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Mom Writes Book, ‘Bad Hair Does Not Exist!’ For Daughters. An article by Maya Chung for NBC News.

Mom Writes Book, ‘Bad Hair Does Not Exist!’ For Daughters

“Bad Hair Does Not Exist!” Is a new bilingual book that encourages young Black, Afro-Latino, and multi-racial girls to see themselves, and their hair, as beautiful. Sulma Arzu-Brown, who calls herself a “Garifuna” woman or Afro-Latino from Honduras, was inspired to write the book after her three-year-old daughter’s babysitter commented that little Bella Victoria had “pelo malo,” which is a Spanish term for “bad hair.” She knew then that she could either be angry or be a part of the solution, so she chose to write a book. “The book is a tool of cultural solidarity and a tool of empowerment for all of our little girls,” said Arzu-Brown whose daughters are now 4 and 11.

Arzu-Brown said her older daughter, Suleni, began telling her that she wanted straight hair after seeing so many images of girls that don’t look like her on TV. “One day I went and cut it all off. “I walk into a Dominican hair salon and the employees are talking about me. Did You Know California Was Named After A Native Black Woman? Was California was named after, Queen Califia, a Black Amazon warrior Queen?

Did You Know California Was Named After A Native Black Woman?

Spanish writer, Garci Rodríguez de Montalvo, wrote about Queen Califia in 1500 in his novel,Las sergas de Esplandián (The Adventures of Esplandián). Califia was said to rule an “island nation” where gold was the only metal. Whoopi Goldberg even depicted Queen Califia in the Disneyland Film, Golden Dreams. So you want to enter a Theatre Festival – but which one?

So you want to enter a Theatre Festival – but which one?

So you want to enter a Theatre Festival – but which one?

One of my go-to recommendations for my writer consultation clients with new works is to hit the festival circuit. While there are definitely some cons to being one show in a sea of so many others (can’t choose your venue, physical production limited to the set-up/strike time, etc.), the long list of pros usually makes it worth at least submitting the application to see if you get in (and if you don’t, you’ve learned something already – maybe it’s time to do a redraft). My clients inevitably ask, “Which festivals should I enter and how do I find out the info?” I always rattle off a few, and they jot ’em down, and inevitably I end up wondering, “Why isn’t there a list of the most important festivals online somewhere?”


How to Book Your One-Person Show - Thriving Artist Circle. Many thriving artists enjoy taking matters into their own hands and creating their own one-person show.

How to Book Your One-Person Show - Thriving Artist Circle

It can be a thrilling experience to perform a piece that you wrote on stage, and it’s also a great way to get your work seen by more people. However, sometimes it can be a little bit tricky to find venues that will pay you to perform, especially if you’re just starting out. So, here are some ideas to get you set up for long-term success with your show. Understand Your Target Audience Every piece of artistic work has a target audience, including your show. When you look at the material you’ve created, what are the central themes? 5 Stages of Loc Hair. Writing Tips/Summer Classes/Gorgeous Stories & Shows. What Angela Davis Thinks Of Her Face On T-Shirts. Son of Semele Ensemble. Festival Dates: July 1 – 19, 2015 Application Deadline: April 1, 2015 Solo Creation Festival (SCF) exists to support the creation of new and innovative solo works in all stages of development.

Son of Semele Ensemble

The festival takes place over the course of three weeks. Sesame Street: Song. Rentals. Classes • workshops • rehearsals • video shoots • performances • special events • and more!


Rent Live Arts Los Angeles for your project or performance! Call 323-739-0804 or email us at Rental Rates – STUDIO 1. 6 Black Owned Natural Beauty Brands You Should Know. Image: Instagram With the recent news about L’Oreal USA acquiring natural hair care line, Carol’s Daughter, entrepreneur Lisa Price has received mixed reviews in regards to her latest business move.

