age. In Africa alone it is estimated that 92 million girls from the age of 10 have undergone the practice. But in the Pokot community of highland Kenya, young girls are now fighting back against the process which they call "cutting". High hopes: the UFO cult 'restoring' the victims of female genital mutilation. A nondescript suburb on the outskirts of San Francisco.

High hopes: the UFO cult 'restoring' the victims of female genital mutilation

A plain brick building. Seven nervous women wait in the sunlight. 15 Square Inches of Erogenous Tissue. Erogenous Tissue Loss after Circumcision. By J.R. Taylor, A.P. Lockwood and A.J. Thischart. The Sexual Effects of Circumcision. From the National Organization of Circumcision Information Research Centers of ColoradoNew study shows circumcision removes the most sensitive parts of the penis.Press Release, Full Study (PDF).

George C. Denniston, M.D., MPH, commented, "This new study provided further evidence of the permanent and irreversible lifelong injury of non-therapeutic neonatal circumcision and raises grave ethical questions regarding the continued performance of child circumcision. We call upon the American Academy of Pediatrics to defend children from this practice. " Male circumcision leads to a bad sex life. The Danish study is the first one ever to look into what effect male circumcision has on their female partners. (Photo: Colourbox) If a man is circumcised, he faces an increased risk of experiencing delayed orgasm, and his female partner has an increased risk of not feeling sexually fulfilled.

This is the clear-cut conclusion of a new Danish research article, which has received international attention. Confessions of a Circumcised Man. "This is winter wheat we’re sowing, and other hands will harvest. " Elizabeth Cady Stanton, American Universal Suffrage Leader. Functions of the Foreskin: Purposes of the Prepuce. The prepuce is primary, erogenous tissue necessary for normal sexual function. Improve Marital Sex: Keep the Foreskins. By Dr. Lack of penile sensitivity. Matt I am 48 and circumcised and I am having similar problem. Glossary of the Foreskin and Circumcision. Ablate Remove. (ablation = removal) (L., = carry away)