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Helen Fisher nous explique pourquoi nous aimons et pourquoi parfois, nous trompons.

Helen Fisher nous explique pourquoi nous aimons et pourquoi parfois, nous trompons.

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New Contraceptive Lasts For Three Months And Protects Against HIV And Pregnancy An intravaginal ring that works as a contraceptive while also killing HIV and herpes has been announced in PLOS One. Although it does not provide protection against the broad spectrum of sexual transmitted infections that condoms offer, a single device is expected to retain its effectiveness for three months. The ring is inserted into the vagina and releases tenofovir, an antiretroviral that kills HIV and herpes, and levonorgestrel, a contraceptive. This Is What Happens When A Kid Leaves Traditional Education Logan Laplante is a 13 year-old boy who was taken out of the education system to be home schooled instead. Not only was he home schooled, but Logan had the ability to tailor his education to his interests and also his style of learning, something traditional education does not offer. As Logan has mentioned, when he grows up he wants to be happy and healthy. At a TEDx talk in 2013, he discussed how hacking his education is helping him achieve that goal. Logan’s story can be seen in a similar light as Jacob Barnett‘s story who was first put in Special Ed by his school until he was pulled out of standard education and is now seen as an incredibly intelligent young person who is on track to winning a Nobel Prize one day. I also recently did a TEDx talk in 2014 about my story of leaving college for good.

How Transistors Work" If cells are the building blocks of life, transistors are the building blocks of the digital revolution. Without transistors, the technological wonders you use every day -- cell phones, computers, cars -- would be vastly different, if they existed at all. Before transistors, product engineers used vacuum tubes and electromechanical switches to complete electrical circuits. Guys Also Want a Long Term Relationship & Intimacy in Marriage May 14, 2011, By Dr. Helen Fisher 4) Men Don't Fall in Love: UNTRUE My brain-scanning study (an fMRI study done with colleagues Dr. Lucy Brown and Dr. Art Aron) showed that men in love express just as much activity in brain regions associated with romantic love as do women.

Spouses Tend To Have Similar DNA What attracted you to your spouse? His eyes? Her laugh? Does he quote Tolkien in her sleep, just like you? Did you meet at your microbiology club in college? What if one level of similarity and attraction went deeper than that, say, down to the cellular level? International Networks Archive \\ Remapping Our World The following six maps deal with an array of major current world issues, from the serious to the seriously frivolous. They were developed for the INA by Jonathan Harris of Flaming Toast Productions. The maps may not be reproduced or rebroadcast without express written consent of the INA. If you are interested in using the maps, please contact us.

Remote-Controlled Contraceptive Implant That Lasts 16 Years A Massachusetts-based startup called MicroCHIPS has developed an implantable contraceptive chip that can be wirelessly controlled. Because the device can be turned on and off with a remote, women will no longer need to go to a clinic for an outpatient procedure when they need to deactivate their birth control. MIT Technology Review reports. The chip is a 20-millimeter square, about 7 millimeters thick, and each day, it dispenses 30 micrograms of a hormone called levonorgestrel, which is already being used as a contraceptive in the U.S.

Not just a girl….. » Jaime Moore photography So my amazing daughter, Emma, turned 5 last month, and I had been searching everywhere for new-creative inspiration for her 5yr pictures. I noticed quite a pattern of so many young girls dressing up as beautiful Disney Princesses, no matter where I looked 95% of the “ideas” were the “How to’s” of how to dress your little girl like a Disney Princess. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Disney Princesses, from their beautiful dresses, perfect hair, gorgeous voices and most with ideal love stories in the mix you can’t help but become entranced with the characters. But it got me thinking, they’re just characters, a writers tale of a princess (most before 1998)…an unrealistic fantasy for most girls (Yay Kate Middleton!). It started me thinking about all the REAL women for my daughter to know about and look up too, REAL women who without ever meeting Emma have changed her life for the better.

Electrical Engineering Circuit Theory - Wikibooks , 2013This is an introductory text about electric circuits. It covers the basics of electric circuit theory, circuit analysis, and touches on circuit design. It is a companion reference for a 1st year of an Electrical Engineering undergraduate curriculum.(7482 views) United States Navy Electricity and Electronics Training Series by Robert A Gray , 1998This series provides beginners with fundamental electrical and electronic concepts through self-study. The series is designed to give small amounts of information that can be easily digested before advancing further into the more complex material.(2096 views)

Born this way? An evolutionary view of ‘gay genes’ The claim that homosexual men share a “gay gene” created a furore in the 1990s. But new research two decades on supports this claim – and adds another candidate gene. To an evolutionary geneticist, the idea that a person’s genetic makeup affects their mating preference is unsurprising. We see it in the animal world all the time. There are probably many genes that affect human sexual orientation. But rather than thinking of them as “gay genes”, perhaps we should consider them “male-loving genes”. 9 Qualities of Confident Women  1. They admit their flaws. No one is perfect. As much as we hear this trite nugget, a lot of us do not take it to heart.

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