6 Black Owned Natural Beauty Brands You Should Know

The CEO who started her business 21 years ago in her New York City apartment was congratulated by some and referred to as a “sell out” by others who announced their refusal to support a brand that’s no longer black owned. But whatever your take is on Price’s latest power move, we’ve rounded up a list of six other black owned beauty brands that you should keep on your radar when looking for the next best hair and skin care product. Check them out on the next page… The changing business of black hair. - by Antonia The Black haircare industry is grossly underestimated, and knowingly so.

the changing business of black hair

Market research firm Mintel estimated the size of the 2012 market at $684 million, with a projection of $761 million by 2017. But Mintel also wisely notes, “What’s missing from these figures are general market brands, weaves, extensions, wigs, independent beauty supply stores, distributors, e-commerce, styling tools, and appliances. If all of those things were to be taken into consideration, the $684 million in expenditures could reach a whopping half trillion dollars.”

Half trillion as is in $500 billion. Hair is an important aspect of Black female culture, so it’s unsurprising that we potentially spend that much money on our hair. What’s Stayed the Same: High Spending & Weaves. Self-Producing IV: Creating a Budget. Money, honey!

Self-Producing IV: Creating a Budget

Your art is sacred and priceless, but alas, producing it requires some dough. In this blog I’ve made a list of most of the potential costs associated with a theater production. The range of possible spending is wiiiiide and depends on your aims, the quality of the line item (i.e. fancy theater vs. black box), and the deals that you make. My own approach in self-producing has been to try to go as top-drawer as I can afford, in order to present myself in the most professional way. Another approach might be to go as low-budget as possible in order to get your feet wet. 2015 Submission. UNITED SOLO THEATRE FESTIVAL™ is an annual international festival for solo performances held in New York City.

2015 Submission

The Festival explores and celebrates the uniqueness of the individual through a variety of one-person shows. Productions are selected from open submissions and presented at the highly acclaimed Theatre Row, located in the heart of the New York City theatre district on 42nd Street. Renowned solo performers and new talents bring their works in many categories (e.g. storytelling, puppetry, dance, multimedia, documentary, musical, improv, stand-up, poetry, magic, performance art, tragedy or comedy).

The artists benefit from being presented by United Solo, a company made up of artists and producers with vast experience in solo performance. Creating Your One-Man or One-Woman Show, Part One - acting advice. Creating Your One-Man or One-Woman Show, Part One by Victoria Larimore Let's be real – producing a one-man or one-woman show is quite a big undertaking and requires lots of plain old hard work. But the payoff can be huge – including launching the careers of actors from John Leguizamo (Moulin Rouge, Summer of Sam, etc.) to Eric Bogosian (Talk Radio, “Law & Order: Criminal Intent,” etc.) to my old pal Claudia Shear (two Tony nominations for “Dirty Blonde”) and revitalizing the career of the likes of Lily Tomlin (“Intelligent Signs of Life in the Universe” on Broadway), among others.

A one-man or one-woman show is an incredible way to stand apart from the pack and get the spotlight focused on you. So, pick your material wisely, choose only the best professional collaborators, and then, when you're ready, promote and publicize your show like crazy! Web Series Pitch Sheet: 'White Collar Brawler' Supernaturaltwo. Supernaturaltwo. The Misadventures of AWKWARD Black Girl by Awkward Black Girl. Bag Lady: A One Woman Show & Web-series by Tammi Mac. It is a theatrical production of a one-woman show, starring Tammi Mac.

Bag Lady is an epic saga of true stories, about a woman who carries the bags of her past, into each of her relationships with men. The more relationships she encounters, the more bags she drags, which leads her into a whirlwind of bad decisions. When she finally connects her past to her present, she discovers the key to unlock the leash of bags that have bound her. Bag Lady is a hilarious, yet tear jerking dramedy, that recounts actual episodes of Tammi Mac’s life and the life of some of her very best friends. Laugh til you cry and cry til you laugh at what is probably, YOUR STORY too. (Think: For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuff or The Vagina Monolgues.) If you click the first reward option, $5 or more. "Unexpectedly Expecting" - A One-Woman Show by Angie Light. Tickets are now on sale at Brown Paper Tickets! Not everyone was born wanting to have kids. For me, it was a struggle to get to a point where I was ready.

I wrote a one-woman show about my experience, called "Unexpectedly Expecting. " It's a comedic romp through my misgivings about having kids after having spent 15 years of my adult life pretty dead set against it. Elephant Stageworks / Elephant Theatre Company. Creating Your One-Man or One-Woman Show, Part One - acting advice. Self-Producing V: Sources of Income, Pt. 1. Submit. We want to read your story. Everyone has one. In fact, everyone has a REALLY interesting one. Send yours to us and tell your story on our stage! Stories must be taboo, which means you wouldn’t really ever talk about them at a dinner party. They can’t be drunk stories because most people love to talk about how drunk they got that one time. They must show your vulnerable side. These are things that everyone deals with in one way or another.

People reading things that are funny, dirty and sad, twice a month in Los Angeles. Kevin Allison Presents: RISK! Live Show & Podcast! Want to tell a story on the RISK! Podcast, or maybe even at one of our live shows? Tell us what happens in the beginning, middle and end (don’t leave us hanging!) Of your story by answering each these questions as best you can. If a question doesn’t apply to your particular tale, see if you can say why. Remember: RISK! Write to: On RISK!

A) High stakes (You felt there was a lot to be lost and/or gained in the circumstances.) B) Emotional investment (You really cared about the situation and were thrilled or crushed or frightened, etc.) C) An unusual experience (Your story features subject matter we’re not likely to have covered on the podcast yet.) D) Sharing this takes guts (Normally you’d only share this with a therapist. It’s best if you keep your pitch under 250 words in length. Creative Heart Coaching: So You Want to Write a One Person Show, Part 7 of 7. Long Form Monologue/One Person Shows.

Written and Edited by Lindsay Price June, 2007. Creative Heart Coaching: So You Want to Write a One Person Show? Part 1 of 7. How To Write A One-Person Show. Creating Your One-Man or One-Woman Show, Part One - acting advice. (2) Awaken The Solo Performer Course. Black Executive Allegedly Fired From BP For Braided Hair And Ethnic Clothing. We're Not Joking. Melphine Evans, A black former executive at BP (British Petroleum Oil Co.), is suing the oil company for allegedly firing her because of her braided hair and "ethnic" attire.

United Solo » uFest. HOME - Enriching. Original. Intimate. Tulsa school sends girl home because ‘dreadlocks’ and ‘afros’ are too distracting. By David EdwardsWednesday, September 4, 2013 14:05 EDT A father in Oklahoma said this week that he was forced to pull his daughter out of classes after the charter school she was attending sent her home for having the wrong hairstyle. Woman with Longest Dreadlocks: 'I Would Never Cut My Hair' South African Thieves Stealing Locs to Meet Increased Demand for Loc Extensions. Via BBC News Jack Maseko was recently mugged by three men in South Africa – they wanted nothing but his mobile phone and the dreadlocks he had spent three years patiently cultivating. The ‘Big Chop’ Experience. The boldest way to start your natural hair journey is to do the ‘big chop’.

A few weeks ago, R&B singer, Chrisette Michele shocked the world debuting a sassy new short and tampered look during an appearance at Albany State University. Good and Bad Hair: Photographs - Bill Gaskins. Skin Deep - Black Hair, Still Tangled in Politics. Noliwe Rooks - Center for African American Studies. Associate Director, Center for African American Studies Ph.D., University of Iowa Prof. Rooks is the associate director of the Center for African American Studies at Princeton. Her current intellectual interests involve encouraging students to solve pressing social problems through social entrepreneurship, facilitating research based collaborations between campus units and community partners to address social justice issues such as the environment and urban education reform, and raising awareness of the centrality of race to and for a liberal arts education in America. Black Reporter Fired For Responding to Derogatory Comments About Her Natural Hair.

One-person show. Sarah Jones, Playwright, Scouting the City for Her Characters. UNPACKED, a one-woman show about growing up everywhere by Elizabeth Liang. All For One Theater Festival. The One-Man Show: 8 Solo Performers To Watch. United Solo.